Marco, Tobias and I were walking through the mall.

We had just finished playing a few rounds of the video games, and had run out of quarters.

Tobias was quiet, just cracking a small smile here and there, or making a comment when necessary.

As we walked, Marco was pointing out all the weird stuff he saw.

"Hey Jake! look at that!"

I looked, and had to resist a giggle.

It was a pink elephant, and even though I didn't say it, it looked exactly like Marco.

Then, walking towards us, I saw Cassie, Rachel and Brooke.

Cassie was an African American with beautiful caramel skin.

I had a crush on her, ever since first grade.

My cousin Rachel was tall and blonde, with piercing blue eyes.

Then, Brooke.

Marco had a crush on her, majorly.

He never said it, but I knew it was true.

She was just a bit shorter than Marco's 5'8'' and she had really long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.

I guess you could say that she could be Rachel's twin, but there was something different in their faces.

We walked up to the girls.

"Hey guys, we were just about to leave" Rachel said.

I nodded.

"So were we, you want us to walk you home?"

Rachel puffed up a bit.

"We were going through the construction sight, and I think we're old enough to take care of ourselves"

The construction sight was really dangerous, lots of hobos lived thee, making you think that a crazy axe-murderer would jump out at you.

"I know you're brave Rachel, but I would like some company if we're going through there" Cassie said, giving me a small smile.

"Whatev" Rachel said, throwing her hands up.

Five minutes later, we were walking through the construction sight, talking quietly.

Then, directly overhead, a large blue light appeared.

"What the hell is that?" Rachel said.

"I don't like it" Marco replied.

Then, as it got closer, we began to see what it was.

"It's a spaceship" Brooke whispered.

"Since when are spaceships oval-shaped?" Marco commented.

"You've been watching too much Star Trek, Captain genius" rachel said, smacking Marco's shoulder.

Tobias and Cassie had remained silent throughout this, their eyes round.

"It's going to land" Tobias breathed.

And indeed, it did.

The little oval ship didn't really land, it more of... Droppped.

Then slowly, a ramb started to open out of the side.

What came down the ramp was even weirder.

It was a horse-man-bug-thing.

Or more specifically, a I-have-no-idea-what-the-heck-it-is.

Or even more specifically-

Ok, I need to stop now.

Can you tell i'm a little scared?

(Do not be afraid)

What the heck was that?

(I will help you)


The alien was talking.

Well, not talking....

(I am thought-speaking to you)

There you have it.

(I am prince Elfangor. I am an Andalite warrior)

I looked over at Cassie, she looked like she might faint.

(Your world is being taken by another evil alien race. They are called the Yeerks.)

"Whoa Whoa, you're saying that we are controlled by aliens?" Marco said.


Marco gulped.

(I can give you a tool. A tool that will help you)

Then, the Andalite Prince stumbled, falling onto the ground.

I heard his cry of pain.

We all did.

None of us would ever forget it.

"He's hurt! Jake, give me your jacket" Cassie said.

(Do not bother. This wound is fatal)

"How can we help?" Brooke said, her face twisted in anguish.

(It is too late for me, but you can help your race)

He held out a glowing box.

(Put your hands on this cube. It is the latest in Andalite technology. You will then be able to morph into any animal)

I wasn't sure, and I could tell that the others weren't sure either.

Then, Brooke stepped forward.

"I'll do it"

She looked back at us.

"Come on, we're all earth has"

I nodded.

"I'll do it too"

Then Tobias, Cassie and Rachel stepped forwards, nodding.

That left Marco, standing there uncertainly.

"What the hell, i'll do it"

We placed our hands on the little blue cube.

At first, nothing happened, but then I felt what seemed like an electric shock go through me.

Then, the cube exploded, the particles hanging in the air for a moment, then absorbing into our skin.

I didn't feel different, just weird.

(Hurry. You must go, the Yeerks are coming with their Human controllers)

I could hear the thrum of a spaceship's engines, getting closer.


We did, hiding behind a large wall of scrap metal.

The ship landed, and I saw the most nightmarish things I ever thought possible.

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