Disclaimer: i do not own any of the character of Kampfer, nor do I own Erio who belongs to MGLN... I'm just borrowing him for a bit....

Prologue: The Beginning of the End... Again!

A spotlight focuses on one man, wearing a black suit, whose sitting on a fold up black chair, off to one side is the cameraman wearing a shirt that's at bursting point trying to contain his muscular form. Next to him is a young boy of thirteen wearing a matching suit.

BT: Hello, and welcome to the interview show Interview Hell. I'm your host BT

Cameraman: errr boss, I don't see any audiences?

Erio: That's because we're simply greeting everyone and telling them what we do

Cameraman: isn't Mr P, the producer, going get skewered by a law suit for having you here Erio?

Erio: I think he put that in the disclaimer already

BT: Don't worry, Mr P knows what he's doing... I think...

BT looks at the new black indestructible chair he's been given. He wonders where his old black one went to... Hello I'm the Mr Commentator who'll be commenting. Ah yes, Mr P told me that since we're starting a new series we get new equipment and a new studio.

Cameraman: I wonder where did he get the money for that?

Erio: maybe he got the money when he told them that he's going to interview a different series?

BT: that might be the case... how many times did the main heroine of last Interview Hell blasted the planet?

Cameraman: are you trying to scare our readers already??

All of them recall the overpowering pink ball of death that blew up the last studio... I'm thankful that we don't have anyone of that kind of power in this universe... hopefully...

BT: Anyway, first off I like to tell everyone that we'll be interviewing Natsuru Senou first

Cameraman: hey boss, where's TB?

Erio: Mr P said that she's trying to unpack all of her stuff in her room... said something about setting up a torture chamber or something...

BT: ... right... anyway Mr P said it would spice things up if we split everyone's Kampfer from the normal selves

Cameraman: what the hell does that mean is it even possible?

BT: don't ask me, but in short it means that Natsuru Senou we'll be interviewing is the male version, his female version will be the last person we'll interview

Erio: didn't Mr P said we'll even interview the enigmatic Moderators as well?

Cameraman: how are we supposing to interview them when no one has even seen them???

BT: we'll burn that bridge when we cross it.

Erio: so are done with the introduction?

BT: yep, so if you got a question, death threat, torture request and about anything else for male Natsuru, then please send them in and we'll try and do our best

Cameraman: do you have something against Nastsuru??

BT: whatever makes you think of that?

BT holds a baseball bat. That has at least a thousand death threats for Nastsuru... looks like the girls admirers have sent in their answer to the guy... ah well see yar all next episode!