Chapter 41 "Just the Way you Are"

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When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Just the Way you Are - Bruno Mars

The limo stops in front of the house a short time later, too short. I don't want to share my wife just yet, but I know I have to. The week long honeymoon ahead of us is the carrot I dangle in front of myself. Survive the reception then you get her to yourself for a week straight.

We both adjust our clothes, just in case anyone is waiting for us in the front yard, and then I slide out easily. Instead of offering my hand, I reach in, scooping her up in my arms again.

"Embry, that really isn't necessary, we're just walking into the house."

My smile is easy, despite the fact that I don't want to share her, "its tradition, carrying the bride over the threshold."

"Now you want traditional?" Lillah giggles as I carry her up the front porch.

"Alright, you caught me. I really just like holding you in my arms." I don't set her down once we are inside, I head for the bathroom, since our feet are still covered in sand.

Lillah sighs softly when I set her down , pulling me back into her arms when I move to the sink, "I really like when you hold me in your arms. That's when I feel safest." My arms automatically go around her waist and I pull her against me tightly while my mouth attacks the crook of her neck. I inhale deeply and sigh against her skin. She smells sweet and I can't help myself when I taste her with the tip of my tongue.

A soft knock on the bathroom door breaks the moment. Emily peeks her head in, "Everyone dressed? Hurry up you two, we are all dying to see the happy couple."

Lillah gives me a soft kiss on the lips before releasing me. I make quick work of rinsing our feet then grab shoes for both of us. Lillah giggles when I pull on my black riding boots, but they are my most comfortable shoes, when I have to wear shoes.

Emily is waiting at the bedroom door for us, bouncing on the balls of her feet. As we walk out, she hugs us both, "Congratulations! I'm so happy for both of you. Now come on, the boys are getting a little feisty, I think they are hungry."

Emily and Lillah share a conspiratorial wink before Emily leads us out. I pull Lillah into my arms before she can take a step, but this time she leans into my chest, her beautiful new scent teasing my nose. I still don't understand how just a whiff of her can have such an impact on me, but in two months, I've grown accustomed to walking around with a semi whenever she is near.

The party is already going, but stops as soon as we walk out to the backyard. Everyone starts cheering, and we are swept into the crowd. I manage to hold on to Lillah's hand, but we are pulled into two separate conversations; while the guys ask me about the honeymoon plans, I can hear Sue introducing Lillah and Charlie. Once it seems we have talked to every single person in attendance, Emily finally shows us where to sit. There is a table set up for just us, facing the rest of the wedding guests.

Emily grabs everyone's attention and opens the floor for toasts. Way too many people stand up to speak for my comfort. I was expecting Sam and Angela, but they are shuffled to the back of the crowd. To my amazement, William is up first, and I try not to cringe when he clears his throat to speak.

"I have to admit that when my wife first told me Lillah was seeing someone new I was leery. Not because it was Embry, but it's in a father's nature to worry about his only child; his baby girl," he begins and I squeeze Lillah's hand, thinking about our own daughter and how I would feel if I were in his shoes. "Carolyn met Embry before I did and she came home raving about how good he was for our Lillah," he stops and looks down at Carolyn and she smiles up at him and nods.

"I trust my wife and daughter more than anyone else on this earth but I had to see him, to meet him, for myself. I needed to look into his eyes and see the truth. I'm proud to say, after the shock of hearing them talk about getting married wore off," he grins and the crowd laughs, "I knew Embry wasn't just another young man trying to take advantage of Lillah. It was evident he loves her; by the way he looked at her, rarely pulling his gaze from her face, and how he found a way to always be close to her. I noticed how much like me he is- how strong he is and how protective he is of Lillah."

"He's a good man, an honest man with values, strength and a great capacity to love. I'm pleased that it's Lillah he's chosen to have stand next to him, to share his life with. Congratulations to my beautiful daughter and new son-in-law," he finishes, lifting his glass higher and looking at the two of us with a smile on his face.

To say I'm shocked by William's words is a complete understatement. I hadn't realized he saw me in such a way. Lillah leans into my side and kisses my shoulder as I turn my face and kiss the top of her head. Her hand finds mine and she clutches it, gripping my fingers tightly. When she lifts her head to look at me her eyes are shinning with tears. She's beautiful and I love her more than anything; I hope both her parents realize this.

Turning my head to look back at William I nod in thanks because I can't bring myself to actually vocalize what's in my head. I hope later I can thank him for the woman he raised and molded, making her the most precious gift I could have ever asked for.

William moves to hand the microphone to Carolyn, but she is so emotional she waves her hand at him. Unable to say anything, she instead raises her glass in salute to both of us before turning into William's waiting arms.

William hands the microphone over to Jacob, who is the first of the guys waiting to speak, but Paul, Quil, Jared, and Seth are all bouncing on their toes to follow him. Thankfully, the guys behave themselves for the most part, all talking about how annoying I was when I was fighting falling in love with Lillah and how they knew I would give in eventually. I can't help but scoff when Jacob says he had to give me advice on making Lillah fall in love with me. These guys are so full of it- but they are my best friends and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Once Seth is done speaking, he gives the microphone to a waiting Emily. "I met Lillah the same day Embry did, but I had heard of her already. Rachel couldn't stop talking about this new friend of hers. When Rachel mentioned in passing that her new friend was going to be visiting the reservation to discuss our history with her father, none of us knew what a life changing day that would be. A lot has happened since then, but here we are, two months later, celebrating their love and welcoming Lillah into our family, officially." Emily swipes at her eyes before she raises her glass, "Congratulations to Embry and my new sister, Lillah."

Lillah beams at Emily as she runs up and hugs her tight. I'm happy she and Lillah have become close, especially now that I have Sam as a brother. I smile as I watch Emily run back to her table where Sue is holding Eli.

When I look back up, I see Rachel is next. Having survived the guys, I'm hopeful she will behave, but I still have no idea what she might say. I have no doubt she'll be respectful with Lillah's parents here, but I'm sure she'll throw in some sarcasm. Before Rachel can speak, Emily steps up with Claire. I'm not sure what's going on until Rachel laughs, handing the microphone to the little girl.

