:: Incarnation S2: Chapter Fifteen- Bitter Sweet::

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It was dark that was all he could see as he stepped out of the Garganta; utter and complete darkness surrounded him, and the bright moon of Hueco Mundo shined in the black sky. He smirked, though, seeing as he had landed right in front of the large palace of, Las Noches. He stiffened as a burst of reiastu immobilized him, and the female figure that stood at the ledge of the palace just looked down at him.

"This is certainly a surprise," she murmured, taking a step of the edge to fall gently down to the ground. The sand crunching under her as she walked towards the man that stood before her. "What exactly brings you back here, Grimmjow?" she asked, green eyes giving off a suspicious glint as she stopped in front of him.

Grimmjow just looked at the woman with a faint flicker of amusement passing in his eyes. "It has been a long time hasn't it, Halibel? The reason I'm here is to see, Ichigo," he said, looking at her with narrowed teal hued eyes, and when he heard a soft chuckle come from her a fine blue brow rose. "Something funny, Hal?" the captain asked.

The dirty blond haired arrancar just took a step forward, "I don't think he wants to see you, Grimmjow. I mean you and Ulquiorra betrayed his trust almost allowing his capture to be succeeded, and we know why the Soul Society really wants the arrancar," she murmured.

Teal hued eyes narrowed considerably and a low growl ripped from the back of his throat, "We did not want to have him captured. We didn't even know we were being followed in the first place, and don't say some shit about betrayal because Ulquiorra nor I would do that to, Ichi!" he snarled.

Halibel just cocked her head to the side, "Oh since you put it that way," she paused, her black gloved hand coming up to the zipper of the white top she wore, "I guess you can see him, or maybe," she paused again, green eyes narrowing as she unzipped the turtleneck like top, "you'll have to get through me. Not to mention even if you do manage to beat me you still have Neliel and Fury to worry about, and then there is Ichigo himself if you make it that far," she said, chuckling softly.

This took the former arrancar aback, "You're not going to let me pass without going through you, ne? If that is the way you want it then happy to oblige," Grimmjow said, chuckling as he flash stepped vanishing from her line of sight.

"Pathetic," she murmured, watching his moments carefully, and reaching out with a gloved hand she captured his fist in the palm of her hand before he was able to make a connection. "I'm surprised that you are still so weak after this momentary time apart. Even as a captain you could never match up with me," Halibel said, flicking her wrist to send the teal haired Captain into the side of the structure.

Grimmjow grunted as he managed to make his feet dig into the sand, and he came skidding to a halt a mere inch from the big structure. "You're really asking for it, Hal. Never thought I would have to use this so early," he muttered, right hand dislodging his zanpakutō from its sheath a little, and with his left hand he withdrew it completely.

She just stared at the blade for a moment allowing her eyes to roam over the hilt, guard, and then eventually the blade itself. "It doesn't look that different from Pantera," she murmured. Slowly reaching behind her, she withdrew Tiburón from its sheath with her left hand. "Now prepare yourself, Grimmjow," she muttered before using sonido to vanish.


A sudden pain flared up in the back of the orange haired arrancar's head jolting him awake, and he know sat in a prone position a hand resting on his forehead. "What in the hell was that?" he asked himself, swinging his legs over the side of the bed he stood up on wobbly legs. A flare of reiastu that wasn't far away caused him to fall onto his knees, and that oh so familiar scowl set in on his face.

Fury let out a sigh as he walked back into the bedroom closing the door as he walked in, "What in the hell happened to you!" the ebony haired arrancar shouted, seeing his lover writing on the floor in pain. Violet eyes widened as he felt that same reiastu flare up again, but he brushed it off walking over to Ichigo. "Ichi, what is going on with you?" he asked, taking a knee beside the fallen espada, who had now stilled, and remained quiet.

Hazel hued eyes opened to feel a hand rubbing circles on his back in a comforting manner, "F-Fury," he muttered, through clenched teeth. "What in the heck is going outside? I think whoever is fighting or whatever their doing is the reason for this sudden pain," he said, his voice nothing more then a hushed tone.

"Yea, I'm here, Ichi," the ebony haired espada said, wrapping an arm around Ichigo's waist he gently helped the orange haired arrancar back up to his feet. "I think you're right about one thing. There is definitely something going on outside," he said, cringing somewhat as another burst of reiastu fell over the room.

Ichigo just nodded as he steadied himself on his feet, and nodding once to Fury the two made their way outside. "Someone who is fighting this close to Las Noches…is going to have a lot of explaining to do," he growled, the growing anger covering up the pain as he sonidoed down the long halls of the palace.

The two espada reaching the outside of Las Noches rather quickly stood on the ledge looking out to the desert. "Maybe it was just phantom pain that was getting ya, Ichi. I really don't see anything going on out here," Fury said, shrugging his shoulders lightly.

A slight breeze blew from the left of them and the orange haired espada just turned his head in the direction of the breeze, and hazel hued eyes locked onto a small flicker of movement that was maybe about twenty to thirty kilometers outside Las Noches. "Looks like I have found the source of all of this reiastu output," Ichigo said, rubbing the back of his neck with his right hand idly. "Come on Fur, let's go put a stop to this," he said, using sonido to vanish from his spot that he once stood at.


