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"Warm nuts?"

Jasper choked a bit on his champagne. "Excuse me?" he asked for clarification.

"Would you like some nuts, Sir?" she asked again.

Jasper shook his head and the stewardess walked away. "Miss," he called out to her, "I would like another glass of champagne. Keep them coming."

She nodded and continued down the aisle.

Jasper gripped the armrests, his fingers digging into the soft material. When Apple flew him and Maria to New York first class to sign the contract, he knew he would never be able to go back.

Synthetic seats in economy class made him itchy.

A lot of things made him itchy, actually. Jasper had terrible allergies. He'd always been like that.

do-da-loo… do-da-loo… do-da-loo…

"Stop scratching, Jasper!" Edward said, slapping Jasper's hand away from his own arm. "You're going to make yourself bleed."

"It itches!" Jasper whined, turning his head to glare at Sir Isaac Newton, Edward's dog. "If he hadn't licked me, I wouldn't be having this problem!"

Sir Isaac Newton ignored Jasper's glare.

"It's weird that you can be in the same room as him, but if he licks you, you break out into hives. I wonder why that is. Do you think it has to be with the extra cells that help break down germs in dog's saliva?"

"It's probably because he eats his own poo," Jasper sneered at the dog.

Edward patted Sir Isaac Newton on the head. "Dogs mouths are cleaner than humans," he told Jasper.

Jasper rolled his eyes and concentrated on not scratching his arm as Edward casually flipped through an old issue of National Geographic.

"So, what should we do today?" Edward asked a moment later, placing the magazine down on the floor. "I think Alice Brandon is holding a session in her parent's basement today."

Jasper let out a sigh. "It's not the same now, Edward."

Edward reached over and patted Jasper's thigh in comfort. It wasn't the least bit comforting, though, because Edward's hand was on his thigh! He immediately tensed. Edward blushed and jerked his hand away.

Jasper cleared his throat. "It's hard to play with them now that I'm not the Dungeon Master. It's too bittersweet."

Edward nodded, the tips of his ears still pink. "Have you found a new group at school?"

Jasper shook his head. "No. I haven't really looked, though. You?"

Edward shrugged. "I was never really into it."

Jasper gasped and looked over at his best friend in shock. "But, you… you're a sixth level Wizard!"

Edward glanced away. "I only went because you liked it," he admitted to his best friend.

Jasper didn't know what to say. He was dumbfounded. He always thought that Edward liked Dungeons & Dragons. Jasper couldn't see how anyone wouldn't like D & D, though.

"All those Saturdays," Jasper murmured.

Edward looked back at Jasper, his mouth pulled up into a lop-sided grin. "It wasn't a waste if we got to hang out, Jasper," he told him, reaching back over, this time, placing his hand on Jasper's shoulder. He squeezed, and Jasper placed his hand on top of Edward's, interlacing their fingers.

Jasper licked his lips, his eyes trained on their hands. Their first spring break of college was almost over and this was the first time they had really touched. All Jasper wanted was to kiss Edward again, but Edward had not been acting like he wanted to be kissed.

At Christmas, Rose had definitely put a damper on their progress when she barged in the room, interrupting them mid make out. Jasper had dreams about that night. Dreams where Rose did not come in and all of the wonderful things that could have happened. It was his favorite thing to think about late at night when his roommate Peter was out or asleep.

Jasper felt like he had been waiting for this moment for forever, and he couldn't wait any longer! He moved in, pressing his lips against Edwards. His other hand moved to Edward's face, cupping his scratchy cheek.

Edward needed to shave. The scruff looked good on him, but Jasper wondered if his lips would be raw after kissing him.

He didn't care if they were.

Soon their tongues were moving together, working against each other seamlessly, like a well-oiled cog.

They were the perfect machine, Jasper thought. Their kisses were like robots!

Then Edward was on his back and Jasper was lying on top of him. He had wedged himself between Edward's legs, and he could feel his dick against Edward's through their pants.

It felt amazing!

He thrust against his best friend tentatively. That felt even better!

Edward broke the kiss with a gasp, his head falling back to the bed. Jasper took the opportunity and attached his lips to Edward's neck.

"Fuck," Edward groaned.

Jasper paused. Edward froze. Both of their cocks twitched.

"You just said fuck," Jasper commented. "You didn't spell it out."

Edward's body relaxed. "It just slipped out, but it's totally cool that it did. I'm kind of a rebel these days," he told Jasper seriously.

do-da-loo… do-da-loo…. do-da-loo…

Jasper gasped, jerked awake in the nick of time by the shake of turbulence.

God, he couldn't stop the memories. They had been coming back non-stop ever since he got that stupid letter about the reunion. Being on a plane, headed back to the scene of the crime, wasn't making things any easier, either.

The intercom dinged. "We seem to be coming up to a bit of bad weather," the captain spoke. "Please buckle your seatbelts. We should be landing as planned in Port Angeles in twenty minutes."

Jasper had never unbuckled his seat belt, so he returned his tray to the upright position. Better safe than sorry. He hated that only smaller planes flew into Port Angeles. Turbulence frightened him. He also did not appreciate that there was no first class. If he wasn't seated in his row, he was always placed next to the worst people. Tonight, he was seated next to a large man who had some out of control body odor.

Case in point.

Man, he needed a fat blunt… bad.

He couldn't stop thinking about the reunion. Jasper felt like he was walking blind folded into a lion's den, like he knew he was going to die, but he just didn't know how or when.

There were a lot of unanswered questions running through his mind.

Was Edward going to show? Would he ignore Jasper or maybe pretend like everything was fine? Would Edward be single or married? Could he have kids by now? Oh, God! Is Edward a father?

