I have to get away, I have to get away from here; but where?

That's all the girl could think while running for her life; Cyclonians were chasing her on their skimmers while she was on foot. She avoided getting caught from the prison, but as soon as she got out, she fell over a trip wire activating the alarms. She was in the prison for about 2 months now. She couldn't stay there anymore, but she wishes she could save her mother and father. They were still in there. She tried to save them, but they said to leave them there to get some more information about Cyclonis' plans.

She could hear the skimmers slowly catching up to her. All she had with her was the prison uniform on her back, her twin blades with a solar crystal in one and a wind crystal in the other. She also had a couple of oblivion crystals she was able to sneak from the vault. But still that wasn't much. These wouldn't help her from the weapons the Talon have with them. She heard a shot coming from behind her, she quickly ducked, barely missing the blast of red ball that was about to hit her. She kept running. She dared to look back and saw them quickly catching up, she then saw that she was running out of ground. She quickly stopped before running off a cliff. She was trapped now. She heard laughter from behind her. She saw the Talons slowly getting off their skimmers and getting out their whips and staffs. Yup, I'm dead she thought to herself

"Don't try anything, we got you surrounded, there's no escape for you." Said one of the Talons that looked like he was the leader of the pack. All she could do is grin.

"What's so funny?" the head Talon asked. "Oh, nothing. I was just laughing at the part you said about catching me, cuz that's not gunna happen."

"Oh yea, that's not Cyclonis thinks." the head Talon said. The girl gritted her teeth. Whenever she hears that name she gets so angry. "Well," the girl started to say, "It looks like you're gunna have to fight me for it." She said with another grin. She took out her twin blades and they started to glow yellow and green. The men stood there ready to fight her, their weapons started to glow red because of the crystals they had. The girl motioned them to start attacking. The head Talon motioned one of the five men with him to start the fight off. The Talon charged forward with his staff in front pointing at the girl. She took her yellow sword and chopped the staff and then took her other sword that glowed green and jabbed the Talon in the gut with the bottom of the sword and took his free arm and swung him over the edge of the cliff. He was screaming until his parachute unhooked. The other Talons looked from the bottom of the cliff to the girl. They were sort of worried now.

She motioned them again with her hand, the head Talon was getting angrier by the minute. This time he pushed two men in front to fight her off. They charged. She looked eager to fight them. she stood at the same place she was before, waiting for them to get closer to her. As soon as they were about five feet away from her, she dashed forward with her swords at her sides and flipped in the air and slashed down while in the air. She waited a moment, and then, the staffs they were holding started to fall apart and same with the armor they were wearing. It completely fell off and they ran away. She gave a little laugh and then looked up from her stance at the head Talon, he was now starting to turn a shade of light purple. Now he and the last two men joined in and began to charge. The girl did a one handed back flip back to the edge of the cliff and got ready again. The head was behind the two regular Talon getting ready for a sneak attack. But the girl suspected it so she put out the flats of her blades and made a shield. She shoved it forward and the two Talon fell backwards and landed on the head Talon. He shoved them off and they were out cold. The head Talant got up and now was crazy mad. He put away his sword and took out two whips with glowing oblivion crystals. He wasn't kidding this time, the girl was a bit scared now. She then started to hear an engine from not so far away. So she decided to use her good acting skills to get his/her attention. She decided to scream of terror to see if that worked. It worked, she heard the engine getting closer.

Aerrow's POV:

I was going back to the Condor after a recon mission when I heard a terrifying scream coming from a nearby cliff. I turned to the direction. All I could see was a whip, no two whips whip in the air and a girl it sounded like screaming. I pushed on my skimmer faster, trying not to make a big scene. I couldn't hear properly but I heard

"You're coming back whether you're dead or alive!" and then a whip cracked in the air. I had to help, but how. Then I saw long dirty blond hair off the edge of the cliff, then I saw a face, I couldn't see it completely but I saw that she was looking down, then I saw a smirk. I was a bit confused until the whip was about to hit the girl again and I saw a hand grab it before it could hit her. It was the girl's hand. She pulled it down and I heard a thud, probably the man falling down on his face. She got up, struggling because of the pain grabbing the whip and wrapping it around her arm. Then she said

"Well, it's been real, but I got a ride waiting for me at the bottom. Bye." And with that, she did a triple axel off the cliff and into the air. I brought my skimmer closer to the mountain cliff to catch her and when I close enough she fell on the wing of my skimmer. She landed with a pretty big thud. I got a better look at the girl this time. She looked around my age, fourteen, maybe a bit older. She was wearing a ripped up, a bit bloody, Cyclonian prison outfit. She had dirty blond hair that reached the middle of her back. She was quite slim and in shape. I have to admit, I was a bit impressed with her little act. Trying to be helpful I said

"Here, take my hand." She looked up at me with turquoise eyes. They were deep like the sea. She looked very kind and took my hand while I pulled her closer to the seat behind me. "Hold on." I said, and she grabbed on to my back and we were out of there. But we weren't safe for long.

"Thanks for saving me back there." she said, sort of out of breath and weakly. "Uh, no problem." I said trying to not act like this is really awkward because it was for me; she seemed so comfortable. Then a laser blast flew by our heads, just missing us. I guess she had more friends after her. We both looked back to see 3 more Cyclonian skimmers chasing us; gaining quickly. Then I recognized one of the riders.

