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You probably don't know this but today is the sixth anniversary of chapter one being posted. Losing Control was a monster of a story that we absolutely loved writing. Lillah and Embry still hop around in my brain from time to time. A few weeks ago when I noticed the date on the calendar I decided I had to write a little update so y'all would get a peek at what they've been up to. WolfH00r and I made a list of names for future couples and children years ago so you really never know what I might come up with. This is one of those times. I will always always always love this pair and will always want to visit with them.

It blows me away that we still get notifications for this story. Six years today and we still get follows and favorites and reviews. It puts a smile on my face every time. Especially with it being an Embry story. I never expected we'd get more than maybe a handful of readers with it not being a 'major character' pairing. Thank you for reading this little story then and for coming back to read it again from time to time. You have no idea how much that means. This is a gift for your support, from me to you.. -nicekittyrawr

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I've been awake since the early hours, pacing the living room while the rest of my family sleeps peacefully. I know Embry would want me to wake him but he needs rest. There's also the little matter of him freaking out and ushering me off to the hospital even though I have hours of labor left. We are going to have our third baby soon. Another sweet little girl. Our oldest, Halona Nayeli, or Hallie as we often call her, is now three years old and the sweetest big sister we could ask for. Hunter William, named after my father, just celebrated his first birthday a week ago. To say this new baby was a bit of a surprise is not an exaggeration, but she will be just as loved as her sister and brother. Embry and I have always talked about our house bursting at the seams with babies so we couldn't be happier.

My contractions are now five minutes apart so I decide it's time to wake my husband. As soon as I enter our bedroom and touch his shoulder he startles awake. We've been waiting on this moment for days. Apparently our little girl isn't as eager to get out into the world as our first two babies were. My little one is nearly two weeks past her due date.

"You ready to be a daddy again, Embry?" I ask, wearing a smile on my face that is met with one as equally bright on his handsome face.

For a week we've had someone spend the night at the house, just in case this happened during the night. I slip into the spare bedroom to let Ness know we are heading to the hospital and where Hunter's bottles are waiting in the refrigerator. Hallie and Hunter will be so excited when they wake in a few hours and their Aunt Ness is there to play with them. We all love her so much.

After hugging my sweet friend I grab my fully charged cell phone while Embry picks up my hospital bag from it's spot next to the front door. We hold hands while he drives us to the clinic and I watch his face as the street lights cast flickering shadows over his face. We've been married for four years now and I love him just as much now as I did when I first laid eyes on him. Maybe more.

"I can't believe she's finally coming, Lills. I feel like you've been pregnant for two years. I didn't think this little bean would make her appearance without someone forcing her." Embry glances over at me while I grip his hand as a milder contraction tightens my stomach.

"You and me both, babe. It's nearly true that I've been pregnant for two years. But I love you and our babies and wouldn't change a thing." I assure him as he enters the parking lot of the clinic. I'd sent a text to Dr. Cole when my contractions had gotten closer together. He is waiting for us at the door when I unbuckle my seatbelt and roll my body out of the car. As much as I love being pregnant the last few weeks are the worst and I'll be glad to have my center of gravity back. I don't give Embry time to help me out of the car, waddling up to the clinic door while a nurse scrambles out with a wheelchair for me. I wave her away and walk on by.

"Hey Doc! You ready to do this thing?" I ask with a grimace, bracing my hand beneath my stomach and rubbing gently. Doctor Cole places his hand at my elbow as Embry hurries in behind me, clutching my bag with one hand, his free hand on my lower back. The doctor assures us they are all set for us and ushers me into the chair so we can get to labor and delivery faster. During the short drive from our house to the clinic my contractions have gotten closer together. This baby has definitely decided she's ready to meet us.

"Little girl, you have no idea how excited we are to cuddle and kiss you." I whisper to my stomach while I'm hooked up to machines after changing into a gown. Embry is out in the hallway calling my parents. They've been driving to Forks from Seattle every other day, having just visited yesterday. My mother will be so disappointed to miss the birth of her next grandchild. She and my father have spoiled Hallie and Hunter and can't wait to get their hands on the newest addition to our family. After he finishes his call Embry reenters my room and clutches my hand while reading the machines attached to my belly. It's amazing the things technology can do. He warns me I'm about to be hit with another contraction and I inhale deeply, preparing myself for the wave.

