I wrote this for YogaGal for her birthday, but because I am a total slacker/procrastinator, I didn't really finish. I just posted on the blog what I had written. After a few people asked (the bday girl as well) I decided to make this into a short novella. ATD will still come first, but I wanted to complete this.

I stole the title of this story from Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion. It is important to note that I am the Mary and you are the Rhoda. That is all.

This is a little stoner/geek/slashy fic that I wrote for Yoga. It jumps between the present and ten years ago when the boys were a senior in high school. I show this with some doo-da-loo's a la Wayne's World. Please enjoy.

I don't own Twilight.

He picked up the piece of mail again, examining it with hazy eyes. This was a joke, right? I mean, it hadn't been that long...

Or, had it?

He held up his hand to do the math on the fingers. He just turned what? Twenty-eight...

You graduated high school at... eighteen? He thought, at least, so... one.. five... ten.


Jasper was shocked that it had already been ten years since high school. Ten fucking years! He wasn't really sure where the time had gone.

He then brought the joint back to his lips and took a puff, holding the bitter sweet smoke in his lungs for as long as he could before releasing the smoke through his nose.

Damn, he thought, this is some good shit. Then, he tried to remember what he was so worried about just a moment before. It couldn't have been that important, he guessed, but then a figure flashed through his mind.


Was it the time? Nope, he thought, it's 4:20. He snickered to himself, and then actually looked over at the clock. Ah, it was noon, so not ten.


Was it the tenth of the month? Wait, what month was it? Christmas was over. He knew that for certain. He thought it was March, and he was more than content to just go with that.


He lifted his hand to scratch his face in ponderment, and a piece of paper crinkled in his fingers. He looked down in search of the offending noise, noticing the Forks High letterhead.

"Oh, fuck," he remarked out loud to himself. "Why the hell is my high school sending me letters?"

do-da-loo... do-da-loo... do-da-loo...

"It's practically a travesty!" Edward exclaimed, bringing his fist down hard on the plastic table top. "George Lucas has lost his mind."

"It's just a movie," Jasper told him, immediately realizing that these were quite possibly the worst words he could ever deem to string together. Edward's eyebrows rose almost off his forehead. Yes, Jasper thought, he should not have said that.

"Just a movie!" Edward practically yelled, closing his eyes and shaking his head in disbelief. "When Vader revealed that he was Luke's father at the end of Episode VI, no one was saying, 'it's just a movie!'" Edward then proceeded to grumble through gritted teeth about light sabers and special effects.

Jasper turned his face away and rolled his eyes as Edward continued his tirade. "What about when they finish The Fellowship, huh? What if Peter Jackson ruins the books with his movie? What if Frodo runs off with Gollum and lives happily ever after?"

Now, Jasper thought to himself, Edward was just being ridiculous. "That would never happen. I mean, Gollum is a complicated character, but..."

"Nerds!" some large jock shouted as he walked past their table, interrupting Jasper's speech. Edward scowled at him until the larger boy turned around, and he quickly dropped his eyes to the table.

"I hate this place," Jasper hissed under his breath.

Edward chuckled humorlessly, pushing his glasses up his nose. "I know. They're idiots. I doubt they would know the difference between the Death Star and the Enterprise!"

Jasper snorted in agreement.

doo-da-loo... doo-da-loo... doo-da-loo

Realizing once again what he held in his hands, Jasper laughed. What a fucking joke. Why the hell would he want to go back to that shithole? Not only was Jasper a band geek, but he was also a Sci-Fi nerd. Now, those aren't really that uncommon, but Jasper also had to deal with acne and curls that he didn't know how to tame. He rocked a white boy fro for years, but no one had thought it was cool until college. Also, Jasper thought, he couldn't forget the year he had to wear that headgear all day every day.

No, high school had definitely not been the highlight of his life.

He lifted the joint to his lips and took another puff.

Not that it had been all bad, though, he remembered as he exhaled. There was a small group of people he considered friends that he wouldn't mind seeing again – other nerds and outcasts that were probably more powerful and successful now than any of the popular kids in his high school. Jasper knew at least that he was.

He smirked at the thought.

Plus, it was the first time he met his sweet lady, Mary Jane.

doo-da-loo... doo-da-loo... doo-da-loo...

"I don't know if we should," Edward worried aloud for the umpteenth time that evening, crossing his arms over his "Nerds Do It Better" t-shirt.

Jasper nodded, understanding his best friend's concerns but ultimately more curious about the new experience than nervous. "It's just that we have it, and we're all alone," Jasper reasoned. "You leave for Harvard next week, Edward, and then I'm at Stanford the week after that. We're going to be so busy with school. Let's just have this night to be reckless."

Edward let out a shaky scoff. "I don't think it's even possible for me to be reckless... it's like programmed into my DNA."

"I know you practically failed biology," Jasper started, but Edward was quick to interrupt, throwing his hands into the air in outrage.

"I don't think a ninety-three can be qualified as practically failing!"

That was barely even an A, but Jasper didn't say that. He just laughed. "I was just pulling your leg, man, but recklessness is not written into the code. Let's just do it."

Edward closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. "God, I never knew really until this moment what a b-i-t-c-h peer pressure was," he retorted with an exasperated sigh.

Jasper held the small joint up between his thumb and forefinger, a lighter cocked and ready to go in his other hand. "So, does that mean we're on?" he questioned.

