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Five Years Later...


"Isabella Marie Whitlock come out, come out wherever you are." I growled as my husband's voice floated through the trees causing the deer I was stalking to dart away.

Closing my emotions off with my shield I launched myself into the top most branches of a tree and waited.

I didn't have to wait long before he came into sight looking all hot like he usually does.

"You can't hide forever." He said looking around as I rolled my eyes. Like I really wanted to hide forever from him. Silly man. I just needed him a little bit closer.

"Where are you Bella?" He called stopping right where I wanted him and facing away from me.

As I let go of the branch, I was dangling from, he looked up, but wasn't fast enough to brace himself for the impact of my hard body colliding with his; causing him to tip over backwards with me landing on top. Perfect.

"You Mr. Whitlock scared my dinner away." I said glaring down at him.

"I'm sorry baby I didn't know where you'd gotten off to."

"Peter was supposed to tell you Charlotte and I went hunting."

"He said he didn't know where you'd dragged his wife off too."

"Dumb ass." I said rolling my eyes. "You'd think after just getting his ear back after three months he'd learn."

"Yeah well it's Peter. I don't think he ever will."

"True. I'll deal with him later though. For now what is it that you needed oh husband of mine?"

"You," He said simply gripping my hips.

"Really?" I asked quirking an eyebrow and leaning over--a hand on either side of his head. "And what is it you planned to do when you found me?"

"Oh I think you can tell," He said raising his hips to grind into me as he hit me with a dose of desire.

Using my arms I lowered my head to hover my lips just over his, barely brushing them together as I spoke. "You're going to have to say it."

"I'm going to run my tongue all over your body." He said flicking his tongue out to run across my bottom lip. "I'm going to bury myself inside you over and over again."

"Mmmmm. I only have one thing to say to that." I said touching my lips to his.

"What would that be?"

Smiling I said, "Hold that thought," before launching myself off him and taking off into the forest.

"Bella, what the hell?" He growled his frustration hitting me as I ran.

"Sorry babe, but I'm hungry. You're going to have to wait until I'm done." I said laughing as I sidestepped logs and trees trying to find something to eat.

I could hear him following me, but I was a lot faster and there was no way he was catching up until I stopped. Coming out of the tree line into a small clearing I found something better than the deer I'd been thinking about, brown bear.

Normally I would play a little before I ate, fucking Emmett and his influence, but I had something better I could play with after so I got right to work, snapping its neck and sinking my teeth into the soft buttery skin. The blood flowed down my throat coating it with its rich tangy goodness and cooling the fire.

Once it was drained I moved it away and stood, wiping my hands on my jeans. I could feel a drop of blood on the corner of my mouth. Darting my tongue out I licked it away only to hear a growl. Lust and desire was pouring out from a spot in front of me.

Smirking I asked, "What are you waiting on?" I didn't have to ask it twice.

Jasper shot out from the forest and once again our bodies crashed together like thunder. Our tongues were dancing and our clothes were shredded before we even hit the ground.

With one quick thrust he was sheathed completely. "God I love watching you hunt."

"I know, but it's no where near as much as I love watching you." I gasp as he pulled almost all the way out and slammed back into me.

"Fuck you always feel so good," He said slamming our pelvises together again.

"You too," I breathed trailing my lips down his jaw as he moved again.

"I love you so fucking much, Bella."

"I love you too Jasper, now shut up and fuck me."

"With pleasure darlin'." He said smirking and finally picked up his pace.

Our bodies came together over and over. The lust coming from both of us making it even better and causing us to climb the last hill of our impending release quickly like it usually did.

As we fell over the edge his teeth found purchase in my shoulder as mine did his, the pain prolonging the pleasure that only he and I could bring each other.

We stayed locked together as we came down from the high. Once we had, he removed his mouth and used his tongue to seal the new bite mark with me following his movements on his shoulder. We'd gotten to the point that we were now just making new scars over old ones we'd made, but we didn't care it was just something we did.

Once we had finished he pulled out and rolled over to lie on his back beside me taking my hand in his and placing a kiss on the back of it.

We lay there on our backs staring up at the sky in silence, relaxing in the post coital glow that was our love. After awhile I rolled over, propping my chin on one of my arms while I let my fingers move over the only bite mark I would never put another across. It was the one I'd replaced, like I said I would, two weeks after my change. I loved feeling it under my fingertips and it always made me happy knowing he felt pride in it now.

His head was raised slightly by his own arm watching me and I placed a light kiss on top of the scar. His other arm came up to brush my hair over my shoulder.