"Is that really the best you can do, Grimmjow? I am still surprised that even in my released form that you managed to keep up with me," Halibel muttered, placing the large shark fin shaped blade on her shoulder, and walking towards the captain who was resting on his knees, and heavy breaths passing through clenched teeth.

Grimmjow let out a snarl, "It's not over until one of us is-" he was cut off when he heard a new yet familiar voice cut into the scene.

"What in the hell is going on here, Halibel?" Ichigo snapped, said woman turning around just to look at him, "Answer the damn question, Hal," he growled. Fury stood beside the orange haired espada, but his violet eyes remained glued to the teal haired man that was just staring right back.

Halibel just simply let out a sigh, "I am just making sure that he didn't get to see you, and I know that is what you would have wanted. After everything that happened it is a surprise your yelling at me, and not that poor excuse for a captain. If that is all you need, I will be on my way," with that, the dirty blond haired arrancar vanished from the white sand.

He let out a sigh nodding his head once, and then he turned those hazel hued eyes on the teal haired man that had gotten back up to his feet minutes ago. "Grimmjow, what do you think your doing here? Coming here of all places…you must be asking for a death wish," Ichigo said, his tone laced with malicious and it was cold to the touch. He turned his head a fraction of an inch to look at Fury, "Fur, go on back to the palace, and don't worry I will be fine," he mumbled.

Fury just shook his head and looked like he was about to argue with the orange haired arrancar, but with a cold and distant glare from Ichigo all he did was nod, and then vanish. Alone at last, this time Ichigo found himself thinking that he might just kill Grimmjow to ease his troubled mind, and he took a slow step forward with his hands stuffed into his pockets.


Grimmjow just watched with a sullen expression on his face as his former lover walked towards him slowly, and it tortured him just to watch. If he was going to kill him. Why not get it over with? "Ichigo, can we just talk about this whole situation?" he asked, smirking as he caused Ichigo to stop in his tracks.

"I don't know what it is that you want to talk about, but I will give you about five minutes before I think about beating the crap out of you," the orange haired espada murmured, keeping his eyes downcast on the sand.

The teal haired captain took a step forward causing Ichigo to take a step back. "I just want you to know that the night we came back we didn't have the second squad show up as back up. Truthfully, we didn't even know that we were being followed. The old man sent them after us seeing as he thought our ties with you would compromise the mission," he stated, taking another step forward, and this time he was surprised that the orange haired espada remained in place.

Ichigo let out a growl, 'How can I believe you after what happened that night, Grimm? How do you possibly expect me to trust you and him again after what happened, huh? Answer me that question, Grimm!" he shouted, stunning the teal haired captain.

Grimmjow just let out a sigh, "Look Ichi I know that we should've told you that we would be coming back, but we weren't aloud too. The only reason we came to see you is because we snuck out, and I'm guessing the old man found out, and sent the Stealth Force after us. Look I love you Ichi, and I know that you still love me, and the same can be said for Ulquiorra. Just give us a chance to earn your trust back. Come on what to ya say, berry?" he asked.

The next thing he knew a fist connected with his stomach, "You really are an asshole, Grimm! You think that I would forgive the both of you that easily!" Ichigo paused, letting a foot connect with the side of the man's head before continuing. "I was alone for four fucking years! Fury was the only one that cared for me during that time, and a little help from Nel helped me get through it, but where were you! Dead! Or did you just think it would be a fun game to mess with my head all of those years when everyone knew you two were fine! Even Fury knew that you two were fine, and he didn't tell me because you told him not too!" the orange haired espada yelled, his fist flying at Grimmjow's face, but it was easily caught by the other man, who closed his fingers around said fist.

With a gentle tug of his arm he brought the now crying espada to his chest, and wrapped his arms around the slender frame. "I know Ichigo," he murmured, burying his face in those vibrant orange locks taking in the scent that his hair gave off. "We should have never done that to you, and Fury should have told you. We never meant to hurt you as much as we did, but we weren't trying to mess with your head okay? We were just biding our time until we could come see you without getting caught, but I go impatient, and jumped the gun a bit," the fifth squad captain stated.

Ichigo just continued to let the tears spill down his cheeks, and burying his face in Grimmjow's chest he just continued to cry for a few more minutes. It was quite for a minute or two before the espada finally spoke, "I guess I can forgive the both of you this time, but earning back my trust is an entirely different thing, Grimm," he mumbled, finally looking up at the teal haired man through blurry hazel colored eyes.

Grimmjow just grinned as he scooped Ichigo up into his arms, "Oh don't worry, Ichi. I still have some sucking up to do, and I know just the way to do it too," the teal haired captain said, giving the orange haired hollow a wink, and Ichigo had to shudder at the unknown twinkle in the man's eyes.

"Why do I get the feeling I am going to regret forgiving you so easily?" Ichigo asked himself, he received no answer as the pair disappeared from the white desert of Hueco Mundo, and the next thing you would hear was a loud moan emanating somewhere from within Las Noches.


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