There were so many possibilities, and the only one Jasper liked was the one that was never going to happen. Edward on his knees, apologizing, begging Jasper to take him back, that he made a mistake and Jasper was the only for him.

This was such a dumb idea. They should turn the plane around. He changed his mind. He was not ready for this. He couldn't face the only person he had ever loved. Well, romantically loved, that is.

It was all too soon!

Maria's words replayed in his head. "Fucking finally, Jasper! Go fucking face that man and tell him how you fucking feel before you drown yourself in a cloud of your own dope, you stupid motherfucker!" That was a direct quote.

Apparently, according to Maria, it was not too soon at all.

Rose had been a little nicer about the whole situation, but not by much. She had agreed with Maria that it was past time. There had been a conference call. Jasper did not enjoy it. Rose and Maria got along famously, by the way. Jasper hated every single time they had been in a room together. It was terrifying.

Rose had told Jasper that it was time to move past Edward and that she thought he needed closure, that this reunion would be good for him.

The large man next to him farted, interrupting his thoughts.

Jasper could not see how this was going to be any good for him at all.

Luckily, the plane landed on time, and Jasper finally escaped that flatulence filled flight. He was just going to have to book a private jet next time. He had the money.

He grabbed his bag and exited the only terminal the airport had, spotting his twin sister Rosalie immediately.

"Jasper," she called out his name with a smile, and he walked over to her, setting his bag down to give her a hug.

"It's good to see you, Rose," he greeted her. "It's been too long."

"Yeah, well, you're the one who refused to come here for Christmas… every single year."

"I invited you to New York, so don't even start!"

"Hale is five years old, Jasper. How many times have you seen him?"

"I don't keep a running tally, Rose."

"Ten. That's it," she snapped at him, crossing her arms over her chest.

God, she was annoying. "I know. I'm sorry. I'll try to be better," he gave her his normal speech.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and she seemed to be centering herself or something. Jasper was a bit put off by it. He wondered if Rose took up Yoga or something. It seemed a little New Age of Rosalie.

"It's fine," Rosalie said, forcing a smile. "Fresh start. You ready?"

Jasper nodded and followed his sister out to her car for the ride back to Forks. He couldn't say he was excited about it. It was just so hard being back here. He knew he should visit more. He hardly even knew his nephew. Since their parent's death, Rose and Jasper were it as far as family went. He needed to be there for birthdays and holidays. It's not like he couldn't afford to fly in.

He just couldn't take the risk. He was happy in his smoky haze of denial. He was getting along just fine.

Before he knew it, they were passing the Forks sign, and Jasper's chest was starting to get a bit tight. His heart was threatening to jump out of his throat. Is this what a panic attack felt like? He couldn't be sure, but he definitely felt panicked.

They pulled up to Rosalie and Emmett's house, and everything was dark.

"Is no one home?" he asked his sister.

"It's ten o'clock. I have a five year old. You do the math," she replied, hopping out of the car.

Jasper followed behind, his eyes darting around. He half expected Edward to jump out from behind the bushes, yelling, "Surprise!" The other half of him knew that was ridiculous. Edward always liked to yell, "Gotcha!"

Once they were inside, Rosalie told Jasper to put his bag in Hale's room and then join her on the deck. He tip-toed into his nephew's room, quietly placing his bag on the hardwood floor. He took a moment to stare at the golden-haired child sleeping peacefully in the bed. He was almost too cute for words.

Until he rolled over on his back and let out a giant snore.

Yep, he was definitely Emmett's son.

Jasper quietly left the room, tensing when the door creaked shut. A moment later, he was joining Rose on the back porch.

She gave him a wicked grin when he sat down next to her before she held up a joint.

Jasper relaxed and gave her a genuine smile.

She lit and took a hit before passing it to her brother. Jasper couldn't help but think about the only other time this had happened.

do-da-loo… do-da-loo… do-da-loo

Edward broke the kiss after a few minutes, gasping for breath. Desperate for the moment not to end, Jasper moved to his neck, attaching his lips to any exposed skin he could find. He'd never done this before, but from the gasps and the way Edward's fingers dug into the tops of his arms, he figured he was doing something right.

Jasper wanted to throw Edward on the bed, climb on top of him and do things to him that he couldn't even say out loud.

Then, he heard his name... twice.

"Jasper," Edward whispered.

"JASPER!" Rosalie screamed, "WHAT THE FUCK?"

Edward jumped back, looking everywhere but at Jasper and his twin sister. "Um, well, thanks for checking to see if I had a cavity," he mumbled, grabbing his stuff. "Bye."

With that, he was out the door. Jasper and Rosalie listened to his car screech out the driveway.

"Jasper," Rose said again.

Jasper pushed his glasses up on his nose. "Rosalie."

She just stared at him, making her brother fidget. She was good at that. No one spoke.

"I was kissing him, okay?" he yelled, breaking the silence.

She arched a perfectly groomed brow. "Yeah, I saw."

"Well, go on then, let me hear it!" Jasper mumbled a moment later when she didn't say anything else.

"What do you want me to say, Jasper? Are you gay?"

"No! I mean, no, I don't think so," he admitted with a blush. "It's just… Edward."

"You two have always had a special relationship," she commented with a small smile.

Jasper groaned and buried his head in his hands. "God, this is weird." He walked over to his desk and opened the drawer, taking out a dimebag of weed. He didn't even try to hide it.

Rose smirked and walked over to her brother, taking the pot out of his hand. He was about to protest, but the look on her face stopped him from saying anything. "Did you know that I can roll the tightest joint?" she asked.

Jasper shook his head. "I didn't, but I would be happy to get a demonstration."

She happily obliged and they smoked together in a peaceful silence. Once they were nice and high, she turned to her brother, giving him her best serious face.

"So, you and Edward were kissing?" she started. Jasper nodded. "How'd that start."

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