"I love you baby." He whispered.

"I love you too." I said smiling, pushing myself up more to place a soft kiss on his lips before returning to my position on his chest and closing my eyes.

We continued to lay there our eyes closed and I relished the contentment and love I felt coming from him. Five years later and I still felt the same about him as I did the day I opened my eyes to my new life, of course it's not like I wouldn't always feel this way.

The last few years have been amazing. From the start it was interesting and it only got more so.

To this day the pain of my change has been the only bad thing. I knew it was going to hurt from what everyone had said and from James's bite, but it was no where close to having the venom sweep through my whole body. It was worth it though and if I had to suffer the three days of fire every year to be able to live forever with Jasper I would gladly do so.

When I opened my eyes for the first time the room was filled with family, but all I saw was him. His scars were more pronounced than I expected but they only added to his hotness and the only thing that I could think of at the time was fuck yeah he was mine.

Seeing that I wasn't going to attack he'd wrapped his arms around me and just held on, only pulling back to kiss me and tell me how beautiful I still was. After looking in the mirror later that day I for once had to agree with him. My body was smokin hot, Peter's words not mine, my hair was longer and fuller, at the time even my red eyes just added to the overall package. They'd turned to the honey color they were now within three months and I loved the fact that they matched Jasper's. It was one more thing I got from him.

Once I'd hugged those around me it was time for my first hunt. It was fun, ending the same way this one had, but with the exception that I hadn't lost my meal; instead getting it all over me before Jasper ravished my body

Returning to the house later that night was the only time I've ever come close to being the out of control newborn everyone else had been at one point. It was also the time we realized that I had another gift on top of my shield.


"Can everyone come into the living room please?" Carlisle called through the house. Once everyone had settled around the room he continued. "Now I know none of you are going to like what I'm about to say, but it has to happen and I need you all to behave out of respect for Esme and I."

By just that little bit I knew what was coming next and I didn't like it.

Carlisle ignored the fact that I'd huffed like a two year old and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Daniel is being changed tomorrow morning, so he and Alice will be moving back in for awhile."

Everyone grumbled, but me, sitting in angry silence.

"Look," Carlisle sneered, "I know none of you like her right now, but it's not like he can make the change in the hotel, plus getting both his and Bella's newborn stage out of the way with all of us to help will just make things easier because even though Bella seems to be fine and in control he may not be and we don't want him to do anything he'll regret. So if you can't be nice and deal with the situation for us then at least do it for him. And Jasper please would you stop projecting your anger."

"Um...I'm not." Jasper said with a raised eyebrow. "I may not like Alice, but I do like Daniel and I see where you're coming from with him."

"Well you are apparently doing it unintentional then because I can still feel it."

"I don't know what to tell you Carlisle. I'm not mad."

"If I could be of service." Peter said grinning.

"Oh shit," Edward said grinning now too as he heard whatever was in Peter's head.

Peter continued like he'd never spoken. "Our little Bella seems to have another gift."

**End Flashback**

I couldn't tell you at the time, between Jasper and Carlisle, who had been more ecstatic at the fact that I was empathic too. Of course not knowing I had been doing it meant that I couldn't figure out how not to project and every one had gotten excited too. It had taken a bump from Peter to make me stop.

Once everyone had calmed down we turned our attention back to why we were meeting in the first place and we all agreed that we would be as civil as we possibly could to Alice. Which with me meant just staying the hell away from her. I had to promise I wouldn't hit her or anything now that I could either.

Then Carlisle decided to bring up the whole does Bella leave or not leave until tomorrow night when he's already changing. It had taken a call to Alice, who I seriously thought would say no, Peter's reassurance, and my argument that would he whether me test my control now where we had a shitload of people to stop me or later when some unexpected mailman or boy scout came to the door and no one was around for everyone to come to the agreement that I would stay.

There had been no need for worry. I didn't so much as flinch when they came in, my breathing stayed normal, and my eyes stayed red. Carlisle was convinced that it was because I had been prepared for becoming a vampire and it was only reinforced three days later. Well it was once we got past the first few minutes after Daniel opened his eyes. Now that had been interesting because we found out that Daniel also had a gift and it was fucking awesome.

All of us but Carlisle, Esme, and Alice were downstairs. Once they'd gone through the whole waking up process they'd come down the steps. Jasper had been standing behind me one arm wrapped around my shoulders while the other was around my waist, his scars on full view. Loving him and having seen them before I had of course had no problem, but Daniel had not had that luxury and he went into protective mode, which consisted of a ball of blue light forming around him, Alice, Carlisle, and Esme.

