NINE-BALL VS LEX LUTHOR by Kenshu Bakayama

Nine-ball was at teh metorpolis wehre he was at giant ice plac ewith Superman.
"Lex Luthor is up to evil again!" Superman said to Nine-ball. "he needsto be stoped!"
"i wil help u, supoerman." said Nine-ball bakc to supereman.
So they flied off to Lesx Lutohr's place to fight Lexx Luthore beacuse LExs Lurthor was up to evil. They got to Lex Luthoer's building and foudn that Lex Luthror was in an armroerd coer.
"how glad that u wuld comes to me so taht i wouldnd't haev to com to u." Lex Luthror sayd. "witht thish wepon i shal kil u both!"
"I WILL NOT LET U DO THAT LEX LUTHOR!" Superman shoutted.
Superrman firedd hsi lazar eyes at Lex lUthr but it didn do no damage.
"MY LAZAR EYES DO NOT DAMAGE!" Supereman shouted. Then he flew at Lexs Luthor and tried hitting him, but did not dent the armor.
"IT'S NO USE, SUPPERMAN!" Lex Luthor said at him, then he fired a kryponit missle that hit suprman and caused him to fall.
"I WIL NOT LET U KIL SUPEROMAN!" Nine-bal shoutred at Lexl Utohr.
Lex Lotur fierd his gatlring guns at Nien-ball but Nine-ball was too fast for them, so LEx Luthr fired krypotinite missles at Nien-ball but he doddged them too. Nine-ball then flied at Lex Luthror and cut off his krypnite missle launcher.
"U WIL PAY FOR TAHT!" Lex LUthor shouted. he tried to shoot at Nine-ball more with his gatlingf gunss but Nine-ball dogded it as well. Then Nien-ball fired his palsma rifel repeatedley at teh core which caused it to exploed, but Lex Luthor managed to escaep in escaep pod.
"I WIL GET U NEX TIEM, SUPOERMAN!" Lex lUthor shouted, then he flied off.
"thank u for savin Metroplis." Superman said to Nine-ball. "but the evli is not thru yet. i just got call form batman wich sayd that joker is ataking gotam city."
"i wil help batman dont u wory." Nine-ball said to Superman, then he overboosted to Gotahm City becase teh joker was attaking it.