I was a little worried that my characters become more and more OOC (especially Kowalski) and tried therefore to return to the original characters. I hope it worked.

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Chapter 10: Ambush

"Do you think they leave?"

The requested stayed quiet watching three penguins, one otter and four lemurs moving through the crowed.

"And leave the matter alone?"

"Pf…" He turned to the one who kept asking silly questions. "They came all the way to this place. How can you ask this stupid? If they mess around…" He closed his beak and eyed the animals surrounding them. Their only interest was to return to the court room, though.

"Hurry… before the trial continues. I have a plan to get rid of those troublemakers." He looked at his companion conspiratorial and continued in a low voice. "Before they find the truth out."

"What happened in there?" asked Maurice outside the building. Kowalski had guided them back into the hall and then towards the entrance to leave Frederiksberg-Palace, without revealing anything from their get-together with Skipper.

They let him head all the way without questioning but now that they were outside and walking or waddling the way back to the zoo their curiosity was too strong to keep their thoughts inside their head.

"Were you able to meet him?" Julien asked.

Private continued: "Is he alright?"

"Did he say anything?" Mort glanced at the tall penguin with his huge sad-looking eyes.

"Tell us… tell us!" Rico forced.

"This stupid idiot… This stubborn, stupid idiot!" Marlene's face was full of anger. "He is in this maximum security room and told us to leave him behind!"


"Saying everything is just HIS business…"


"…and things are being 'different'."


The motley crew had alternately watched the otter and the new penguin in command.

"WHAT?" She was looking at him with arms akimbo and a very aggressive expression on her face.

"I'm sure there is something behind it. He is covering up for someone. He said something is more important… obviously more important than his reputation."

"And what could this be…?" The otter was doubtful.

"L'amour!" Julien and Mathis sighed into the dark – meanwhile it was night – while Rico leant against Marlene's shoulder, pursed his beak and imitated kissing noises. She shook him off.

"Therefore I came up with two options," Kowalski informed. "The first one is to fight our way through the security system… but I doubt we could survive it let alone rescue Skipper."

"I do not like the part about 'doubt to survive it'" Julien annotated.

Private sniggered: "It would work if Marlene was still able to switch into her 'wild-mode'."

"I just pretend I didn't hear that."

"That's why I came up with a second idea. We investigate this matter and hope to find something we can use to prove Skipper's innocence. In addition we need some rest. The travel from New York to Denmark, the tramp through Copenhagen, the hearing… the batteries are about to be flat."

"Then we have to buy new ones." Julien suggested. "Wait… you run with batteries?"

Kowalski spared a response.

"But will we have enough time for…" But Maurice was unable to give away his thoughts, because Rico suddenly pushed him aside. The lemur fell and hit concrete, while a tiny needle flashed in the light of the street-lamp for a short moment.

"What was that?" The king's right hand shrieked.

"We're under attack! Take cover!"

The penguins jumped into the bushes with Marlene followed them, while Maurice tried to hide behind the lamppost, what wasn't able to cover all of his body. The two mouse lemurs found a safe place behind a little soil accumulation.

"What? What?" Julien watched the others hide without noticing the reason. "Hey… why are you running away from your king?"

His shadow suddenly grew.

"King?" A voice asked behind Julien. "There is only one king and that's definitely not you!"

Julien turned just in time to see a huge flipper uplifted. Then it suddenly approached.

"YOUR MAJESTY!" Maurice movements were faster than anyone would have thought they could be. He jumped out of his hide and rushed across the street, but he was too late. The flipper hit Julien's shoulder and pushed him on his so beloved butt. He tilted backwards putting his feet up literally.

"Julien!" Kowalski shouted but he had no chance to help the lemur. Just in time he noticed a flipper aiming for his neck from behind. He dodged it and counterattacked. He hit his offender and the stranger tumbled.

Only a few feet away Rico's chainsaw began to zoom. "Come on… come on!" he challenged them with joy in his voice.

"HELP!" Although she was hiding in a bush one of the enemies had found her. Pulling all his courage together Private concentrated on a move Skipper once had shown him. It was some kind of Kung Fu move specialist for the short legs of a penguin. He jumped, turned in the air and double kicked the startled enemy.

From somewhere an instruction was given but it was in Danish. Seconds later the New Yorkers would deduce what the order was. Out of the dark little projectiles darted through the air, only hearable due to a soft 'pfft' followed by the chattering of the street lights. Suddenly the road was covered in darkness, a little dim due to the distant lights of the city.