I think everybody else's eyes bugged out of their head, mine included. The only thing that snapped us out of it was Carlisle's 'holy shit' as he pushed on the inside of it and found he couldn't get through.

Alice had tried to talk Daniel down, but it had taken both Jasper and I sending him calming and relaxing waves to get it to drop.

After Daniel had hunted Carlisle wanted to see the light thingy again. He was going to get Jasper to send him some anger but it just popped up without it. That night we figured out that not only could he pull it up at will, Edward could still read his thoughts and we could still feel his emotions, but it took both of us sending him something to get it through, he was the only one that could walk in or out of it without dropping it, and he could put it around who he wanted too. I wanted his gift damnit.

From there things progressed.

My training started the next week and Daniel joined in as well. It was not fucking fun, at all. I got my ass handed to me by my husband or Peter time and time again for a year. It only took Daniel six months and the day he took down Peter was also the day Peter had his first body part taken for punishment.


"Come on Daniel. We've gone over this already." Peter growled as he grabbed him from behind while Jasper and I stood to the side watching.

"I know, but you won't stay fucking still."

"Do you think an enemy will just stand there and let you do whatever you want?"

"No, but with an enemy I can use my whatchamacallit."

"You need to come up with a new fucking name for it." Peter said grabbing him again.

"Sorry, what would you have me call it oh great one?" Daniel said trying to get him off his back.

"Big blue ball of awesomeness."

"Yeah like that's better than what I said."

"Can it shithead and do like I said." Peter said coming at Daniel once again.

Jasper and I were cracking up at their exchange and then Daniel stopped the laughter in its tracks when he flipped Peter over his shoulder and was on him before he could move.

"Now that is what you're supposed to do." Peter said grinning from the ground. "Good job man. About damn time too. If we can just get Bella to start doing it then we'll be good."

"It's not my fault. I'm trying."

"I know Bells, it's just because you're a girl."

"Excuse me?"

"Oh shit, Daniel you might want to move away and put up your thingy." Jasper said. "Better yet, come do it over here so I'm out of danger too."

I stood there with my hands on my hips waiting for Peter to try and dig himself out of his last comment.

"What? It's true. We're faster, bigger, and have more strength."

"Peter you might want to stop while you're ahead." Daniel said securely incased with Jasper in his blue stuff.

"It's not like she can catch me."

"Oh I can catch you." I sneered.

"Yeah, but you can't take me down."

"That was before you pissed her off fuckhead." Jasper said.


"Because," He said as I dropped Peter to his knees with a dose of pain. "She'll use her gift now."

"OH shit, sorry, sorry. I'll be good," He said as I walked over to stand above him. Leaning over I grabbed a hold of his ear and pulled it off. "OW FUCK BELLA.""You'll get this back when I take you down for real. So you might want to quit fucking around with teasing me and teach me something."

"Okay, okay, seal the wound and we'll get too it."

"I am not licking your ear. Go find Charlotte and get her to do it."

"No, she'll rip the other one off when I tell her why this one is missing." He said before licking his hand and rubbing it over the hole.

"Newsflash stupid, she'll notice it later." Jasper said laughing.

"Whatever. Come on Bells, let's go to work."

**End Flashback**

Six months later Peter was reattaching his ear. He'd tried a few times to let me win, but it didn't even take me being able to feel his emotions to know he had. I'd had to warn I'd take the other one before he'd stop. The day I finally did take him down he was so excited it took him until the next day until he realized what it meant. Of course Jasper finding it hot as hell didn't help matters since we ended up running the six other vampires in the clearing with us off. Granted they didn't get far.


"Come on baby. You almost had him." Jasper called from where he stood between Emmett and Edward. Charlotte, Rose, and Lexie were sitting to their left watching as well.

Peter and I had been going back and forth for an hour. I was faster but he was stronger and always seemed to have the leverage he needed to just slip away. I was beyond frustrated and already ready to call it a damn day.

We faced off for the millionth time and I waited for his attack. That was one thing I'd learned in this year to let the enemy come at me, it gave a better chance of getting the upper hand. In my case not so much though.

Peter started circling me and I adjusted my crouched body. My annoyance grew as he continued to move wanting him to just get it over with.

The coil of anticipation was tightening with every move he made and then he lunged. My hand shot out before I thought about it, latching around his neck and flinging him over my shoulder. He landed on his feet, but didn't have time to defend himself as I flew at him again, knocking him to the ground. Quickly straddling him I pinned his arms down before grinning my ass off.

