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Wizards, Elves, Mates-Oh My! Chapter 8

"What you went through when you were bonded or rather matured will help you. It gives you the temperature of what each of your mates feel," Snape said casually before pushing Harry onto the bed and pulling the blankets up and over Harry.

"What type of clue is that?!" Harry asked, attempting to squirm away from the hands that were forcing the blanket to swaddle him.

"One that an intelligent person who is privy to the knowledge could figure out. Now sleep," Snape retorted.

"Ah ha, I said I would get into bed, I never said I was going to go to sleep." It was a small victory but in Harry's mind it was still a victory.

"You have been spending far too much time with those devils, called twins."

"Thank you." Both Harry and Snape spun at the coursed answer, for once not coming from the bedroom entrance. Surprisingly there was another door, where the twins stood shoulder to shoulder blocking the doorway.

"He locked himself in the washroom again?" Snape asked. He paused in tucking Harry in long enough for Harry to push the blankets away and escape to the middle of the bed.

"Yup, this time he's either fallen asleep-"

"Or just refusing to answer," the twins explained, stepping into the room.

Behind them Harry could just see a room with pastel blue walls, with white swirls moving across them. It reminded Harry of clouds crossing the sky. Pulling his mind away from the room, and of who could possibly be staying in it, Harry spoke up.

"Why not just use alohamora on it?"

"He uses charms to lock it," Snape started to explain.

"Yeah, evil ones that shock your hands when you touch it," Fred interrupted, rubbing his hands together.

Snape shot a quick glare at Fred before turning back to Harry. "Which cannot be undone by a simple alohamora." He made his way towards the twins. "I will fix your hands later. Right now I must go and fix this mess." Snape gave them each a kiss on his cheek when they blocked his path, and they moved aside to allow him to stroll through the door leading into the blue and white swirling room. The door swung shut with a dull thud.

"I'm guessing he does this a lot? Hey-I thought we couldn't hurt our… mates" Harry choked a little on the word. It was strange to have one mate, but to have five mates scared Harry.

"Yeah he does, it's the hormones."

"They make him emotionally unstable."

"So, figure out what we all are yet?" Both twins' eyes brightened until they could have lit a sports stadium. Harry knew they were purposely changing the subject but decided to let it go, for now.

"Well you two are part elf, as you said but don't elves usually have different shades of blond hair? You both have hair so red, you have to be only part elf." Harry reasoned.

"Close we are full elves, but one of our ancestors mated with a red haired human, every elf after-"

"Even if they mated a blond elf," Fred interrupted.

"Had red haired elflings," George finished.

"Oh, so Ron is an elf? Your parents are elves?" Harry asked quietly.


"Wait does that mean your parents are related?" Harry gasped; according to Magical History, elves were blond, unless they came from the red haired ancestor, and the twins' parents were red haired elves, so it made sense right?

"Yup twins like us," Fred said proudly.

"A lot of elven twins end up being mates," George explained.

"I think the only two not mated with each other are Elhore and Elladan." (A/N: Thanks LM)

"Oh yeah, didn't they bond with Figwit and Linder?"

"Yeah, I wonder how they are…"

"Who?" Harry blinked, confused between the twins rambling. If they kept going he would have felt like he was watching muggle tennis.

"Never mind." George smiled sweetly, which got a sceptical look from Harry. Let's face it, the twins being sweet equals danger. Hide your cookies.

"So have you figured anyone else yet?" Fred's question turned Harry's attention away from George.

"Is Sev-Snape a vampire? It was so cold with him I thought my bones would shatter from it."

"That's what we thought too."

"But it's wrong," Fred supplied happily. Harry just frowned, the only other creature that Harry could think of that was cold was a dementor and Snape obviously wasn't a dementor.

"Can't you just tell me?" Harry asked giving his best puppy dog eyes. It usually worked on the twins.

"Nope." Except for today apparently.

"But we can help you figure it out."

"By giving me the answer in a word scramble puzzle?" Harry hoped. It would be so easy!

"What?" The twins gave him a confused look, before continuing after a mumbled never mind from Harry.

"We can't give you a direct answer, it's against the mating rules or something," Fred started.

"But we can give you books to help you narrow your search." George winked, pulled out his wand and swished. Instantly a tower of about 14 books appeared on the bedside table.

"But we can't point you to the specific book you need."

"This had to be a lot easier for you two, considering there's two of you!" Harry grumbled miserably. He was tired, sore and hungry and now he had to read 14 books to find out what one of his mates was!? It was like a summer with the Dursley's! Harry groaned, allowing his body to fall sideways, not bothering to stop himself from bouncing and landing in an awkward position with an arm trapped under him and his hand cradling his hip. His shoulder stopped his head from fully laying on the bed; instead only his forehead touched the silk sheets.

