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"My love, leave yourself behind,
Beat inside me, leave you blind.
My love, you have found peace,
You were searching for release.

You gave it all, into the call,
You took a chance and,
You took a fall for us.

You came thoughtfully, loved me faithfully,
You taught me honor, you did it for me.
Now I am strong (Now I am strong)
You gave me all anekatips,
You gave all you had and now I am home."


Chapter Ten.

One Year Later…

The daisies rustled softly in the summer breeze, causing a sweet scent to pass by me. I gently fisted the long grass in my hands, and felt it against my skin, as I closed my eyes allowing myself to truly appreciate this moment.

I eventually opened my eyes, and what first caught my eye was the sparkle coming from my ring finger. I smiled and with my other hand, gently ran my fingertip over it, appreciating the feel of the cool metal and how well it fit on me.

Like it was always meant to be there.

I smiled at the thought, knowing it was thoughts like this that had got me here. Edward and I had now been married a month, after having a sweet, small yet romantic ceremony in his families beautiful back garden. Luckily the sun had shone for us that day – a sure sign of the brighter future ahead of us.

The wedding itself was perfect as was married life so far… and I knew that it would stay that way. Things had fallen into place like the pieces of a puzzle fitting together… and despite a couple of bumps along the way, we had been fine… more then fine.

Renee had come for my graduation and stayed with me and Charlie and had been back many times since - most recently for my wedding. She was still here, and although she told me it was because she wanted to be there for me as I prepared for today, I had a suspicion that it had something to do with how close her and Charlie were getting again.

They didn't tell me anything about it, and that was more then fine – whatever it was, I would find out eventually and that was okay. They were different people now… they had changed in a good way, so maybe this reunion would come to something or maybe not. Either way as long as they were happy I honestly didn't mind.

Emmett and Rosalie had gone to college last year after graduation – they had both gone to the same one in New York and were happy. They had also come back for mine and Edward's wedding, before leaving a couple of weeks ago – they both had their own lives to live now after all. We kept in close contact with them, I especially considered both of them to be my best friends. Despite the shaky start with Rosalie, we had grown to become very close and I did miss her, but I was also happy for her too.

Alice and Jasper were leaving for college in a couple of weeks – they had chosen a closer option, deciding to go to the University of Washington together. They weren't after the same things that Rosalie and Emmett wanted, but were just as excited for their lives together.

Things had changed a lot… but in some ways they had stayed exactly the same.

Then there was my Edward… his sight hadn't been a problem at all since he got it back last April – sure he did struggle to adapt at first, but he took it all in his stride. He told me it was much, much better adapting to the light compared to when he had to get used to the darkness. However, he did have to wear glasses most of the time, for most activities, but like I imagined he looked very handsome in them.

However, everytime I complimented him, he would respond telling me I was beautiful.

And eventually I ended up believing him.

We both decided to have a year out from college and just spent this past year just enjoying everything. And after a year and two-month long engagement, we married in July, aka last month.

Some people had said that perhaps it was too soon, and that we could be rushing into something we are not ready for. Because we're young after all, what could we really know about the world? We hadn't seen any of it yet or really experienced everything.

But everytime, my response would be along the lines of this, it was not too soon at all… because life is over too soon – both Edward's and my own experiences have proved this - so if we want to get married that's okay. And that we both know that we are ready for this because of everything we've been through.

And lastly I would always say – we know a lot about the world, more then what you would think. We will see it and we will experience everything… but it will be together.

We were certain of that.

Everything that life had dealt me so far had only made me a stronger, braver person. I was fearless after all, and it was all down to him.

I smiled and crossed my legs underneath me, making myself more comfortable as I focused back to reality… to the memory right in front of me. It was only two years ago that it happened, but it felt like a lifetime ago – like a different me.

I was different now – in a good way. The essence of the old me would always be there, I could feel that as I remembered the old times, and everytime I dreamt of being young again at night. But it didn't compel me any more – it hadn't for a long, long time.

Once upon a time, I wished I had died that night too. However, I now knew for certain that I lived for a reason… I was meant too. Sometimes you can't fight with fate and destiny and just have to accept everything that comes your way.