"Your parents are on their way. I think your mother didn't even get dressed so don't be surprised if they show up in their pajamas," Embry tells me with a grin. "Or maybe they just slept in their regular clothes, to be prepared. Your dad said they had hospital bags packed and ready by the door." When he tells me this last part I can't help but giggle. There's a commotion in the hallway and Rachel, Paul, Sam and Emily appear. I didn't expect them so soon. My heart is so full of love for everyone I'm surrounded by. My blood family, and my reservation family. Emily is extremely pregnant, waddling up to the door and pushing the others out of the way so she can get to me first.

My room is full of loud laughter until the nurse kicks everyone out when it's time for my epidural. This is it. It is almost time for our baby to be here and I couldn't be happier to be celebrating with those I love most. Embry spends the entire delivery whispering in my ear how perfect I am and thanking me for doing this for our family. The tears on my face are partly due to his words and partly due to the exhaustion and pain. As cliché as it is, I know all of it will be worth it when we are holding our baby in our arms. I don't know who has anticipated her birth more; me or Embry. I keep my eyes focused on his face, his eyes shiny with tears, as the doctor tells me to push one more time and then we'll be parents again. The pressure in my lower body intensifies then it's gone and the air is filled with the sounds of an infant crying.

"She's here, baby. Our baby girl is here, Lills." Embry kisses my forehead gently. "You did so good, mama. I'm so proud of you." The nurse asks if Embry would like to cut the cord and he moves down to the foot of the bed to take the scissors from her hand. After that's done they move her over to get weighed and cleaned up. Embry steps back over to me immediately, whispering to me again. "You make the most beautiful miracles I've ever seen." This man. This man and his words. It's no wonder I love him as much as I do. His face is so bright and happy that it makes me want to give him fifteen babies if it will produce this look in his eyes.

The doctor moves over to me, cuddling our little girl in his arms. "I think mom gets her first, don't you?" Dr. Cole grins at Embry while placing her in my arms. "Hello, Savannah Caroline, I'm your mommy and this guy is your daddy and we are going to love you more than anyone will ever love you." I whisper, not wanting to startle our new daughter. Embry reaches down and squeezes my shoulder while he leans down to get a good look at her.


"Why are babies always so squishy faced when they are born? They look like little aliens." Paul remarks a couple of hours later when we are settled in a room. Savannah is sleeping soundly in her father's arms and I can't stop staring at how perfect they look together. Seeing Embry's big hands gently cradling our babies will never get old. Rachel slaps Paul on the back of the head and he frowns at her. "You don't tell a woman her baby looks like an alien!" she whisper yells at him as I laugh. I wave the comment away, because he's not wrong.

"She's gorgeous, Lillah." Emily sniffles while peeking over Embry's shoulder. "I can't wait for our baby girl to be here so they can play together." There are practically stars in Emily's eyes when she says this. I'm so happy for my friend and her husband. After having Eli it didn't seem like Emily and Sam would be able to get pregnant again. It brought Emily and I even closer together somehow. When I first found out I was going to have Savannah I was scared to tell her, knowing she and Sam wanted to add to their family so badly. To my surprise, they were keeping a secret of their own.

Knowing my kids are going to have such close friends makes my heart happy. Had someone told me this would be my life when I first met Embry I'd have laughed at them. To see all of my friends happy in their lives and relationships, having families of their own, it's everything I could hope for. But to have those things myself. A husband and babies of my own. It is everything I wished for and more.

"Knock knock," a familiar female voice calls softly and I grin so wide my eyes close. "Mama!" I call and motion for her and my father to enter the room when their heads pop around the door. They are both grinning like fools and make a beeline to the baby. Now that I've birthed three babies I am chopped liver and they only have eyes for their grandchildren. It's a beautiful scene. My father has tears in his eyes as he peers down at his newest granddaughter. My mother has tears streaming down her face and instead of pulling the baby from Embry's arms she walks over to the bed I'm resting on. Her arms are spread wide and she wraps them around me. "She's so beautiful, baby girl. I'm so happy for you and Embry. You two make gorgeous babies." The words my mother whispers to me make me tear up and I return her hug tightly. "I know, right?" I giggle and bury my face into my mother's hair. She still smells the same as I remember from childhood.