Edward buried his face in his hands but then peeked through his fingers. "Light it," he prompted. Jasper smiled and held the flame to the end of the rolled joint he stole from his older sister, Rose.

Nothing happened.

"It's not working," Jasper remarked, removing his thumb from the lighter.

Edward removed his hands from his face. "Jasper, have you ever smoked anything before?" he questioned. Jasper shook his head in answer. "Well, my father likes to have cigars with his brandy, and I've seen him light them. You have to suck in while you light it," he explained.

"Ah!" Jasper chuckled, following Edward's advice. After a few rounds of coughing and starting again, it was finally lit! Jasper choked on the smoke and passed it to Edward.

"How is it?" Edward asked and Jasper grinned.


doo-da-loo... doo-da-loo... doo-da-loo...

Jasper frowned. This trip down memory lane was becoming kind of depressing. That memory should have been one he looked back on with fondness, he thought, taking another hit of the joint in his fingers.

Instead, all his high school memories had been tainted.

No, it wasn't the thoughts of the year he was slammed against the lockers everyday at 2:15 on the dot, or the horrible time Tyler What's-his-name dumped water on the front of his khakis, making it look like he peed his pants. Shit, that no longer caused him any anxiety. None of that mattered anymore. Jasper could care less about those idiots.

There was only one person that Jasper cared about from high school...


Fuck, he hadn't deliberately thought about Edward in years. It was a point of survival for him at this point. Now, he was sitting here on his sofa and reminiscing like a fool. Only when Jasper lapsed into a state of almost semi-conscious did his mind ever wander to that blue-eyed boy – his best friend.

Ex-best friend, he corrected himself, and ex-boyfriend... god, if you could even call them boyfriends. Jasper still wasn't sure.

All he was sure of was that everything changed the night before Edward left for Harvard.

doo-da-loo... doo-da-loo... doo-da-loo...

"I can't believe you found more pot!" Edward exclaimed with excitement, grinning broadly at his friend. "I also can't believe we're getting high... again!" he snickered. He sat down on the floor next to Jasper who was leaning against his bed.

"Well, I doubt anyone smokes weed at Harvard or Stanford," Jasper replied, taking another hit. "College is serious business."

Edward nodded in agreement, his eyes red and heavy. He rested his hand on Jasper's shoulder. "Harvard," he sighed, shaking his head. "It's going to be f-u-c-k-ing awesome."

"I'm really going to miss you," Jasper murmured, handing the joint to Edward. Their fingers brushed together, and a tiny shock of electricity ran up his arm. Edward didn't move his hand away and neither did Jasper. After another second, Edward shook his head, dropped his hand from Jasper's shoulder and took the roach, bringing it to his lips. Jasper's eyes widened from the images of Edward's lips that were rushing through his head. He ran his fingers through his curls as he blew out a loud hiss of air.

He turned his head back toward Edward to find him staring at him, his brows furrowed in confusion. Jasper laughed like nothing was bothering him and moved to grab the small joint from Edward's lips. His fingers brushed against his best friend's mouth, lingering there for a beat too long.

Jasper gulped, not looking down as Edward bit his bottom lip between his teeth. "Jasper," Edward whispered. "I'm going to miss you, too."

Jasper leaned in, not sure what he was doing, but he couldn't stop for the life of him and pressed his lips to Edward's.

doo-da-loo... doo-da-loo... doo-da-loo...

Jasper frowned and put his joint down. Thinking about that moment always bummed him out.

His first kiss.

It had been amazing. Edward's lips had felt perfect against his. They kissed for hours in his childhood bedroom, their hands roaming through hair and over cheeks and chests, never venturing any lower. Jasper had awoken the next day with a giant grin on his face, and he had no doubts to why.

Jasper had enjoyed every second of kissing Edward.

He knew then that he was into boys, but Jasper was confused. He also liked girls. There was also the issue that he had never really noticed boys before that day. Before that moment, he had thought himself in love with Alice Brandon, one of the regulars at Jasper's weekly D&D night. That tiny girl could kill a Goblin with style.

Then, he had thought about Edward and his strong jaw and his blue eyes twinkling behind his glasses, and Jasper had an erection. Well, apparently Jasper liked girls and Edward.

All he knew for sure was that he didn't want to stop kissing Edward, and that he wanted a lot more than kissing.

Too bad, Edward didn't feel the same way.

If only things could have worked out the way Jasper would have liked. He can't even think about that first Christmas break of college when Edward had kissed him again every day and then not spoken to him for a month without wanting to punch something.

That's how it was with them, though. Jasper wanting more and Edward giving in and then pulling away over and over again. Each break they grew closer and each time they went back to school, Jasper was never certain how long it would be before Edward started talking to him again.

Then, after the time they had sex for the first time the summer before their junior year, Edward never spoke to Jasper again.

Jasper shook his head, trying to clear out the ugly. God, this was killing his buzz. He hated that Edward still had this power over him.

Well, he remarked smugly to himself. There is one way to deal with this once and for all.

Jasper was going to his high school reunion.

LOL. Well, you see, why she wanted more? That's all I wrote. I suck sometimes, but I'm trying to correct it by finishing this little story.

There will be more... more nerdiness... more smexy... more marijuana. ;)

Let me know what you think!