I tense up a little; as much as I adore Claire, she can be a wild card, especially given her age. "Thank you Uncle Bry for marrying Aunt Lillah. I told you she loved you and wanted you to kiss her. Just remember, you need to have a little girl like me, so we can be best friends and play Barbie's up in the 'pretty room'."

Everyone laughs but when I glance down at Lillah I can see her cheeks are flaming. I pull her face against my chest, attempting to let her calm down before her parents realize just how right Claire's words are. "They have no idea how accurate she is," I can't help myself and let my hand drop down to graze her stomach, just below the table, "She'll be so excited when she finds out."

Lillah nods her head and looks up at me, a smile on her face that makes her eyes sparkle. I can tell she's bursting with excitement and I'm not sure how long either of us can hold out before we tell someone.

Rachel takes the microphone from Claire, speaking over the laughter, "Congratulations, Embry and Lillah. I think that you should name that little girl Claire mentioned after me, since I am the one that brought you two together." Paul shouts out his disagreement and those of us that know the true story, laugh. "Fine, Paul and I brought you together, but you never would have been on the reservation if I hadn't forced you to become my friend, Lillah. Aren't you glad you listened to me and gave in? To my best friend and her husband!"

Lillah laughs, shaking her head at Rachel's antics, but both Lillah and I nod in agreement. We are glad she set the whole thing in motion. Rachel turns, grinning as she hands the microphone to Leah. I'm a little scared of what Leah might say, but she surprises me, "Lillah, congratulations, you married a great guy. Embry has been a good friend to me for many years, and I knew you were someone special the moment he mentioned you. You changed him, but it's a good change, he's way less cranky now with you around," she winks as we laugh.

Leah, smiling, turns to Angela. Angela looks hesitant as she takes the microphone Leah offers. She waits until Leah has moved back to her seat before speaking. "Lillah, you've been more than just a cousin to me, you're more like a sister. As such, I need to tell you; you're a terrible liar." Lillah's eyes are wide as she glances at Angela, but I have to laugh, because she is completely right. Lillah narrows her eyes at me then giggles, shaking her head before turning back to Angela. "You were acting weird one day, and when I mentioned it seemed like you were having boy troubles, you said it wasn't a guy."

Lillah blushes bright red, apparently remembering the day Angela is speaking of, but I'm completely confused until Angela continues. "That night, I met your 'not a guy' when he came to return the jacket you had left behind at the diner earlier that day."

Realizing the day Angela is talking about, I can't contain my laughter as I look down at Lillah's bright red cheeks. Leaning down, I brush my lips against the hottest part of her face, whispering, "I was already a goner that day." Lifting my right hand, I wave it in front of her face before sliding my fingers over her neck, "I grabbed this ring-slash-friendship-bracelet out of the cereal box that morning because I wanted to give it to you. To make you smile." Shaking my head, I remember what an asshole I was to her that night, "I'm sorry-."

Lillah's hand against my lips cuts me off, "Shhhh. None of that. It's all in the past, we are here now. I love you."

When Lillah pulls back from my lips, Angela is grinning at the two of us. She doesn't stop smiling as she finishes up, looking directly at Lillah, "I guess you didn't technically lie, Embry isn't a 'guy', but I knew he was definitely different, and different was what you needed. I've never seen you this happy before and I know Embry is the reason why. Congratulations to both of you, I wish you much love and happiness today and for the rest of your lives."

Once the applause calms down, Angela turns, giving the microphone to the last person standing up, Sam. "To my brother and his wife," he raises his glass higher, "Congratulations! I'm so happy for the both of you. You're both so lucky to have each other. I wish you all the happiness this life can provide."

I can feel Lillah's tears against my shirt as I raise my glass, mouthing "Thank you" to my brother. He gives a short nod then returns to sit down with Emily, who cuddles into him, joining their hands.

The music starts playing again while the food is being put out on tables at the very edge of the backyard. I watch as William cuts the massive turkey before turning back to my bride, "I forgot to mention, you are breathtaking." Wiggling my eyebrows, I glance down at her breasts, "I especially like how those are peeking out the top."

"They aren't supposed to be doing that." Lillah leans over and whispers, "The woman at the shop let the dress out last week at my final fitting."

"I'm not complaining," I whisper back to her.

She shakes her head at me then leans over again, "My mom noticed this morning. I'm pretty sure she's figured out that I'm pregnant."

Before I can respond, Emily brings two heaping plates of food over to us. She also conveniently refills Lillah's glass with something non-alcoholic while everyone lines up for their food.

Once the food is finished, Emily moves us over to the cake. As Lillah takes the knife from Emily, I ask for the microphone. She hands it over with a shrug.

"I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for spending your Thanksgiving celebrating our wedding. Lillah and I are so happy you could be here to share this with us. We both have a lot to be thankful for this year and we couldn't think of a better time to celebrate than today." I hand the microphone back to Emily before turning to Lillah, "I love you, Mrs. Call, and I'm so glad you came into my life."

"I love you, too, Embry. I'm thankful everyday that you are mine." she kisses me briefly, making sure not to get too close with the knife.

We cut the cake, each carefully offering the other a bite. I groan when I realize it's Emily's chocolate cake, grabbing Lillah's hand to lick off the crumbs. She laughs, but takes one last lick of my finger when I offer it to her. Emily then takes Lillah from me to toss her bouquet. I can't help laughing when I see Sue dragging Leah out to the dance floor. Leah hangs to the back of the floor, but when Lillah tosses her flowers, they fly right into Leah's hands. The look of surprise on her face causes all of us to laugh and I can't help but feel bad for any guy that Leah imprints on. If they thought I fought the imprint, wait until it happens for her.

Once that is done, Lillah moves to have a dance with her father. I watch her sway with him until the song ends and I know it's time for our first dance as husband and wife.

