:: Incarnation: Chapter One- New Life to Live::

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"Hm, I'm so glad you could join us, Grimmjow," a quiet voice said from the end of the elongated white table said. Standing behind him were two men clothed in white robes, one had pale white hair his eyes closed, and a cruel smirk played on his face, and the other man wore somewhat a visor to cover his eyes, and he had braided black hair. The man that had just spoken wore long white robes, his brown eyes looking somewhat bored, and he had his auburn hair slicked back. "Now that all of my lovely Espada have arrived, and gotten their tea…let's commence with this meeting," he said smiling a little.

"Is this about that kid and his friends again, lord Aizen?" a voice spat from the forth seat on the side of the table. He was rather tall and lanky with long black hair, and he wore a white strap across his face covering one of his eyes. "Didn't we kill that stupid kid?" he asked his voice taking on a hissing tone.

A woman sighed from beside him; she had long dirty blond hair, her skin darker than the others. You could only see her eyes and part of her nose as the rest of her face was covered by the color of the robes she wore. "Nnoitra, please stop interrupting when lord, Aizen is speaking," the third espda sighed. She had her arms crossed over her chest, and she let out another sigh.

Nnoitra hissed at her, "Shut up, woman!" he yelled, but he quickly composed himself as Aizen gave him a certain look. "Sorry," he muttered. The auburn haired shinigami just smiled as he returned his gaze back to the other espada.

"As you know, we lost three of our espada recently, but I was fortunate enough to get all of the espada besides one who accompanied me to the Human World. "Sadly, Zommari, Aaroniero, and Barraggan," he said with a pause. "We our now down to seven espada, but we also have a new addition to the group. We will finally end this war as soon as I fill up the three spots, and rebuild the army. The Soul Society, will have no idea what their up against after this next fight," he said smiling wider now.

"Aizen-sama," came a flat voice from the second seat on his right, and the king of Hueco Mundo looked over to see a stoic espada sitting in the seat. He had medium length raven black hair, his mask was half of a helmet with a horn protruding out from the side of it, and he looked at Aizen with equally as bored emerald hued eyes. "Is this about Ichigo Kurosacki?" he asked in a toneless voice, and he heard a growl come from the seat across from him. He looked at the teal haired espada, wearing his jacket open revealing a toned torso, and his hollow hole which resided in his the place where his stomach was. He had a jaw fragment along the left side of his cheek, "Do you need something, Grimmjow?" asked the fourth espada.

The teal haired arrancar growled and nodded, "The fuck you bringing him up for, and last time I checked you were the one that killed him," Grimmjow growled as his fist made a loud noise as it met the table.

"Yes I was the one that killed him, but that was not what I was referring to," the raven haired espada told him stoically, and he turned his attention back to Aizen, who regarded him with soft gaze.

The auburn haired former captain smiled smugly now, and Gin who was the white haired man walked towards the door. "Yes, this is about Ichigo Kurosacki, and I thank you for eliminating a former threat, Ulquiorra," Aizen said as he turned to nod at the white haired shinigami. He turned back to his attention back to his espada, "Now my dear espada I would like you to meet our newest member," he said gesturing with a hand to the now opening door.

The seven espada gazed at the now fully opened door, and Grimmjow's mouth fell, and Ulquiorra's eyes slightly widened. "Say hello to espada number zero, Ichigo," the auburn haired man said as he gestured with a hand for the new espada to come forward.

The other five espada just nodded except for Nnoitra who got up and out of his seat. "What the hell is this Aizen?" the fifth espada fallowed by the sixth espada asked in unison.

"Now, now, now please watch your language Grimmjow and Nnoitra," Aizen said as he face took on a darker expression, and the two espada sat back down quickly. Except, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow just continued to look at the new espada, and than Aizen continued to speak, "Ichigo, please take your seat next to Starrk," the former captain said.

Grimmjow's teal hued eyes just watched Ichigo as he walked past him, but Ulquiorra just returned to looking at his cup of tea. The sixth espada inwardly sighed, Ichigo looked the same as he did before he was killed, but he was different in several ways. He still had the unruly and bright orange hair, the same chocolate brown eyes, but around his neck was the reminisce of a pale white mask. It looked like Halibel's mask in a way, but different all the same.

The mask itself wound around his neck completely, the long fang like canines of the mask traveled down his neck, and it disappeared underneath the fabric of his black and white robes, and resting on his back was a long ruby colored hilt of his blade. On the back of his beck neck near the junction of where his head met his neck was a tattoo of a black Gothic zero.