"Come on, grandma, someone wants you to hold her." Embry calls from across the room and my mother immediately lets me go to hold her granddaughter. Embry makes introductions between my mother and our baby girl and the waterworks start again. "You named her after me? Oh, Embry." my mother sniffles and pulls my husband into a hug while cradling Savannah. When we began tossing out names Caroline was at the top of the list for girls. We both wanted to give a nod to the people that were so important to us as children. Embry's mother, Nayeli, whom our Hallie is named after, shaped him into the man he is today. My mother did the same for me and I hope I am half the mother she has been. Watching my own mother with my daughter makes me wish Embry's mother had been able to meet his children. There are so many things she has missed in his life and as much as I try to fill the void she left behind, I know he misses her greatly. Seeing my own mother so close to my husband is beautiful.

Our group of friends say goodbye with hugs and words of congratulations and my parents snuggle down to get to know their granddaughter. I doze off then wake a few hours later to find my father and Embry are both sleeping in opposite chairs, Embry clutching my hand. My mother is smiling down at Savannah who sleeps soundly. I don't think either of them have moved since I last watched them peacefully. I allow myself to doze back off between feedings, full of contentment.


Slipping out of the bedroom I close the door quietly and join Embry on the couch where he's reading to Hallie and Hunter. We've been home from the clinic for two days and my parents are still here. Both of them insisting on providing assistance with all three grandkids. Embry tried to convince them we'd be ok but in the end he couldn't help but agree it was nice to have my parents around to spend time with the H's. They spent the day at the park, swinging and sliding, and everyone is now exhausted. Embry bathed Hunter while my mother took care of Hallie. There are droopy eyes all around the room, adults and kids alike. Savannah isn't the only one that looked ready for an early bedtime.

Once I'm settled on the couch my father catches my attention by clearing his throat. "We have something we'd like to talk to you about, Lillah." I can't really judge the tone of his voice but I'm slightly nervous that something is wrong. Things are going so well for us that I'm scared my good luck has run out. I nod, telling him to continue while I glance over at my mother. She is smiling so it can't be bad, I decide. "We're selling the house in Seattle." Well that wasn't what I expected.

"Oh, ok, wow. Are you going to buy something smaller in a senior community?" I ask, knowing they've vaguely mentioned this in the past. My dad chuckles and shakes his head.

"No, we're actually thinking of looking for something a little closer to our grand babies." My mother explains. I guess I still have pregnancy brain because I don't understand what she's telling me. "We're moving back to Forks, Lilly." My dad finally tells me. "You know we've always talked about coming back here. Your mother loves it, it's where she grew up. It's where you grew up and live now. You and your family are here and we want to spend as much time with the babies as we can. Your mother and I are both still in good health, and since I'm retired, it seems crazy to drive from Seattle every couple of days so your mom can feed her baby fix." Dad grins when my mother swats at him.

"Don't let him fool you, Lillah. Grandpa over here talks about how much he misses the smell of baby powder when we are home." Embry and I laugh at this. I can imagine my father saying such a thing. "We've spoke to a realtor in Seattle and with the location of our home he doesn't think it will be on the market long. Before we get into a contract with him we wanted to talk to you and Embry about it first. You may not want to have us hovering so close, after all. Your father and I don't want to interfere in your lives."

My mouth falls open but before I get the chance to tell my mother my thoughts, Embry speaks for both of us. "Are you kidding? It wouldn't be an interference at all! Lillah and I would love to have you two closer, and not just for the free babysitting. Hallie and Hunter would love it, and I'm sure Savannah will love it too. You two are the reason we have Lillah as our wife and mother. Hell, if we had space here, I'd say you could move in yesterday."

My mother tears up at Embry's words and my father reaches out to shakes hands with him. That settles it, my parents are moving back home. They discuss potential houses while I cuddle Hallie in my lap, watching her sleep. Embry lifts her and takes both Hallie and Hunter to their beds after drowsily giving good night kisses to their grandparents. I fight to stay awake so I can talk to my mother about them moving but it's hard. My body is still exhausted and I know Savannah will wake for another feeding soon. She's breastfeeding like a champ, though I was worried since Hunter wasn't really impressed with my milk. I'd felt like such a failure after he was born and I couldn't seem to get him to nurse as well as Hallie did. It took my mother a lot of convincing before I realized all babies are different.