The music slowly changes to the song we selected to dance to, Marry Me by Train. After listening to the lyrics I knew it was perfect, and I whisper the words to Lillah as the music plays. My arms draw her closer, thrilled that I can now call her my wife, my partner.

When our song ends Lillah lifts her head and I can see the love and happiness there; along with the tears I expected before. The dance floor fills but we remain in our little cocoon until her father taps my shoulder. I move to dance with Carolyn, and she hugs me tight when I pull her into my arms.

"You two look so happy. I can't express how much joy it brings to me to see Lillah with someone that loves her as much as you do. She's a very lucky woman."

I smile down at Carolyn, "I'm the lucky one. I never expected this. I'd thought maybe there wasn't someone out there for me; someone that is such a perfect match for me. She's the one and I can't tell you how thankful I am for that."

Carolyn's eyes shimmer with unshed tears and she nods, "You are both lucky. I don't want to put a damper on the day by bringing him up but- Carter, he never treated her with an ounce of the love you have in the short time you've been together. I believe that's why her father and I haven't really been overly anxious about everything happening so fast. Sometimes you just know when you've met the right person. I have no doubts that you are that man for her. I'm proud to have you join our family, Embry."

"Thank you for everything. I can't tell you how much that means to me. Lillah and I are very happy. She's my life." We don't speak for the rest of the song, instead dancing in silence while both of our sets of eyes are drawn to watch Lillah and William. He looks maybe a little sad, a small grin on his face as he looks down at his daughter. William is speaking to her and whatever he's saying has a smile on my Lillah's face. It's clear to me how much both her parents adore her but I can't imagine what it would be like to be her father, letting her go; entrusting her to another man.

Carolyn's voice breaks through my thoughts and my body goes stiff when I hear her words, "I have to ask you something." She's smiling when I look down at her but I have a sinking feeling that she's about to knock me on my ass.

"Of course, you are free to ask me anything."

Carolyn glances over at William and Lillah, who are laughing; her feet are on top of his and they are spinning around the dance floor. She smiles then looks back at me, "Is she pregnant?"

I hadn't expected her to ask me that, not here and now. I can't lie to her now that she's asking me point blank. I respect and like her too much to do that. I wish Lillah was here with me so she could share the moment with her mother. I know she wanted to be the one to tell her and rightfully so. Carolyn and I have stopped moving and to my surprise, Lillah taps her mom's shoulder. She must have noticed something was going on. "Mom, can I have my husband back now?"

Glancing up, I see William is over talking with Quil, so I lean down and speak softly for Lillah, "Your mom wants to know if we are pregnant."

Lillah's face goes white as she looks up at me then back over to her mom. She doesn't say anything at first, but nods her head up and down a couple of times. I pull Lillah into my arms, holding her against my chest as she stands in front of me and we face Carolyn together.

"We're pregnant," Lillah announces and Carolyn gasps as she pulls us both into a hug. It's not the reaction I was expecting but it is definitely what I hoped for.

When Carolyn finally releases us she whispers, "How far?"

Lillah shakes her head, "I don't know yet. I took a drug store test just a week ago. Embry and I haven't been- you know, for long; so I can't be too far. I have a doctor's appointment on December eighth, so hopefully I'll find out then," I drop a kiss on Lillah's cheek and feel the heat there. She's embarrassed but I know it's because she's discussing something personal with her mom, not because she's ashamed.

"Mom, I promise, this isn't why we wanted to get married so fast."

Carolyn waves her hand dismissively, "I know you didn't. Is that why you hadn't told me yet? Were you afraid I would be upset? You two already act like your married; the wedding was just a formality."

Before Lillah can speak I begin, "We were both so excited once we admitted our feelings to each other. We started discussing our future right away; talking about kids and everything. This baby was planned and is most definitely wanted, I promise, this wasn't some "oops" kind of thing. I would have married her today regardless." Lillah elbows me, blushing at my words, but Carolyn laughs and waves a hand at me; like she's saying "you don't owe me an explanation."

"So you're saying you were trying to get my daughter pregnant?" she says after my words soak in.

"Um, well," I look down at Lillah and swallow nervously. "Yes?"

"Just- please don't tell Daddy yet. I want to have solid information before we tell him." Lillah whispers, checking over her shoulder to make sure William is still occupied. Her father is definitely the hurtle that I knew we would have to jump together. His reaction to me knocking up his little girl has been something I've worried about from the beginning.

"Of course, darling. I've been trying to get him ready. He even laughed when that adorable little Claire mentioned you two having a baby." She hugs Lillah again, "My baby is pregnant! I can't believe I'm going to be a grandmother." Carolyn's hand shoots out like she's going to touch Lillah's stomach but she stops herself. Probably fearing someone would notice.

"So you are ok with this?" Lillah asks, her voice only a little anxious.

"Of course I'm ok with it. I'm more than just 'ok' with it. You and Embry will be phenomenal parents and I know any child you bring into this world will be loved like no other. I'm so excited!"

"Excited about what?" William asks as he wraps his arms around Carolyn.

Carolyn grins up at him, "About having Embry as my son now. He's such a good man."

Thankfully Carolyn covered up for us, as I pulled Lillah off to dance some more before William can question us further.

We stay later than I planned, dancing and laughing with our friends and family, but by ten o'clock, Lillah is starting to fall asleep in my arms. I offer to let her change but she shakes her head, whispering just for me, "No, I want you to take off my wedding dress and make love to me when we get wherever you are taking me." How can I argue with that?

Before we say our goodbye's to everyone we make sure Carolyn and William have everything they might need after we leave. Lillah and Carolyn wander off into the kitchen together and I hang back in the living room with William, giving them a few minutes alone.

"I wanted to say thank you for your toast today, it meant a lot to both of us. You don't have anything to worry about, sir. I promise to take care of her and guard her with my life. She'll never want for anything and I'll do my damnedest to keep her happy for the rest of our lives," I say to him, facing him across the coffee table. I need for him to know this about me that I understand the sacrifice he is making and that I won't let him down.

"I know, Embry. My mind isn't bothered by you two getting married. Don't ever think that. She's lucky to have you. It's rare to find something like the two of you have. Thank you for taking care of her. I wouldn't want it to be anyone else."