The penguins stayed on their toes, all muscles and senses tensed.

Still lying on the floor Julien, feeling a little dizzy due he had hurt the back of his head, felt someone touching his feet. Before he could protest he heard Mort shout: "NOT THE FEET!"

The impact of the collision of two bodies was heart followed by something that sounded like a harsh curse. Then the voice of the little mouse lemur was hearable again: "No one except for me is allowed to touch the royal feet!"

Surprised, shocked but also relieved the self-proclaimed king gazed into the darkness in front of him while sitting up. Then someone appeared on his side and Maurice's voice spoke in Julien's ear: "Are you alright your majesty?"

"Where were you when I needed you?" the king hissed his right hand man. "I could… no… I was hurt!"

Suddenly someone hugged his feet. A cold shiver ran down his spine.

"Mort? Is that you?" he asked.


Julien suppressed the wish to kick his subject. After all the little lemur had rescued his life… again.

Suddenly someone bumped into Maurice. The lemur jumped aside and eyed the dim in front of him.

"Kowalski! You nearly gave me a heart attack!"



"Ah… good." There was ease in the voice of the first lieutenant. "Can you see in the…"


Without knowing what was going on the scientist turned and punched into the night. Surprised he noticed a resistance. "You CAN see in the night!"

"Of course!"

"Oh right… you're usually nocturnal, aren't you."

"Don't worry about that now. There is another opponent. To the right!"

Kowalski followed the instruction and kicked the enemy.

"AH! Kowalski! Help me." It was Private from a distant position.

"Where is he?"

Mort eyed his surroundings. With his huge eyes, that were well-adjusted to the night by evolution, he could locate the first private. "Over there."

"Can you guide me?"

"Of course."

"Maurice, you stay with Julien."

Meanwhile Mathis was back on Rico's head, holding on to the Mohawk.

"Left… right… left… left… hey, we're a good team."

"Eh! Eh!"

The lemur had told Rico that his opponent was fighting with a penguin sized glaive, a European pole arm. Therefore his effective range was wider than the one of the dynamite expert's chainsaw. Still the penguin warded off and fought extraordinary well.

"Gee! Where did you learn to fight this well?" Mathis was impressed.

"Japan!" the penguin replied. He had no time though to explain that he had ran through a special training in the Land of the Rising Sun that had also included fighting against a weapon called naginata, which is similar to a glaive. During these days of heavy training he had learned all about the attacks, advantages and moves but also weak points of this weapon.

Without thinking much Rico kept listening to the instructions of his lemur friend. Then – following his intuition just like Skipper had taught them – he changed his movements from defence to offence. With a strong hack he pinched the shaft and the wood broke. A sound of surprised was hearable.

"We did it, man!" Mathis cheered and was suddenly hit by a stone. Unconscious he plumped on the asphalt.

"Mathis?" Rico turned trying to see something in the dark. Meanwhile his eyes started to get used to the dim light. Too late he noticed an enemy attacking from behind.

"K'walski!" Private was lying on the street. Although he had defended himself and Marlene as good as he was able two of the attacker had pinched him down now. He could only hope that someone was coming to rescue him.

A flash, like light was reflected on a metallic object, caused a surge of adrenaline in his body. It was a fluent movement that dodged the weapon and with a clink the katzbalger hit the ground next to Private's head. Then he heard the impact of another stroke and the weight of one of his enemies disappeared. The young penguin used his freed foot to kick the second opponent.

"Are you alright, Private?"

"Yes. Thank you, K'wals..." Suddenly the asked collapsed.


"Look! In front of us." Mort was standing next to the lieutenant.

The scientist glanced into the night and cursed himself for not having his night viewing goggles. Then he felt a short ache.

"No… narcoti…"

A heavy slumber blew over the penguin before he was hitting the ground.

"Maurice… why are the sounds of the fight are dying down?"

"Perhaps the penguins were able to defeat the attackers," the king's right hand man suggested.

A silhouette appeared and approached. The shadow had the shape of a penguin and Maurice was relieved for a short moment. Then he made out that the bird looked different to their friends and had some kind of strange helmet with goggles.

"Quite the contrary, my dear mammal." The voice was damped. In his right flipper the aye-aye lemur noticed a broken pole. Not till then he also became aware of the penguin with a Mohawk the stranger was trailing.

More and more shadows appeared carrying the defeated friends – two more penguins, Mort and Marlene – with them. All were unconscious.

"Ouch!" Julien shouted. Maurice knew why the king had yelled – totally overdone because the stitch wasn't hurting that bad.