"Good job Bells. I knew you could do it." He said grinning right along with me.

I was about to get up when a strong bout of lust hit me causing me to jerk my head to the side just as I was tackled off Peter.

Jasper had me pinned to the ground his eyes a pitch black making my own darken as well.

"Leave now," He growled never moving his eyes from mine.

In the back of my mind I registered the others running from the clearing in opposite directions of each other.

As the clothes ripped from my body my lust and desire mixed with Jasper's and I heard three different trees collide with the ground.

Our bodies joined together in a crash of thunder. I couldn't seem to get close enough to him as he thrust into me over and over again.

"God baby watching you do that was sexy as fuck."

"I can tell," I said groaning as he hit that sweet spot

It didn't take long before we both fell over the edge, clinging to each other and screaming out explicatives.

We continued to lay there joined for a few minutes after coming down from our high before he rolled off and settled beside me.

I let out a high pitched giggle as I thought back over what I had done to Peter.

Once I calmed down Jasper said, "I'm so proud of you baby."

"I didn't think I was ever going to be able to do it." I said glancing over to find his love filled eyes on me.

"I had no doubt you would get it."

"Thank you."

"I love you baby."

"I love you too." I said leaning forward to kiss his lips which turned into spending the rest of the night in the clearing.

**End Flashback**

After that day things started to get better with training. I realized that I had been over thinking everything Jasper and Peter had ever told me to do and it was causing me to lose focus in the moment. Six more months passed and I was finally able to take down everyone in the family each time I went up against them, well except for Jasper, Peter, Charlotte, and Daniel. With the Peter it was usually 40/60 with me coming out the lesser victor in that percentage, something he was quick to gloat about until I threatened bodily harm. Charlotte and Daniel were 50/50. I have yet to get Jasper down, but Peter has said he's never seen anyone take Jasper down so I don't feel so bad.

Once that had been accomplished it was time to move onto my shield training. Kate came for Lexie and Edward's wedding two years after my change and decided to stay to help out. It was surprisingly easier to get a handle on and she was going back home three months later. When she did I could shield not only myself, but every one else in the family including Daniel and his little blue bubble.

I continued from then on to train not only with the mock fighting but practicing my shield. We used Edward a lot with the last one. I would shield someone and he would go up against them. It worked out well and he got his ass beat a few times since he couldn't hear their moves in his head. I knew that we would keep up everything no matter that I had learned all I could. The others had even started their own training, wanting to be prepared. We knew the fight was coming, but had yet to figure out when. Peter couldn't tell us and neither could Alice. She tried to look for anything that would point to a timeframe, but not knowing who would bring it to our doorstep kept her in the dark.

Thankfully she had no problem keeping watch and with us on better terms we appreciated it. I will admit Alice had been a surprise. I'd been all set to never forgive her. To me what she had done was unforgivable. I didn't begrudge her finding her happiness, but I did have a problem with the pain she caused to not only me but the family.

Daniel had been the one to finally pull us together. If it hadn't been for him I don't think I would have ever taken the time to see where she was coming from and fuck if it wasn't a wake up call.


I was so fucking bored. Jasper had gone off with Emmett and Peter to hunt, Edward and Lexie had yet to return from their month long honeymoon on Isle Esme, and Charlotte, Rose, and Esme were busy cleaning out closets or something like that. They didn't trust me to do it since I'd throw out everything that wasn't jeans and t-shirts. So I was forced to entertain myself and it was not going well.

There were two other people in the house, but dealing with one of them would just cause anger so I just decided to flip through the channels to see if something caught my interest.

Halfway through an episode of Ultimate Cake Off I picked up a nervous energy coming down the stairs. Turning my head slightly I watched Daniel come into view. He walked into the living room and sat across from me on the other couch.

After 20 silent minutes of feeling his resolve grow strong and then weaken I finally decided to put him out of his misery.

"What's up?"

"Um...can we go for a walk?"

"Sure. Everything okay?"

"No, but I hope it will be soon."

"Alright." I said standing up. "Let's go."

We both ran out the back door, stopping only when we reached the clearing we used for our training.

Once we were settled on the ground I said, "Okay spill it. What's got you all nervous?"

"I wanted to talk to you."

"About what?"

"Alice." I made to stand but he popped his blue bubble out keeping me from moving to far away.

"Daniel." I growled in warning.

"Please just here me out and then you can leave."

"Fine, but make it quick." I said dropping back to the ground.