We do the awkward handshake, half hug thing that men do and I decide it's time for Lillah and I to go. When I walk into the kitchen Carolyn has a hand on Lillah's stomach and they both have tears running down their faces.

"I've never seen people cry so much as I have today," I grin at the two of them and kiss Lillah's forehead.

"Oh hush," Carolyn swats at me playfully, "That is my grand-baby in there. I'm just saying 'hi' and 'can't wait to meet you'," she smiles at us both and I can see she's honestly happy. "Congratulations, both of you, on the marriage and the little bean. I love you both."

A smile spreads across my face and I place my hand next to Carolyn's, both of us cradling all of Lillah's abdomen. "We love you too. All three of us," I tell her with a grin. I almost wish I could tell her she's going to have a granddaughter but I don't want to freak her out- or maybe I just don't want to share that yet.

"We should get going, baby," I tell her reluctantly, knowing she's enjoying this time with her mother.

I turn to Carolyn and look her in the eye, my expression serious now, "Don't be a stranger. You and William are welcome here any time. Lillah and I will try to drive up as much as we can," I assure her, knowing she and Lillah will want to share as much of the next nine months as they can. It sends a ripple of sadness through me, knowing my own mother won't get to see her first grandchild grow and thrive and come into the world, but I'm happy to share it with Lillah's parents.

"Don't tell me that, Embry. I'll be moving in upstairs by next week!" Carolyn jokes as she pulls first me, then Lillah into one last hug.

Since I packed the car earlier, we are ready to hit the road. I walk Lillah around to the passenger seat and help her into the Acura, making sure she doesn't trip on her gown. Once she is settled, I give my keys to William and Carolyn, who have walked us out to the car. We call out to one another through our rolled down windows before I slowly back the car down the driveway, trying not to pay attention to all the writing on the windows, courtesy of Quil, I'm sure. Lillah leans over, resting her head against my shoulder as she speaks softly, "So are you going to tell me where we are going, husband?"

"I suppose, wife." I kiss the top of her head before continuing, "It's a place I found near Seattle, it's called Salish Lodge and Spa. It will take us about four hours to get there, so feel free to go to sleep."

"This day has been so wonderful, I don't want it to end. I couldn't have asked for a better wedding. Thank you, baby." she sighs softly.

"You're welcome. Today was just the start, Lills. I plan on making every day of the rest of our lives amazing; but first, you need to rest."

She grins up at me, but is unable to hide the yawn, "Every day I'm with you is perfect, you stubborn man, you're my wolf charming."

She curls up around my arm, quickly falling asleep. She barely opens her eyes when I stop for gas, falling right back to sleep when we get moving again. When I stop once more, we are in front of the hotel. She yawns and stretches then looks around, "Oh, wow, baby, this place looks gorgeous."

I hand the keys to the valet, before carrying her into the lobby. We are quickly checked in, the man behind the counter smiling when he sees we are still in our wedding clothes. He wishes us a quick congratulations and places the key to our room in my hand, I lift Lillah again and carry her all the way to the room. When we enter both of us oh and ah over how nice the place is. It looked great in the pictures but it was nothing compared to seeing it in person.

"This is absolutely perfect, Embry," she tells me while I carry her in and shut the door behind us.

As much as I want to drop her on the bed and do unspeakable things to her, I instead set her on her feet in front of the patio doors. We have a perfect view of the falls and she gasps when she sees them. We stand there, me holding her as we look out until our bags arrive. She goes to freshen up while I put our stuff away; only she gives me strict instructions that I'm not allowed to unpack her suitcase. I do as I'm told and put all the other things up while I wait on her.

When she comes out of the bathroom I can tell she's played with her hair a little. The curls look softer, looser, and it's a shining veil around her shoulders. I've discarded my jacket and tie, untucked my tux shirt and taken off my shoes and socks. We smile at one another and I hold out my hand, silently asking her to come to me where I'm standing at the end of the bed.

She walks toward me and places her hand in mine, our palms touching. I take the opportunity to bring her to me, to kiss her lips and run my hands through her thick hair. Her hands move up my chest to my shoulders and she wiggles against me. I moan into her mouth and she giggles into mine, knowing what she's doing to my body already.

Before things can get too far I pull her away from me, my hands moving down from her hair, along her neck and then gliding across her bare shoulders. "You look so beautiful, sweet Lillah." My words are a whisper while I caress her skin, touching as much of it as I can. I walk around her, my hand trailing down her arm and the back of her hand as I place myself behind her.

Her breathing has picked up a little and goose bumps have popped up all over the skin that is visible. I drop my face to place kisses across her shoulder, moving her hair aside as I nip at her. My hands begin working on the buttons down the lace of her gown, exploring the soft skin that is revealed as I unbutton the back.

I trace her skin with my fingertips, slowly stroking the beautiful creamy complexion as it's revealed to my hungry eyes. She shivers when I move my fingers up and down her spine, letting them rest on the gentle dip of her lower back. I push the dress a little, only needing to give it a small nudge to see it fall to the floor. It makes a quiet swish as it lands and other than our breath, it's the only sound in the room.

Once the lace pools at her feet, I'm in awe of the lingerie she has on underneath. It's all white satin and lace. My dick instantly jerks against my zipper, needing to get to her. As I enjoy the sight of her, she turns to me and starts working on unbuttoning my shirt and taking care of my pants. My hands move along the curves of her body, the swell of her breasts, her waist, her hips, down to her thighs and back up. The fabric under my hands somehow heightens everything I'm feeling and I have no doubt it's effecting her just the same.

Her nipples strain against the silk that covers them and I can't help but lean forward, biting it lightly. She moans and I do it again because I need to hear the sound fill the room. Lifting my head I look at her, a smirk on my face when I see her eyes are already heavy lidded and full of lust. I did that. Only me.

"You are so sexy, Lillah. I don't know how I'll ever be able to keep my hands off of you," I tell her as she pushes my shirt and we watch it fall to the floor.