It's been two months since my parents house sold and they found a cute little place in Forks. The pack helped them get everything moved and in payment mother cooked dinner to feed them all. Emily and I are huddled in my parent's guest room, breastfeeding our babies. Wyatt Samuel has the cutest chubby cheeks I've ever seen and Emily has the biggest smile imaginable. Claire and Eli love their baby brother and argue over who gets to hold him next. I've never seen Sam so happy. My mother and father have put out an official "we'll babysit all of your children" statement, which I told them they may regret when they have my three, Emily and Sam's three, Kim and Jared's and Rachel and Paul's as well. The thought of all the chaos such an event would produce makes me nervous but my mother seems thrilled at the idea.

"Your parents are the best, Lillah. I think your mother would let all of us move in if she thought we would go for it." Emily laughs when we hear my mother's laughter from the next room.

"Can you even imagine?" my wide eyes meet Emily's and we both cringe at the idea. When Embry is with his pack brothers it is so loud I have to sneak outside most of the time. Add in an older child, toddlers, and now two infants. It makes my head spin. "They are both pretty amazing though. I hit the parent lottery with both mom and dad. I always thought they'd move back home but not this soon after dad retired. He loves Seattle." I tell her as I lift Savannah to my shoulder to burp her. When she lets out a particularly loud one I laugh and ask, "But really who could blame them when they could have all of this."

Emily and I giggle together then hear a quiet knock on the door. It's Sam and since I'm covered up, we tell him to come in. He's coming in to check on Wyatt. Emily and I exchange looks. The guys seem to be worse than mother hens when it comes to their offspring. It's both sweet and smothering. Once both babies are fed, burped, and changed we go out to rejoin the party, only to find my mother covered with kids. She's ecstatic.

Later when we get home Embry curls up against my back, his arm around me. Being surround by him relaxes my body. Our babies are safe in their bed and we've had a great day. I cuddle closer to his warmth and Embry grunts, trying to move away. I grab his arm and pull him back to me, about to ask where he's going when I feel his dick pressing against my ass. Oh. Hello. He is hard and warm as I press back against him. We haven't had sex since Savannah's birth. Not because I didn't want to, but because even when we had the go ahead from the doctor, Embry insisted my body needed more rest. I rolled my eyes at him.

"No way, baby. You're not getting out of this. Your wife wants you to fuck her and I know you wouldn't dare deny the mother of your three children." I grin into the dark and Embry sighs heavily. I could have pressed harder about this before now but I was giving Embry a little more time to think he had me convinced before I made my move. No way am I not having sex with my incredibly hot husband. Reaching around behind my back I find his dick with my hand. He's so very hard it must be painful. Before Embry can stop me I roll over to face him and slip my hand into his boxers.

"Shit, Lillah." Embry groans when I wrap my fingers around him. "You know it makes me horny as fuck when you talk dirty." Yes. Yes I do. He can't deal with my 'sweet, innocent mouth' saying certain things. "Let me suck your big cock," I beg, because I'm determined to break him tonight. The moonlight coming through the window gives just enough light for me to see as I sit up and push the covers back from our bodies. Embry doesn't try to stop me as I push his boxers down over his hips. In fact, he helps me by lifting up so I can pull the all the way off. His erection springs back, hits his stomach and we both moan.

As I place kisses up his muscular thighs I look up at Embry. "Can I be on top tonight? You know how much I love to ride your dick, baby. It feels so good to have you deep in my pussy." Just as the words leave my mouth Embry reaches up and covers my lips. Oh ho ho, we have a winner. "I'm gonna come right now if you don't stop that." His voice is gruff, a tell tale sign of how turned on he is, and it makes me so wet. Embry's hand slides from my mouth, over my neck, down to my breasts. When I first had Hallie he wouldn't really touch my breasts because he felt like it was a no go zone since she was breast feeding. It took us some time to work through that. We both had to compartmentalize that when we were in our bed together, it was different.

I lean down and lick a path up his dick, swirling the tip with my tongue before sitting up the rest of the way. His fingers move over my hip before slipping beneath my sleep shirt to find that I'm not wearing panties. It's possible I planned this. Embry doesn't hesitate to slip his fingers between my thighs. My eyes flutter but I make them stay open so I can watch the look on his face. The way he looks at me is almost better than what he does to me with his fingers. Instead of sucking him off, which was my original plan, I move to straddle his hips while I pull my shirt over my head. He doesn't remove his fingers from the movement between my legs. Moving them in and out of my pussy, our room filled with the sound of wetness being spread around.