He nodded and asked, "If I drop it will you promise not to run off?"

"Yes, now what do you want to say?"

He took a deep unneeded breath before starting to speak. "I know that you don't like her and I know what she did to you is unforgivable in your eyes and everyone else's too, but Bella she loves you guys. She misses all of you. We live in the same house but neither one of us feels like we have a place there. It kills me to talk to you guys knowing that she doesn't get to do the same; something she wants most in this world. She's no longer the girl I met that first day of college. She was happy then and now it's all I can do to get a smile coaxed out of her."

"I don't know what you want me to do. I can't just erase everything she did from my head."

"You did with Edward."

"I did and I forgave her for her part in high school when I did Edward, but don't ask me to forgive her for afterwards."

"How can you forgive your heart being broken so easily but not the rest?"

"Because he set me free to find Jasper. No I didn't know it at the time and it hurt, but being away from my family hurt a hell of a lot more and that's all because of her. She could have at anytime chose something different and she didn't"

"Would you have done things different?"


"If it was a choice between being in love with Jasper and watching him be with someone else for six months or doing what Alice did, can you honestly say you wouldn't have made the choice she did? She's lived this whole second life trying to keep everyone else safe and happy. She did everything in her power to make sure everyone had the best chance of finding their forever and dealing with the stress that came with it. Does she deserve to be hated because she took her chance? Now that the big picture is out and everyone is with whom they belong with does she still look like the bad guy?" He stood as he stopped talking and I had nothing to say because I couldn't truthfully answer his first question. I turned to make a weak argument but he was already gone.

Lying back on the grass I thought. I went over the love I could feel between Alice and Daniel. It was right up there with as much as I loved Jasper and if I knew I would have to feel that love while seeing him with someone else I would have done anything I could to keep it from happening. Fuck.

Jasper found me a few hours later still lying in the middle of the clearing, thinking.

"Hey beautiful. What are you doing?"

"Why is it others can make me think stuff that I can't seem to see for myself first?" I asked completing ignoring his question.

"Um...What?" He asked with a chuckle, coming to sit beside me.

I rolled to my side and looked up into his eyes. "I'm just like Alice."

"Okay. I'm going to have to go with what again."

I told him everything Daniel had said and the conclusion I came to after he'd left me alone. Once I finished I asked, "How can I stay mad at something I wouldn't have hesitated to do either?"

He gave me a small smile. "We can't."

"You too?"

"As much as it kills me to say it yes. I can look back and say that if I had known the love I feel for you now when you were with Edward it would have hurt even more than the pain of my change to see you two together. I would have done anything I had to to get you away from him even it meant sacrificing the happiness of everyone in this whole fucking world."

"So that's it. We just let it go."

"Yeah, but I think we still need to talk to her."

"You're probably right. You know the others are going to question us about this."

"Only until we give the same argument Daniel did you and then everyone will say the same thing and be right where we are."

"Yeah, will you call Alice to see if she wants to talk to us? Hell I know what Daniel said, but knowing what I know now I wouldn't be able to blame her if she just said a big fuck you and continue on with the way things are."

"I wouldn't do that. I've missed my sisters and brothers to much." Alice said coming from the trees. "Sorry, I couldn't wait for you to call."

"Ali..." I started.

"Wait," She said holding up her hand. "I need to say something first." Jasper and I both looked at each other before nodding. "I'm sorry guys. It was never my intention to hurt you two or the rest of the family. I just couldn't watch him with her. I already loved him to much sit by and wait. Yes I should have come clean after we were together, but it was my chance to live a little and I took it, plus I was terrified."

"Of what?" I asked.

"Of what the family would think. Edward said it was jealousy, but really it was me being scared. Bella you slipped seamlessly into this family from the beginning liked you'd been a part of it for years. You brought humanity to us--something we strived for every day. You brought laughter and unconditional love and acceptance, even to those that didn't return it at the time. And I selfishly wondered what place Daniel would be accepted into, just as my mate or as a member of this family like you were."

"You should have known better Alice." All three of our heads whipped to the trees as Carlisle and Esme came through followed by the rest of them. We'd been so caught up with the talk no one had sensed them coming. "Sorry to interrupt but Daniel kind of explained what was going on and we felt it was a family issue."

Everyone stayed silent as they settled around in a circle, once they had Carlisle continued. "As I was saying Alice you should have known we would have taken Daniel in the same way we did Bella. Yes she was the first one, but that in no way would have made us look down on him. He brought the same things Bella did and just like her he was part of this family from the first day you and he were together. Esme and I will always love our children the same no matter what. All of our children." He said looking pointedly at not only all of us, but Charlotte and Peter as well who both returned big grins.