"Good thing you don't have to then, huh?" She grins, watching her own hands move across my chest and down my stomach. Lillah begins to undo my pants and when her hand brushes my erection I think I might cum before I can get inside of her. I bite down on my bottom lip, growling at her as she giggles and looks up at me. She knows what she's done and she's delighted to feel my cock twitch against her. Next she pulls my boxers down, carefully moving the elastic over my hard on then releasing them to float down to my ankles.

I release my lip and yank her to me, my hand on the back of her neck and my mouth attacking hers. I'm really getting into the kiss until her hand wraps around my dick. I pull away, gasping for precious air that I need while I try to control my body. My chin drops to my chest and I watch her hand pump me once, then twice before a bead of pre-cum appears.

"Baby, don't get me wrong, I love your hands on me, but I can't last if you keep that up. I want to be in you when I cum." Her laugh is deep and throaty when she hears how rough my voice sounds. I'm impressed I can speak.

"Ok, Embry," she tells me simply and it sets off bells in my head. That was too easy. Before I realize what's happening she drops down on her knees and pulls my foreskin back with her hand. Her tongue darts out of her sweet mouth and licks the droplet away. I hiss and place my hands on her shoulders, trying not to dig my fingers into her skin or bruise her. Fuck that feels good.

"Hot, sweet mouth. Smooth, wet tongue. Beautiful, pink lips," I mutter when she does it again and moves to take me full into her mouth. The air in my lungs whooshes out and I pull her away with my hands. Her head jerks up to look at me and I gently pull her so she's standing again. Our mouths meet, tongues fighting against one another before I finally pull back to talk.

"Later. Right now, I want to feel your pussy around me, pulling everything from my body when you cum for me. We have plenty of time for other things," I promise her, meaning every word. "I don't plan on leaving our bed often. There is a long list of things I've been itching to try with you," I grin mischievously at her and watch as her eyes go wide and her body shivers.

"O-ok," her voice sounds breathless to my ears as I push her back to the edge of the bed, her knees hitting it lightly. I quickly shed her of the beautiful lingerie covering her tits before she sits down on the bed. I run a finger down her cheek, her skin smooth and soft under mine, then move around the bed and push the bedding back further. Housekeeping turned it down for us but I'm not interested in having any of it in the way.

After that's taken care of I walk back to Lillah and lift her in my arms. She laughs lightly and says me name on a whisper. I don't let her say anything else though. My mouth takes hers then moves down her neck, tasting her before pulling away. I place her in the center of the bed and then slide in next to her, my hands threading through her hair, using it to bring her lips back to mine. One of my hands lets go and moves down her neck, across her collar bone to cup her breast.

I tweak her nipple, rolling it between two fingers and then tugging it gently. She lifts her chest off of the mattress, arching her back so she's pressing herself into my hand. I move from one breast to the other, treating it with the same attention. Her hands tug at my hair and I lift my face to look at her questioningly. She guides me down and I grin, realizing what it is she's after; my mouth on her tits. It makes my dick harder, having her guide me, showing me what she wants. If you had told me she'd be this way a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have been so sure. It's a turn on to know I'm the lucky bastard that gets to see her change into this woman that is so sure of herself.

My lips latch onto her nipple, licking and sucking it into my mouth until her breaths are so labored that I think she might cum before I've touched her below the waist. I grin against her puckered flesh, feeling a little too cocky for my own good. I can't help myself, she brings out this side of me. Releasing her nipple I look up at her, loving the intense expression on her face. She's sexy and beautiful and vulnerable. And the best part is, she's my wife.

"Please don't make me wait, Embry. I need you now," Lillah's voice comes out in a shudder. Her hand reaches for one of mine and brings it down between her legs, under the fabric covering her. I growl out her name when I feel how fucking wet she is. My fingers slip along her lips, spreading her open for my touch. Sweeping a finger tip across her swollen clit I'm treated with a whimper from her mouth. It makes my body strain to be inside of her, hearing her reactions, feeling the heat between her thighs. On a whim I lean down and lightly nip at her skin, slowly moving up to the apex of her legs. Her hips move, trying to create friction by bringing her thighs together but I don't let her. I'm holding her open with my elbows while my fingers explore her luscious skin.

The further I move up her leg, the closer I get to her pussy, the more I want to taste her. I can smell the faint hint of arousal and I can feel my heart beating in my dick. It's begging me to take her, but right now, I need to taste her. I lean back and place my hands on her hips, taking the elastic waistband in my hands. There's a damp spot on the fabric and I make a low "mmm" sound before I get rid of her panties as quickly as I can. My lips hover over her opening and I lightly run the tip of my nose over her clit before flicking my tongue out, the flat of it licking from bottom to top in one slow stroke. Her hips jerk up to meet my mouth again and I put my hands on them to hold her still.

She gasps my name and mutters, "Please." I know I can't deny her when she's like this, begging and needy beneath me. Crawling my way up her body, I place kisses everywhere I can touch. Where my lips don't make contact, my hands do. Between kisses and nips and licks, I mutter words of love and adoration against her skin. I stop at her stomach, run a hand across her smooth skin and kiss it softly before continuing on my journey.

When I reach her mouth I kiss her lips, savoring the taste of her tongue as it touches mine, until her hips begin moving against me, grinding and rotating against mine in her need for more. Unable to hold back any longer, I use my hips to push her thighs wider, getting settled between them and pressing my cock against her heat. Our collective groans fill the room. She feels so good against me. A perfect fit.

I drop my face into her neck, kissing her skin while I slowly push into her, savoring the feeling of having her surrounding me again. We made love last night but it doesn't matter; every time I enter her is like the first. We moan together and I don't move for a few stuttering heart beats. I need to gain control of my body before I cum right this second. Lillah rotates her hips, pushing them against me. When I groan she giggles and I can't help but place a rough kiss on her lips. I laugh against her mouth while my hands grip her hips, keeping them from moving any further.

