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Chapter One

I did the secret knock. There was sweat dripping from my face. Such a hot night. Why did it have to be such a hot night?

Nobody was replying. No one was in the tree house. I was safe. I could cry in peace.

I opened the door and let myself in. The little area we called our 'hangout' was just as we left it last. Two packs of cigarettes were sprawled on the floor, some bent and broken cigarettes on the ground. An unfinished game of gin rummy was left on the floor. Gordie's Mighty Mouse comics were piled on top of each other in a messy fashion. I let out a small smile through my tears. I crawled over to the wall with the window and leaned against it and just let it out.

My life was going fine until what just happened. Summer had just started and eighth grade was over. My birthday had just ended the night before, and I had turned fourteen. The boys bought me a strawberry mixed with vanilla milkshake at Blue Point. I smiled once more, thinking about my best friends. They would go ballistic if they knew what had happened to me tonight.

Oh lord, I just can't even believe it myself. I let large, salty blobs of tears silently drip down my red and puffy cheeks. My mascara was running down my face so I probably looked like a zombie.

If you really wanna know, I might as well start from the beginning…

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