"Welcome to the espada," the man beside him said tiredly as he yawned. That was obviously Starrk, who could mistake the overly lazy first espada. The new zero espada turned to the dark brown haired man and nodded once. Starrk chuckled, "Tell me Aizen, does he remember anything of his previous life?"

The former captain looked to his first espada, "No he doesn't remember anything, and it shall remain that way. He may get bits and pieces back, but nothing more," Aizen said, and Starrk just nodded. "This meeting is now adjourned, so please report back to your posts," he said as a sudden humorous glint came into his eyes, "Oh and Grimmjow," he said quietly causing the teal haired man to look at him, "please show Ichigo to his new quarters, and I want you to show him around," the former captain said smugly.

Grimmjow growled a little bit as Ichigo came to stand beside him, and the rest of the espada were filing out now. "Come on," the teal haired arrancar hissed as he walked out of the room.

"Do you think it was a good idea letting Ichigo go with, Grimmjow?" Gin asked once he and Aizen were the only ones left in the room. He ran a hand through his white locks tiredly, and that sly grin never left his features. "I mean I'm not worried about Ichigo, but I'm more worried about Grimmjow," he said laughing a little.

Aizen merely spared Gin a moment glance before he spoke, "I think they'll be fine, and besides I also have Ulquiorra looking over them. Of course the real test of our new espada's loyalty will come into play in our next fight. No need to worry Gin," the former captain said as he stood up from his seat.

"Alright, Ichi," the teal haired man said as they walked down the hall of Las Noches, "ready for the general tour?" Grimmjow asked. He was trying to be as pleasant as possible to the new espada, but what pissed him of more was that his formerly dead lover was suddenly alive and well, "Your room will be across from Ulquiorra's and also across the hall is my room, so if you need anything ask me not emo king," the sixth espada said.

The zero espada let out a small sigh and nodded once, "Alright Grimmjow," Ichigo said in the same voice that made Grimmjow's stomach flip a little. He leaned against the wall and sliding down to the floor, "my head hurts," he murmured as he rested the palm of his hand on his forehead.

"Come on let's get you into your room, so that you can rest for awhile," the sixth espada said in a caring tone, and that was uncharacteristic of the teal haired espada. He pushed the door with the Gothic looking zero on it open, and he helped Ichigo into the room closing the door behind them.

The room was rather big just like any of the other espada's rooms, a large black and white sheeted king sized bed was through another door. The living or common area was large with two white couches, and a black leather chair in the corner. "Come on let's get you to bed for a bit," the teal haired arrancar sighed. Grimmjow moved quietly his arms still around Ichigo's shoulder, and once he made it to the room he set the zero espada on the bed. "Now rest up man; I might ant to fight you a little later!" the sixth said as he brushed the orange bangs out of the other espada's face before he left the room.

The orange haired espada nodded once as he let his head hit the pillow, and once Grimmjow was gone he place his arms on his chest, and he let out a sigh before he drifted off to sleep. Why did Grimmjow and Ulquiorra seem so familiar to him?

Back in the Soul Society…

"Head Captain, we have to go back to Hueco Mundo, or do you just not care that we lost Ichigo in the last battle. We can still bring him back, and if he is an arrancar we can fix him," a feminine voice shuddered out her blue eyes remaining glued to the floor as she spoke. Her black hair hung nicely on her shoulders, and she had her own blade sheathed in the sheath that rested on the side of her black shinigami robes.

She heard the Head Captain mutter something to his lieutenant, "Rukia Kuchiki, your request about going back to the realm of hollows is to be denied for the time being. If I see that you and Lieutenant of squad six, Renji Abari are missing the consequences shall be server. He barely tabbed his wooden staff on the ground. The Head Capatin, Yamamoto was old with white hair and all. He was wearing a long white robe with the number one on the back of it, and it barely covered his black shinigami robe.

The other captains that were present, were captain of squad thirteen Jushiro Ukitake, Retsu Unohona of the fourth division, Kenpachi Zaraki of eleventh squad, and Byakuya Kuchiki of sixth squad. The rest of the captains were out attending to their normal duties.

"I will decide when it is the most opportune moment for us to return to Hueco Mundo, and until than you have to attend to your normal duties as they permit to the safe keeping of the Soul Society, and Seritei. You're all dismissed now," Yamamoto said gauntly as he stood up from his chair. The four captains merely nodded and began to walk out; Byakuya didn't even look remotely interested the entire time of the meeting.