Once I know I'm ok to move, I pull out of her slowly, her body tightening around me, trying to pull me back in. Her walls tremble a little when I stop and push back in. I repeat the process a couple of times but then I can't do it anymore. I need more. She needs more. My hips pick up speed, stroking in and out as her hips set a rhythm with my own. I do my best to push into her as deeply as I can, loving the way her body reacts and the sounds she makes.

The only thing I can hear is the blood rushing through my body, her labored breaths mingled with mine. My head drops so I can kiss her lips then my mouth moves to her chin, jaw and neck, sucking her skin gently. After she got so mad at me, I try not to make a mark on her in a visible place but this time, I don't restrict myself. We are on our honeymoon for the next week and I don't care how juvenile it makes me, I want for everyone to see she's mine. Luckily she doesn't seem to mind so much and arches her neck, giving me better access.

Her hands tug my hair then run down my shoulder to my back, short fingernails gripping at my skin and making me growl against her. My hips jerk roughly, hitting her clit when I thrust in. She trembles against me and I move a hand to one of her breasts, playing at her nipple while the other moves between our bodies to help her out. "Oh God, yes please, Embry," she moans in my ear when I press against her clit and twist my hips just so, hitting deep inside of her. "Mmm, do that again," she insists and I hear the smile I can't see.

My tongue flicks along her skin and my lips follow with a kiss before I lift my head to look down at her face. I want to watch what I'm doing to her, to see her face when she cums around me. Her eyes are heavy lidded, her cheeks flushed with arousal and it makes my heart swell with pride. Twisting my hips again I hit her g-spot and watch her shudder, her eyes slamming shut and her teeth biting down on her bottom lip. Once more I try it again, adding a bit of pressure on her clit and her back arches off of the bed.

"You are so beautiful, my sweet Lillah, my beautiful wife," I whisper against her lips with two more thrusts and a pinch on the bundle of nerves between her legs. Her mouth falls open and an almost soundless squeak escapes. The quivering of her body around mine is all it takes and I mutter, "Fuck," as her pussy begins to milk around me, drawing out the unbearable tightness in my balls, my dick twitching inside of her as I cum. I lose all control over my body, my hips jerking erratically in and out of her, slowing only when we are both spent.

Letting my body fall against hers I make sure I brace enough of my weight on my arms so I'm not hurting her. My lips place kisses all over her face and neck, lightly licking the sweat there and I mutter, "I love you, so much. Thank you for being my wife. The mother of my baby. You are so beautiful, inside and out. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, sweet Lillah."

Her hands embrace my face and she brings her lips to mine. "You don't have to thank me for any of that. I'm yours because I love you just as much as you love me. I'm thrilled to have your baby in my belly; to have that extension of our love. I'm honored to be your wife. Don't ever forget that, my love. You are my Wolf Charming and I love you more than I can express with words."

A soft smile is on her lips and love is shining from her eyes. God I love this woman. Love her, so much it hurts. I can't wait to spend this entire week, and our lives, proving that to her, with words and actions.

I pull out of her, my cock sensitive to the movement and Lillah whimpering just a little. "None of that. I plan on making love to you all night. I hope you got some rest last night and in the car," I grin as I climb from the bed and go into the bathroom. Coming back out with a warm, damp cloth I clean her between her beautiful legs, taking my time and making sure I'm not too rough on her sensitized body. She runs a hand up and down my neck while I work. I drop a kiss on her lips before taking the cloth back into the bathroom. After I clean myself up and use the restroom I make my way back out. She's laying on her side, arms curled around her pillow and a satisfied and happy smile on her face.

Grinning as I climb into bed with my wife I pull her against me, tangling our legs together as I place kisses on her bare skin. One of my hands threads through the curls in her hair while the other moves down her side and to her stomach. We share a whispered conversation for so long she begins to doze while still speaking. Our hands rest on her stomach together, my fingers lightly grazing her skin. I shush her, promising I'll be here when she wakes up and we can talk as much as she wants. She falls asleep, her breathing gentle and steady as I lay there listening. My mind races to all the possibilities of our life together and I fall asleep with a big smile on my face and her hand on top of mine, our rings touching.


We've been on our honeymoon for a couple of days now when Lillah wakes me by jerking out of my arms at some ungodly hour. We've been sleeping wrapped around one another since I first began spending the night with her but she's only jumped out of my arms once before; the night she drank too much at Rachel's party. I don't have time to ask her what is wrong or why she's scurrying out of the bed before she disappears into the bathroom. Sitting up I watch her shut the door behind herself then I hear it; Lillah is sick and my stomach drops to my toes. It only takes me a second to move from the mattress and jerk the bathroom door open.

She is huddled on the floor, her long hair obscuring her face while she clutches the lip of the toilet. Moving to her, I pull her hair back quickly after grabbing a hair thing off of the counter. After that is taken care of, I soak a wash cloth with cold water and place it on the back of her neck. I kneel down behind her, placing my hands on her hips, helping her keep her balance. She reaches up and pushes the lever on the tank, turning to look at me sheepishly.

"You ok, baby?" I ask while I use the cool cloth to gently wipe the front of her neck and then softly, her cheeks. I duck my head to look into her wide eyes.

She nods her head and smiles weakly at me, "I'm ok now. I just got a little hot and it made me nauseous."

"Are you sure? Can I get you something?" I ask with concern. Over the past few days Lillah's occasional nausea has now turned to full-blown morning sickness. I'm ready to kick my own ass for being the cause of it. If I'd just kept my dick in my pants, or at least put a fucking rubber on it, she wouldn't be suffering like this. I'd forgotten about seeing Emily's sickness in Sam's head when she was pregnant with Eli. Had I remembered, it might have weighed heavily on my mind when I agreed to try for a baby.

"I'm sure. I don't need anything. I'm just going to rinse my mouth," she tells me reassuringly and I kiss her forehead before returning to our room. Instead of stopping at the bed, I head for the kitchen in our suite, pulling out the liter of ginger ale I picked up the day before, filling a tall glass with ice then pouring the liquid in, hoping that it will help settle her stomach. She's taken to nibbling crackers and drinking the bubbly soda almost constantly and up until now it's helped. Grabbing my loot I walk back to the bedroom just as she is getting comfortable in bed.