"Oh baby, I've missed this so much." I moan with a shudder that moves through my body. Embry pulls his fingers away, making me whimper, moving up to my nipple to circle it slowly. His other hand on my hip squeezes gently and positions me so he's hovering at my entrance. His hand at my breast moves to hold his dick while I slide down onto it. "Fuck that feels good," Embry growls when I'm halfway seated on him. I lean forward so I can kiss his lips as I rest of my ass against his thighs. "Damn right it does. We are perfect together, Mr. Call," I tell him between kisses.

He keeps a hand on my hip and runs the other up and over my soft stomach. The first time he touched me there after I had our first baby I shied away. But he quickly made sure I knew he thought it was sexy. Now when we make love or fuck Embry places kisses there and it makes me want him even more. He guides my hips while his lips move down my neck, kissing and sucking until he reaches my breasts. I feel a trickle of milk leave my nipple just as he wraps his tongue around it. I giggle a little when the other starts to leak onto his chest. The first time we had sex post baby it was such a mess and I was embarrassed beyond belief. I had to tell myself repeatedly it was a natural reaction and he is my husband. Plus, he doesn't seem to mind it at all.

"You are perfect, Mrs. Call," he mumbles around my nipple as he alternates from one to the other. When Embry moves me in just the right way I feel him hit that amazing spot deep inside. I reach down to circle my fingers around my clit as his mouth pops off my breast and both his hands grab at my hips, pulling harder at me. I grind down on him, like it's going to get him inside of me even deeper, though I know it won't. I have a hand pressed to his chest and use it to sit up. I abandon my clit and use that hand for leverage on his stomach. The harder I push grind against him the louder he grunts. Trickles of sweat run between my breasts, which have Embry's eyes mesmerized as they move. There is milk gently dripping from both nipples but I don't give a damn.

Without me having to ask Embry takes a hand from my hip and reaches between us so he can rub my clit. I look down, watching his thumb make delicious circles on my skin. I'm so close, but I don't want this feeling to stop. "Baby, fuck you feel so fucking good. I'm ready to blow my load in you, Lillah. Are you ready to let me fill you with my come?" My eyes go wide and I meet his. He's said a lot of things to me over the years but I think that's a first. The look in his eyes and the smile on his lips sends a shiver up my spin.

"So close, Embry. So very close," I moan and with his help move harder and faster on top of him. I lift up, letting his dick almost pull out completely before sitting back down on him.

The sounds filtering through my ears, his grunts meeting my moans, the sound of skin on skin and the wetness. It all sounds so good and I can't hang on anymore. I throw my head back just as Embry's hand brings me down to his mouth. He bites gently on my already tender nipples and I convulse around him. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," I whisper. As my orgasm washes over me, muscles clenching around him, Embry releases into me. I run my hands into his hair and pull his head up so I can kiss his lips. We ride out our orgasms together, the movements getting slower and slower. Even as we both try to catch our breath I tense the muscles in my pussy, begging him for more. I know he's sensitive now that he's come but I can't stop the slow movement of my hips against his.

After we've both stopped moving and we pull away from our kisses I sit up. He's still inside of me and I'm not ready to leave him yet. I don't notice it before Embry does so when he chuckles I give him a questioning look. He nods down at his stomach and there is a pool of milk resting on his abs. I roll my eyes and reach for my discarded shirt. "I know it's messy as hell but it's sexy as fuck the way your body reacts to being turned on," Embry tells me as he watches me clean him up. "You're such a caveman," I tease him as I lift off of him and his dick falls with a soft flop. When he winces I lean down to kiss the head gently before crawling my way up the bed. I need to cuddle my sexy husband. "That was incredible, Embry. Sometimes I think it can't get better but then it does and I'm, once again, amazed at how perfect we are together. You were made for me and I was made for you and our family." I tell him between sweet kisses. Embry's hands run up and down my back before he pulls me against his side. "Savannah will probably wake soon," I note when I notice my milk is still coming.

"You're clairvoyant, Lillah," Embry says as we hear her start to whimper. I laugh and kiss his lips before climbing from our bed to run to the bathroom and clean up before going to fill our daughter's tummy.


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