No one spoke and I had to wonder what Edward was hearing from everyone else.

"I'm sorry," I said finally, looking over to Alice.

"Don't Bella." She said shaking her head.

"I need to Alice. You did what I would have done and I couldn't see that until it was brought to my attention. For that I'm sorry. I should have stepped back and let you explain things before I just wrote you off. If I had been a real friend I would have."

"You were upset and it was a normal reaction."

"Yes but..."

"Alright you two enough," Peter said out of the blue. Turning my head I raised an eyebrow. "You forgive her for being selfish and she forgives you for being a bitch. You'll both keep going back and forth until it annoys the rest of us. Hug and be done with it so we can all go hunting."

Esme reached over and smacked him in the back of the head. "Knock it off young man. Let them do this."

**End Flashback**

As little tack as Peter seemed to have he did get right to the point and it had only taken a glance from me to Alice. She was on me before I could even blink.

Things went from there. We've never gotten back to exactly how we were and I don't think we ever would, but we'd developed a new friendship and sisterhood that was different. The others forgave her as well and all things seemed to work out. She and Daniel married soon after and it made me feel horrible when I found out the reason why they waited so long.

She wanted her sisters to stand up with her and had pretty much accepted the fact that she'd never walk down the aisle and join with him. The day it finally happened I don't think you could have found a happier vampire in existence as they said their 'I Do's'. It was a beautiful day and one I was glad to be a part of, especially after all the hurt we'd caused each other.

Things settled down then. The family was whole again and together. Other than training we spent a lot of time just having fun. We'd go on hunting trips and play games. The absolute best part was when we redid the list Jasper and I had done. We did have to tweak it a little though.

Instead of dancing we took the envelope aspect and had a scavenger hunt, boys against girls. It lasted a week and after returning to the house we had quite a few road signs, a full wine barrel from Napa Valley, and two polar bear pelts spread out in the back yard just to name some of the more outlandish things. The guys won and the girls and I had yet to figure out how they cheated because we know they did somehow. They were our guys after all.

We also couldn't do Disneyland since they were no longer having the nightly special, but we ended up at the Hershey Park in Pennsylvania instead and it was a blast anyway. Especially when Jasper and I combined our power and forced Emmett to feel the sickness of a girl on one of the roller coasters. He spent 20 minutes dry heaving over a trash can while the rest of us stood around laughing our asses off, Carlisle and Esme included.

The Vegas casino's fucking loved us now since we lost an obscene amount of money instead of winning that much...

"Hey." Jasper's voice said calling me out of the reminiscing I had been doing.

"Huh?" I asked opening my eyes and staring up at him.

"You've been thinking for awhile. What's going through that beautiful head of yours?"

"Just remembering the last five years and how much fun it's been."

"Yeah," He said smiling. "Especially when Carlisle and Esme kicked us out of the house. We beat Rose and Emmett at that record."

"I don't think we would have with the way they go at it though if our combined lust hadn't caused an Esme/Carlisle shaped hole in the side of the living room wall."

"True, but god that was a good day when they had to fix it. I didn't think anything could embarrass mom and dad that much." He said laughing.

"And living with the rest of us that's saying something. Probably why they kicked the others out too, so they didn't get a chance to try to make it happen again."

"I think you might be onto something there darlin'."

We both chuckled at the memory again as his cell phone rang.

Pulling it from his pocket he flipped it open and hit answer.

Peter's voice floated through the other end. "Where are you two fuckers, fucking?"

"Not right now idiot but if you give us a few minutes..." I answered.

"No can do. You two need to come on. We're all going out."


"Bowling, go-carts, and putt putt. Hurry the fuck up and meet us at the main house."

"Fine we'll be there soon." Jasper said hanging up and moving to stand. "Come on darlin' let's go spend some time with the family."

"Alright. You think we can make Peter hump the ball return?" I asked jumping up.

"I knew I loved you for a reason." He said smacking my ass as I passed by him.

I squealed and took off into the trees for our house; him following somewhat close behind.

As I ran I let my mind go back to what I'd been thinking on earlier. Yes the last five years had been amazing and I wouldn't change them for anything else in this world, but I couldn't help think on the warnings my dad gave both Jasper and I. After all to have so much good it's only fair to get the bad. I just hope that when what dad saw coming was over my family would still be intact and we were looking toward many more years of happiness and love.


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