"Ginger ale," I tell her and place the glass on the night stand next to her side of the bed, "and crackers." Lillah looks up at me with a shy smile on her face. Without waiting on her to speak I lean down and kiss her lips gently before straightening and walking around to my side of the bed. Once I'm back in bed I watch her pick up the glass and take a sip of her drink. She makes a happy little "mmm" sound when it hits her tongue and slides down her throat.

She places the glass back down and turns to me before speaking, "Thank you, Embry. I don't know how I ever got so lucky."

"I'm the lucky one," I tell her sincerely. It's hard for me to look her in the eye knowing that I've done this to her, that I'm the one responsible for her discomfort. When I mentioned it yesterday, she became upset and told me it was only a natural reaction to the changes going on in her body. Still, I don't like it one bit; even if our baby is the reason. She has to carry her for nine months and go through labor; I wish I could at least take away this part of it for her.

We are both laying on our sides, facing one another when I place a hand on her hip and pull her to me. "Is this ok? I won't make you sick again will I?" I just need to hold her in my arms right now.

"No," she tells me softly, "this is ok." Lillah surprises me by scooting closer and pressing her lips to my skin. She starts at my neck and moves upward, to my chin, each side of my mouth and then lips. "You are so sweet, Embry. Playing doctor; always taking care of me."

"I figure it's the least I can do, since I'm the one that knocked you up and all," I say smugly, trying to make Lillah laugh. "You know everyone is going to think this is an 'oops kid', right?" I rub a hand up and down her back until she finally relaxes, placing her face against my neck. She kisses my skin while my hand travels from her back to her side, up and down in a soothing motion.

"I'll correct anyone that dares to think that. I think I wanted this baby as soon as I met you." She lifts her face then narrows her eyes, "'Oops kid?' Are you comparing our baby to my car?" She pulls back to look at me, referring to the time I made fun of her Acura.

Lillah's reaction makes me chuckle but I try to bury it before she hears. "No, sweetheart," I assure her while placing a hand on the side of her face and bringing her lips to touch my own. My hands move from her face, down her neck, over the swell of one breast and down to her stomach. Once there my fingers splay across her skin and I rub my fingertips below her navel.

"Your car is nothing compared to our baby," I whisper. "Our baby will be beautiful, just like her mom," I grin before kissing her again.

Lillah scoffs a little and her voice sounds skeptical. "You're convinced it's a girl. What if it's a boy?"

"Then he'll be just as good looking as his daddy, won't he?" I say with a cheesy grin.

As we talk I scoot down the bed, pushing the covers away from our bodies. I stop and kiss between Lillah's breasts, scoot a little lower then kiss between her ribs. She runs a hand up my arm, over my shoulder and up my neck into my hair. My lips keep placing kisses until I reach her stomach. This has been my ritual since we found out for sure we're pregnant. Convinced I'll be able to hear the heartbeat at some point I place my ear to her still flat abdomen. Every time I do this I'm a little disappointed that I don't hear anything.

"You think maybe once the baby is bigger I'll be able to hear her sloshing around in there?" I know my question must sound ridiculous. That is proven when Lillah doesn't say anything at first. When she finally reacts it's a giggle. She thought I was joking. I was not.

"Honey, I really doubt that you'll be able to hear the baby 'sloshing'. I really don't think it 'sloshes' at all. I'm kind of skeptical about you even being able to hear the heartbeat." Lillah tells me, her voice soft. I frown, disappointed that it might be impossible for me to hear the baby in there once she grows more. The smile on Lillah's face is apologetic so I dip my head down to kiss her stomach again. My hand moves to her hip and runs up her sides until my fingers are just brushing the edge of her breasts. I glance up, feeling her watching me closely. She looks like she's concentrating on something but I don't ask what.

"I can't wait for you to start showing, Lills. For your tummy to be rounded with my baby," I tell her in a shaky voice. "If I'm not with you the first time you feel her move, please call me, promise?" I pull my eyes up to look at her. I've been thinking about this a lot. When things will start happening; movement and Lillah's body changing more. It almost makes me want to never leave her side.

She nods and promises that she'll let me know as soon as it happens. The tension in my shoulders eases up a little and I pull my gaze back down to her stomach. My hands continue their exploration of her body. "You know, I had a dream about our baby girl the first day we met."

"You what?" Lillah sits up too quickly, making me fall into her lap. I laugh before sitting up and kissing her lips.

"The day we met, the day I imprinted, I had a daydream about our baby girl. I could see her so clearly in my mind. She was around three or so. She looked so much like you, I loved her instantly. She had dark auburn hair and slightly darker skin, more like a honey color, but everything else about her was a mini version of you. It wasn't anything more than the two of you waving at me as I left for work, but I knew the potential for our life together, all the happiness we could have. It did a number on me."

Tears are sliding down Lillah's cheeks as I finish speaking and I lean forward to wipe them away, kissing her eyelids before I go on, "You were also pregnant in that dream. You were so beautiful. You were around seven or eight months and you had your hands cradling your belly. Baby number two," I tell her reverently. "It's going to be a boy."

"Embry, you don't know-"

Puling her to me, I circle my arms around her waist then whisper against her ear, "I don't know anything except I love you. And I will do everything I can to show you that every day. Filling our house with our family and love and by giving you as many babies as you want."

"We have room for at least three."

"Just three?" I scoff. We've had the conversation before but this time it's real; no more pretending or hypothetical or even wishful thinking, she is mine and we are starting our family together. "Some of them can share rooms," I tell her casually. Lillah laughs and I realize she thinks I'm joking, again. Shaking my head at her doubt, I continue on. "I was thinking more along the lines of at least four. I'm shooting for two boys and two girls."

Her eyebrows lift when she hears my words. "I don't think you really get to choose the sex, baby."

