Something's Changed

I know I'm already writing other stories, but this came into my head. This is only a one shot, ut I hope you like it :)

Rated M for sexual content and such alike.

His breath was hot on my neck, I could feel the fire in my veins. The way he made me feel, the way he made me let go. Lose my inhibitions, anything was possible. It took him so long to admit it, but I knew he loved it too. The way he would stare into my eyes, like he was looking past the designer clothes, past the hours of facial care, past everything - and just seeing me.

I never got slushied after that first day. He led them to other people instead, more often than not he would take them to Rachel. My Marc Jacobs were safe. They always remained pristine, because I was never thrown into a dumpster either. Damn, life was good.

And he was the reason why it was so good. When he touched me, everything else just seemed to disappear. It was like nobody else even existed in the world, except me and him. And that's precisely what happens every night at my house, after school in my car, and during school in every available closet or bathroom stall. He was a very active boy.

"Kurt, baby, what're you thinking about?" he whispered in my ear while I made circles on his chest with my finger.

"You." I smiled, and leaned up to press my lips against his gently. But gentle never really was his thing. He gave me a second, humoured me, before flipping us so I was on my back, him towering above me.
"And what were you thinking about me, princess?" he asked, leaving a trail of kisses up my jaw line.
"Princess? Really?" I scoffed, before he cut me off by crashing his lips against my own. I took a moment to breath, but he saw this as an opportunity for his tongue to explore my mouth. I moaned softly as he began to grind his hips into my own, as I quickly became hard. He
smirked against me, and I felt his own erection rubbing against me through our jeans.
"I think somebody's wearing far too many clothes" I told him, feigning annoyance. It took him a moment fumbling with his buttons, but soon his jeans were in a heap on the floor, and he set to making mine join them, though we both knew I would glare at him later, telling him to fold them up next time, making him roll his eyes at me. But for now, I didn't care, not one bit. He could throw all of my precious clothes around my room, as long as he promised I would get something lovely in
return, which I already was.

He had a glint in his eye as he removed my shirt and began kissing down my chest, watching me the whole way. He reached my boxers, hooked his fingers on the waist band, and began pulling them off – painfully slowly.

"If you're intent on doing this, please pick up the pace." I told him sarcastically, making him stop and look up at me again.
"And if you want then I won't even bother." he smirked, knowing I wouldn't deny him. He continued until my boxers had joined the pile of discarded clothes on the floor, and softly kissed the tip while stroking his hand up the shaft. He soon got into the swing of things, and had me moaning his name wildly, as I shot my cool stream into his mouth. He swallowed it down and licked his lips before joining me and kissing me.
"Hey Kurt? I love you." he smiled.
"I love you too, Noah." I told him, kissing the tip of his nose.