"Dark Ace." We both said angrily. I looked back at her and she looked at me. "Wait, you know him?" she asked. "Well, yea," I said, "He's my mortal enemy." She had a surprised/confused look on her face. Then she said "Really? Me too. Wait, who are you?" Before I could answer, Dark Ace started to shoot at us again. She started to get angry. "Don't worry we'll shake him." I said, "What, no don't, I have a bone to pick with him." "What, you cannot fight in your condition." I said trying to stop her from unbuckling her seat belt. "Don't worry I'll be fine. I'll be more focused on getting your skimmer near Dark Ace's." I didn't want her to go but I know how she feels. "All right. Hang on." I said turning around sharply and heading for Dark Ace's cruiser. Once we were next to his cruiser, she got up from her seat and started to walk on the right wing. She looked back, and winked at me with a smile. She then jumped off, well flipped off and onto Dark Ace's skimmer

"Dark Ace." She said as if taunting him. He got up from his seat and took out his glowing red sword. The girl took out her twin blades and started to fight each other. She didn't even look like she was in pain. While she was taking care of the Dark Ace I was trying to help her by trying to take care of the other two Cyclonians on their skimmers as well.

The Girl's POV:

When I flipped off the top of the cliff, I started to fall really fast then realizing that the skimmer wasn't underneath me. I then started to panic and closed my eyes. Then I landed on a metal wing and truthfully, it really hurt. I landed on my butt, my cuts were stinging, and then I felt eyes staring at me. I looked up slightly. I first saw red hair, it was a guy. He was wearing armor, he was pretty cute. Maybe I lucked out. He looked sort of familiar in a way. I felt like I almost knew him.

But, I knew I could trust him though that's for certain, he was a Sky knight. I could tell, he had two daggers on his back and he had an insignia on his back and shoulder of a sky knight of a hawk. I haven't seen that insignia before, so I couldn't tell what squadron he was from, but I'm sure he was the real deal. He let out his hand and I took it. He seemed really nice. I wanted to ask his name, but I thought it would be too formal, and it was a bit awkward. He said "Hang on." And I grabbed onto his back holding on for my life. He was a fast flyer. After only a short moment, I heard some engines in the background; I thought it was in my head until a red fire ball was coming straight for us. Luckily it just missed our heads.

There were 3 skimmers flying after us. Cyclonians; again. Great, they already found me. But it was weird; they didn't really seem to notice me. I wondered if they were after the red headed guy. I'm gunna have to put a stop to that. I'm sure he's capable of taking care of himself but, I had this weird feeling in my gut that I had to fight and help him. I looked back at the cruisers again and recognized the one leading them. Dark Ace. Oh how I hate the guy. "Dark Ace" I said, surprisingly so did the red headed guy. We looked at each other for a moment and I asked "How do you know him?" he said that he was his mortal enemy. Thank god I wasn't always the one he was chasing. Two more lasers came our way. Now this was getting annoying. I told him to turn around. After some convincing, he finally let me. We got close enough for me to jump onto to the Dark Ace's skimmer. I started to walk off the wing of the red headed skimmer, I looked back, smiled and winked and jumped off.

"Dark Ace." I said to him. He at first snarled and then turned around shocked to see me. "You! What are you doing here? I thought I had you stuck in that prison for the rest of your pathetic life." He said. "Well, here I am. And also, you need to work on your security." Dark Ace starts to look more serious and angry. He goes close to another one of his comrade's skimmers and grabs him from the steering wheel and tells him to steer his ship. Of course he does steer it. Dark Ace then turns around and takes out his sword and since it had a fire crystal attached to it, it started to glow red. He points it towards me getting ready to fight. I charge forward and so does he. We started to fight; this was one of the most intense fights of my life. Dark Ace starts to look more serious and angry he gets close to another ship and grabs the guy from it and tells him to steer it. The Talon sits down and takes control of the wheel while Dark Ace gets up and points his sword towards me. We start to fight. It was a full on fight. There were flips, jabs, kicks, and clashing of swords. I forgot how good Dark Ace was at fighting. It's been so long I got out of that prison, nearly two months. But i couldn't focus on the past i had to focus on my moves and surroundings.

"Why are you after me!" i demanded while we were both struggling between our swords while they were collided. I break the connection. I'm on the right wing while Dark Ace was on the left. "I have my orders from MC herself. I cannot deny her." "Why does she want me!?" i asked/demanded. "You really don't get it do you." he says. I was just getting more and more confused. But before i could ask more Dark Ace was about to tackle me off the skimmer until i used my twin blades to block his attacks. "And i never got to finish," he said "I'm not just after you; I'm after your little buddy over there, Aerrow." "Aerrow? Wait, that's," she didn't finished. She looked back at the red headed guy and she started to have a flashback of when she was at Atmosia with her neighbor hanging out. They were the best of years until she had to move to the other side of the quadrant. She came back to reality. Aerrow?! She thought.

"That's really Aerrow?" she was in a whole other world. But Dark Ace didn't care about that he slammed her down, her back on the wing. DA's sword was at her neck

"Any last words?" he said manically. She was scared until she looked over to the right of her. She saw a charging skimmer coming their way.

"Just this." she said then she pointed with her finger in the direction of the skimmer. DA looked confused but looked in the direction she was pointing. Before he could do anything, he was knocked off the skimmer and falling. His parachute came out and he disappeared under the clouds.

"Need a lift?" her old friend said. She smiled almost looking like she was about to cry, she went over to the Talon first and threw him off the skimmer and she took her buddy's hand and she held onto him as they flew away.