"Maybe you're right," I tell her while shoving the blankets back until they fall on the floor. Pushing her until she's laying on her back I kiss down to her breasts. "I'd settle for four girls. Except they wouldn't be allowed to date until they are at least forty." I pause then speak directly to the baby in Lillah's stomach, "You hear that little girl? No boyfriends!"

Her peel of laughter at my words makes me jerk my head up. "I'm serious, I will kick any boy's ass that comes near our daughter." My head lowers again, speaking to Halona once more. "Boys are bad. They will want to make out with you and," I continue, shuddering as I speak. "I can't have that. Just ask your mommy, I defiled her."

At this point Lillah starts laughing so hard that it takes her a few tries before she can choke her words out. "Em, I don't particularly remember you defiling me, even when I begged." Her words are choppy as she gasps for air. "But feel free to make up for that in the future."

When her words register my head pops up again, but this time I grin mischievously. I don't even acknowledge her statement verbally. Instead, I dip my head down to kiss her tits as my fingers dance over her soft skin. My eyes stay glued on her nipples, grinning when they instantly pebble under my gaze. She reaches a hand up to thread her fingers through my hair, slowly massaging my scalp and running her nails up and down, from the crown to the nape of my neck.

She tugs at my hair and a moan exits my chest. Wanting to continue to focus on her instead of me, I sit up, looking down at her, my hands roaming all over her torso. My eyes land on her tits again, unable to tear my gaze away when she lifts her chest a little, pressing her breasts up, begging me without words to touch her.

Instead of placing my mouth on her, I cup one of her breasts in each of my hands. I run the pad of my thumb across her nipple and she gasps a little. Once again noticing the difference in the weight of her breasts I am distracted, lifting each one, watching my hands closely.

"What are you doing?" Lillah pulls me from my concentration and I glance up at her briefly. She's eying me closely and I smile.

"Sorry," I mutter. "It's just- I don't want to miss anything. I want to take the time to notice all of the changes your body is going through." I confess then roll my eyes at myself. "I'm such a pussy," I tell her and allow her boobs to fall from my hands. She groans when they bounce free, but I can't tell if it's from pleasure or pain.

"I seriously beg to differ with that, Mr. Call," she tells me as her eyes drop down to where I know she can see my hard on. "I love that you want to be involved, in any shape or form. I would never complain about that, Embry. Your wanting to touch, to explore and learn; it's beautiful."

"I plan to spend every second I can loving you," I pause and look her in the eye, "Mrs. Call."

"I will never get tired of hearing that," she smiles at me and her eyes sparkle with happiness.

I can't help but smile back at her as I assure her, "That's a good thing, because I'll never get tired of saying it."

My entire being is focused on her- my wife, the mother of my baby, the woman that changed my life and made it so much better than I ever thought it could be. She is my world, my entire reason for being. I feel like I should be getting on my knees and thanking the spirits for giving her to me; for allowing me to have this beautiful and awe-inspiring creature in my life. I could never put into words what she means to me. My life would be empty without her. Now we are starting our own family and it fills my heart to bursting to experience all of this with Lillah. She is the reason for it all, and I am blown away by her.

"How are you feeling?" I ask while propping my chin up to look at her. I'm slowly running my hand up and down her side then to her stomach, moving lower with every pass. It's always been hard for me to keep my hands off of her but now that she's carrying my baby, now that she's my wife- I feel like a caveman. If I weren't afraid of hurting her, I would be tempted to carry her over my shoulder everywhere we go. She is mine now; to touch, to taste, to love. Speaking of tasting. I lean down to kiss her hip, nipping lightly at her skin while I wait on her answer.

Lillah smirks, knowing why I'm asking this question. She knows I can't get enough of being inside of her; of feeling her cum around me so hard it almost makes me see stars. "I'm feeling better," she says as her smirk turns into a full fledged smile.

"Really?" My eyebrows shoot up and I can't help the hopeful tone in my voice. She giggles when she hears my excitement.

I don't realize she's moving until her fingers wrap around my dick. "Really. I've enjoyed this honeymoon so far and I plan to continue to take advantage of this time with you, silly Embry."

I laugh and shake my head at Lillah's words. This woman never fails to surprise me. We've barely left the room since we arrived, spending most of our time making love as often as possible, including in the two-person Jacuzzi in the bathroom. Most of our meals so far have been room service, with me bringing it to the bed so she doesn't have to move.

As great as never leaving our room sounds, I know we will have to eventually, if only to try out the hotel restaurant. Lillah was checking out the menu when we checked in and I could tell she was dying to give it a try. I made us reservations for tomorrow night while she got settled in the room.

Of course, we did manage to make it out of the room for our couples massage at the spa the other day. We were both so relaxed after spending that time together that we spent the rest of the morning slowly making love.

I don't want to let her out of my sight, but while we were at the spa, I went ahead a booked her a surprise pregnancy spa package. I want to pamper her as much as I can, especially since our baby is reeking such havoc on her body right now. An hour or so without her won't be that big of a deal. The voice in my head laughs at my stupidity.

My goal for this entire honeymoon is for her to relax, after the stress we have both been through over the past couple of months, I don't want her to have to exert herself in any way- well, almost no exertion.

She is insatiable and reminds me of this, pulling me out of my thoughts by tightening her hand a fraction. My hips jerk forward in her palm and we both moan as I say her name while pressing my lips to hers.

"You are so beautiful, so perfect. I love you, my sweet Lillah," I whisper to her. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe how much I love her; how thrilled I am to spend the rest of my days with her. I deepen our kiss, hoping to convey to her how I feel.

As she returns every bit of emotion I'm putting into the kiss, I'm full of awe that just a couple of months ago I met this amazing woman that made me lose all control over my existence. I wasn't living before her. I didn't know how to love the way I should, or even what love was. I'd never been really kissed or touched before her; not in the way she does those things, with love and adoration. I'd definitely never felt love from anyone other than my mother, before her.

It was all before her, before my sweet wife came into my life and made me realize what I was missing. When she appeared I became whole. As much as I fought falling in love with her, I wouldn't have it any other way. She is my life now and it's perfect; we are perfect. I can't wait to see what comes next.



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