After a week of training, Jason felt as if his muscles, already burning with pain, were going to give way if he did anything else. He also knew he had to use it to try and do something. He walked up to Damian, who was sat at the bat computer and leant against one of the panels intended for opening to perform maintenance. He looked at his brother and grinned.

"So, I'm ready to go now, right?" He said "I can go after Todd?"

"I don't think you'll ever be ready." Damian replied "But I think you need to do it. So get on the Nightwing suit and get out there."

"Yeah, about that." Jason said, moving off the panel and pacing "If I go as Nightwing, it's like telling the people that he's the real Batman and what he stands for. That's why I have a better idea."

"You are not becoming Batman." Damian replied.

"If I don't, then the world will think Batman just went homicidal. His memory would be destroyed, Dad's memory would be destroyed." Jason shot back "Don't make me sit back and watch that."

"You're not ready for that kind of responsibility." Damian retorted "Batman needs to be able to fight anything that threatens the city, he needs to terrorise the criminal underworld and he needs to be an idea. You're not ready for that."

"Damian, I can't let him taint dad's memory." Jason said "I'm going to be Batman, whether you like it or not. I'm what this city needs."

Damian sighed, spinning his wheel chair so he didn't strain his neck anymore from looking at him brother over his shoulder.

"Fine." He finally spoke "But I'll be here on the computer at all times. And promise me that if I tell you it's too dangerous and you have to get out of there, you do it. I've already lost a father, I don't want to lose a brother too."

"Fine." Jason said, heading to the room where the suits were kept.

He looked around for a moment before settling on one. It was the spare Dick Grayson had had during his tenure as Batman. It was more likely to fit him than his father's, not to mention his fighting style of using his speed and agility would be more complimented by it. It took him a moment to get into it before walking out.

"So, how do I look?" He asked.

"Like Batman." Damian replied, smirking lightly "But you need to sort out the voice. Push it down, make it raspier. It needs a gravelly tone so it can terrify the criminals."

"You mean like this?" Jason said, pushing his voice down to give it a deeper and slightly more gravelly tone "Sounds like I've got a throat infection."

"True, but it's also terrifying to criminals when combined with the suit." Damian replied "Now go. Take the batmobile. People need to know you're the real deal."

"You got it." Jason said, jumping into the batmobile "Don't wait up."

"I wouldn't anyway." Damian said before wheeling himself over to the batcomputer.

Julia walked down the street quickly. She'd just broke up with her boyfriend, Lucas, and the guy was being difficult, to say the least. He'd followed her first of all before vanishing. After a few moments, he and a few of his friends had shown up, making her turn around. The sixteen year old didn't need this. It was bad enough that her lab partner, Jason, had been pulled out of class early, now she was being stalked by a psycho ex.

She saw a group of guys, whom she knew to be friends of Lucas. She turned and began down an alley and instantly regretted it; it led to a dead end. As she turned around, she saw the eight guys stood there. She was going to die!

"Hey there sweetheart." Lucas said, stepping forward with a smile "You know, I really feel hurt by what you said."

"W-w-well, I was just honest." Julia said "You were cruel and abusive and you're just vile! I don't know what I ever saw in you."

"Oh, that hurts." Lucas said, pulling a switchblade from inside his jacket "Come on boys, lets teach her a lesson."

"Not so fast, boys." A gravelly voice said from above them, before a guy dressed as what appeared to be a giant bat dropped down "Hey, I'm Batman, and I'll be your hero for today."

The eight guys stood there for a moment. Then they laughed.

"Batman, huh?" Lucas said "Well, have I got news for you. I know Batman, and you ain't him, you're too short."

"You know him?" Batman said "Great, you can tell me where to find him."

"Make me." Lucas said, flicking the blade open and shut.

"I hoped you'd say that." Batman said, grinning before charging him, kicking his hand, making the blade go up in the air.

The ensuing fight was a spectacle, to say the least. The Batman moved in a fluid manner, with each attack leading into the next. As he went to strike Lucas yet again, one of Lucas' friends hit him in the back of the neck with a metal pole. While the men attacked Batman, Julia found herself running away, leaving her savior to be pummelled.

"You don't want to do that…" Batman said, slowly moving his hand to his belt where he grabbed a batarang from it, jamming it in one of his attackers' foot. He pulled himself up, kicking the man opposite him in the face "You may want to put ice on that."

After a moment, it was left just him and Lucas. Batman grabbed him and pulled a gun from his belt, causing Lucas to get a large lump in his throat before Batman fired up, using it to pull them up to the roof, hanging Lucas over the edge.

"Where's the other Batman?" He shouted in Lucas' face, spit showering it.

"H-he'd kill me if I told you…" Lucas said.

"What makes you think I won't?" Batman said as he dropped Lucas, saving him by firing a grapple… through Lucas' ankle, making him yelp in pain and whimper as he was pulled up before Batman removed the grapple "Now, let's try again. Where is he?"

"H-he's at the Gotham docks. He keeps a place there, uses it to maintain his crap." Lucas said, tears in his eyes "Please let me go."

"Poor choice of words." Batman said, jumping from the roof, dropping Lucas when they were about ten metres up, leaving him whimpering as he looked up only to see nothing…