"Not really, we weren't allowed to tell the other the book if one read it before the other," George started.

"But we did narrow our search fast," Fred countered.

"Yeah from 196 to 16!"

Harry just groaned, shifting so he could bury his head deeper into the silk sheets. Harry felt a hand lightly brushing his hair down and away from his face. Admittedly it did feel nice but he still didn't want to have to do all the research. He didn't understand why they just couldn't tell him.

"Come on Harry, it's not that bad. At least you don't have morning sickness to go with it."

"Yes lucky Potter."

Harry didn't bother looking up, he knew exactly who it was. That voice would have haunted him for the rest of his life, but instead it now got to literally follow him.

"Draco, enough. Get in bed." Snape's voice just confused Harry, why is it so soft? Harry tried to ignore it but when the sheets ruffled and the bed dipped he couldn't help but to shoot his head up and quickly scramble to the other side of the bed; where he hit two steady forms holding him on the bed.

"It's not that awful to share a bed with me Harry." Draco winked, moving into the spot Harry had just warmed.

"Draco, you must share the middle now." Snape coaxed, but Draco just glared and snuggled deeper into the pre warmed spot.

"I'm bigger so I should get more room." Draco's muffled proclamation came as he pulled the blanket over his head.

"He can have the whole middle, I'll go back to my room! Take me to my room, please?" Harry pleaded to the twins. He hadn't minded sharing Fred and George's bed but if Draco was going to sleep with them, it meant Snape and Mr. Malfoy were going to sleep there too and that was just too many people.

"Draco, you're barely five months, and Harry you need to get used to it. It's going to be like this for a long time." Fred slowly pushed Harry back into the middle next to Draco.

"Still fat." Draco mumbled, half asleep.

"Do not!" Snape cautioned the twins, before they'd even opened their mouths to make a snappy remark.

"Harry, sleep. Tomorrow you can start your research." Snape nodded at the middle of the bed, right beside Draco as he said that. As he turned to leave, grabbing the twins arms as he went, Harry made an gasping sound that made them pause.

"Wait, what are these bands?" Harry asked as he traced a finger lightly across the hidden band around his hips. It caused a pleasurable tingle to run up his spine.

"Harry! Don't trace it, please." George panted, his fist clenched at his side.

"These, Harry, are mating bands. They show our positioning in our mating. They also can be used to stimulate the others in the mating," Snape explained, his voice tight with control. "Do not trace it without commitment, because it will come out with results you are currently not ready for."

"Yet Draco, who is the same age may I remind you, is ready Severus? Your assumptions amaze me."

Harry groaned and attempted to bury himself deeper in the blankets. He could deal with two or maybe even three of his mates at a single time but all of them together just made him nervous.

"Lucius, must we discuss this again? Draco was overly eager and he was ready. The twins even though older are less mature-" Snape started to explain, but was interrupted.


Snape just raised an eyebrow daring the twins to prove him wrong. When no answer came, and both had looked away, Snape continued. "As I was saying, the twins are too immature, and Harry is firstly clueless to the mating and secondly has a mad man after him. He has need for all his powers, it would be impractical for him."

"And Draco does not?" Lucius questioned, raising an eyebrow to match Snape's quizzical brow.

"You and I are more than capable of protecting Draco. Harry on the other hand is different."

"Well then," Lucius began, only to be interrupted by a muffled hurumph.

"Well then shut it, the ready one is trying to sleep." The demand was muffled, but held no less force than if it had been heard clearly.

"Then go to sleep if you are so tired." Lucius almost sneered.

"Then shut up and get in the bloody bed," Draco demanded, curling around Harry, who had been distracted enough by the argument to not notice Draco had slowly moved closer.

"Hey!" Harry protested, trying to push against Draco's arms. He hadn't moved them an inch when another set of arms wrapped around Draco's, holding Draco's arms steady where they were.

"Relax and accept it Harry. This is how it will be from now on."

"Adequately put George," Snape said as Harry felt another hand placed on his hip, squeezing the band lightly, causing Harry to squirm. He really didn't need or want to become hard just that second.

"Severus, if you continue the boy will be pregnant whether he is ready or not. Move your hand and go to sleep."

Harry looked over to see Fred behind Draco and Lucius just laying his head down behind Fred. Before Harry could think another thought, Snape's hand moved off his hip. Sadly for Harry, it was then placed directly over his semi-hard erection. Harry waited for it to move at all, but it never happened. He had been so focused on the hand that he had yet to realise that all of his mates had drifted to dreamland. So without fear of being molested, at least until morning, Harry pushed Snape's hand over to his thigh before following everyone's example and falling asleep, never noticing that four of his mates had not fallen asleep and were sharing a look, before four hands covered his semi-hard erection.