After all, whatever doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger.

I knew that now.

I smiled tenderly as I ran my fingers across the white gravestone in front of me, re-reading the few words yet again.

Jacob Black

Beloved Son

January 14th 1992 - June 25th 2008

Rest with the angels now.

I had insisted on coming here today and Edward hadn't argued with it – he knew that it was something I needed to do before I moved on. I had been here for about an hour now, sitting on the grass, lost in my thoughts and perfectly content.

Truthfully I hadn't been to Jacob's grave enough in the past year, but that didn't really matter. He was in my mind a lot, and that was what counted. However, today was an important day – the day that I would leave Fork's behind me and move on with my husband – so I knew that I would have to come here to say goodbye.

I would visit again… I would come here any time we came back to see our families for Christmas or birthdays, but I knew it would probably be a while until I was next here.

I had told Jacob everything about my life, and how I was, and I also told him about Billy and how he was now a lot stronger too. And then I told him how we all missed him and loved him and hoped that was okay wherever he was.

But now I had nothing else left to say – it was hard talking to a stone after all. I wanted to hear something back, to know I wasn't alone, but all of a sudden I couldn't help but feel that way. It reminded me of my darkest days and I hated the feeling… the emptiness.

I wanted my husband.

And then, suddenly as if I was imagining him… he was there.

I knew it was Edward before I even saw him – I could tell by his scent and the sound of his footsteps on the grass. He gently sat down behind me, and then pulled me onto his lap, curling his arms around my waist. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled up at him, and he smiled back in return, gently kissing me on the forehead.

And I relaxed in his arms, surrounded by his love, knowing that I would never be alone again.

I don't know what would have happened to me if I hadn't met Edward, maybe I would still be the way I was – so isolated, broken and alone - or perhaps I would have found my own false happiness. I probably would have gone to college, but would have never been as happy as I was now. I might have deluded myself into believing I was happy, but someday it would have hit me… that something or rather someone was missing.

Luckily I didn't have to dwell on those thoughts for long… because like I had realised – everything happens for a reason. I didn't have to worry about the thought of never meeting him, because it wasn't the reality. This… being here in his arms was. We met for a reason, and that reason was because we're meant for each other… we're meant to be.

There has never been any doubt in my mind about that.

Edward squeezed me tighter to him, nuzzling his face into my neck, "Are you okay, love?" he whispered against my skin.

"I am, thank you," I murmured, clutching on to his neck tighter. "I'm ready to go now."

"You sure?" he asked gently.

I nodded, "I'm sure," I replied, turning myself around on his lap so I could press my lips to his in a sweet kiss.

I felt him smile as he eagerly responded, kissing me back lovingly. We eventually pulled away from air, and with one more kiss to my cheek, he stood and pulled me up with him.

"Let's go then Mrs. Cullen," Edward smiled at me, as he wrapped his arm around my waist. His green eyes shining with so much light and love as he looked at me.

I nodded, gripping on to his hand as we began walking towards the exit – I looked back one last time at Jacob's gravestone and whispered one last goodbye, knowing that it wasn't really the reality… I would be here again as soon as I could. And somehow, someday… I would see him again.

I smiled and looked back at Edward, whose eyes were flickering everywhere, taking everything in. He did this all the time now – he had said it was because he wanted to appreciate everything now after spending such a long time not seeing everything.

His brand new Volvo which his parents had bought him for passing his test was there waiting for us, filled with as much of our belongings as we could fit in. Today we were making our way to Chicago for college, adventures and everything in between. We had already said our goodbyes to everyone, which was emotional, but not difficult.

After all, we were too excited about everything.

We didn't know what was in front of us, but we weren't afraid… we welcomed the unknown because we knew we would always have each other - and nothing else mattered.

Edward started the car, and held my hand tightly in his as we passed the sign telling us we were leaving Fork's. I smiled at it, knowing how much I really loved this place because of everything that had happened here, but also knowing how glad I was to get away.

It was time to really start living.

And so, I held on to Edward's hand as we continued to drive away from our past.

… And as we headed to our future, knowing it'll be okay... no matter what it may bring.

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