Rukia scowled quietly at Captain Yamamoto's decision as she walked out of the large meeting hall. But she was met outside by a man with tall spiky red hair that was tied back in a pony tail. "Hey Renji," she said smiling a little bit.

"What did they decide?" Renji asked as he looked down at her grim expression. The redheaded shinigami looked slightly worried as he continued to look at her. "They said we can't go back, didn't they?" he asked her in a lightly irritated voice.

"No unfortunately we can't go back unless he gives the okay," the black haired shinigami sighed as she began to walk away. "I know Ichigo is still alive," Rukia whispered, "I still can't get over the fact that he was killed by that espada, so mercilessly. I just hope I'm right about him being alive," she murmured.

The lieutenant just patted her on the back gently, "I'm sure he is alive and well," Renji told her gently as the two were now outside the squad six barracks. "Maybe you and I should sneak out later tonight when no one is around, and we can go get him," the redhead said.

Rukia smiled a little, "Let's get packing than, and if we bring Ichigo back Captain Yamamoto won't complain about anything," she said as she waved to him goodbye, and Renji just smiled as he waved at her.

The orange haired espada opened his eyes tiredly, and his chocolate brown eyes dilated a little as he looked at the dark room. He sat up quietly rubbing the back of his hand against his forehead. "I see you're awake now," came a stoic voice from inside the doorway to his room.

Standing in his doorway was the very pale fourth espada, "Ulquiorra," the zero espada said quietly as he looked at the raven haired man. "Do you need me for something?" Ichigo asked him in a tired voice. "I thought Grimmjow would be the one to come and get me," he said.

"Grimmjow, is busy with another assignment at the moment. I thought I'd come and wake you myself while Grimmjow busies himself. Tell me Ichigo…do you remember anything before you became an espada?" Ulquiorra asked in the same flat voice as he walked towards the bed, and he stopped in front of the bed. His pale hand running along the soft sheets before it returned to his pockets.

The orange haired arrancar tilted his head to the side as he gazed at the fourth, and a small smile played along his lips. "I don't remember anything of major importance, but I do have memories of you and Grimmjow. Ulquiorra tell me what you and Grimmjow were to me before I died," he said as a small frown caressed his face.

"That Ichigo, I can't tell you…Lord Aizen told me not to tell you anything as it may bring back some unwanted memories," the fourth said as he took a seat on the sheets, and he glanced back at the orange haired espada.

Ichigo sighed as he swung his legs over the bed, and he stood up moments later walking to stand in front of Ulquiorra. A sudden memory of himself and the two espada suddenly flashed into his mind. He was dressed in black robes, no mask around his neck, and his lips were covered by the fourth espada's lips, and Grimmjow was just licking his lips sadistically and lustfully. "Are you sure you can't tell me anything, Ulquiorra?" the zero espada asked. He took a step forward until he was standing directly in front of the pale espada. He looked at Ulquiorra a moment forward before he took a knee in front of the espada.

"What do you think you're doing, Kurosacki? You are to-"Ulquiorra's sentence was cut off as he felt a pair of soft lips cover his own. The fourth espada gasped at the sudden touch, and he tried to push Ichigo away, but the orange haired espada's arms locked around the smaller espada's waist. The raven haired man felt his will crumble as he felt Ichigo's tongue glide along his bottom lip; begging for entrance, and Ulquiorra sighed granting him permission as he felt the other espada's tongue enter his mouth, and Ulquiorra felt dirty as he kissed back; his arms locking themselves securely around the other's neck.

Neither of them heard the door to the room open, and both were to busy to care about who had just entered the room, but that was until the heard said person speak. "The hell is going on in here!?" came the rough and gruff voice of the sixth espada. At the sudden realization, Ichigo and Ulquiorra pulled apart looking at the teal haired arrancar with wide eyes.

"Grimmjow, this isn't what it looks like," came Ichigo's somewhat frantic voice. Of course he had no idea why he had began to kiss the fourth in the first place. It just seemed right as he recalled the memory that had popped into his mind.

The sixth espada just laughed a hardy laugh, "It's nothing to worry about, Ichi," Grimmjow said as he composed himself again. "I'm just happy that you at least remembered that. I mean that Ulquiorra, I, and you are in an odd relationship," he said. Ichigo and Ulquiorra just stared at him, 'come on you two cheer up. This is a good thing," Grimmjow said as he walked over to the two.

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