Pamela had performed the ritual succesfully, and both brothers spirits were out of their bodies.

" Holy crap this is amazing! " Sam thought to himself. He felt light, free from the weight of his body, even though his feet were firmly placed on the ground.

Dean looked at him with a mix of shock and amazment: " Oh I'm so up feeling Demi Moore. " He blurted out.

" Alright, I'm guessing you're somewhere over the rainbow. " Pamela said. She couldn't see or hear them, but she must have at least felt their presence in a way. " To bring you back, I'll whisper a quotation in your ear. " With that she lent over Sam and whispered:

" You have a great ass "

A wide, amused smile danced accross Sam's face, while Dean looked at him questionigly: " What did she say, dude what'd she say?"

Sam simply crossed his arms: " Nothing " he said, trying to hide his grin.

Dean squinted his eyes at him.

" Really, nothing Dean. She was just testing to see if I can hear her. " Sam defended.

" Ok whatever, let's go " With that Dean walked up to the door and tried to grab the handle- only to have his hand go through it. " Woah! " Dean carefully studied his hand, suprised. " Well now we'll have a hard time getting out of this room. "

Sam just grinned.

" Sam, why do you have that stupid grin on your face again? " Dean asked, annoyed. What was important now was to get out of the room, and Dean wasn't sure how they would accomplish that.

Sam just wiggled his eyebrows and walked straight through the door.

Dean let a small "Ohhhhh" sound, before frowning and following in Sam's footsteps. " Not a word, sasquatch " he said while holding his finger up.

Sam just kept on grinning and together they went off to find the reapers.

" Rock-salt isn't so fun anymore, is it? " Allastair smirked.

Dean and Sam had found the reapers, but got themselves trapped by Allastairs henchmen. They couldn't get out, and to top it of the demon had delighted himself in shooting at the brothers. Sam couldn't begin to describe how terrible it felt. As soon as he got shot, he felt hot, piercing pain, like if someone poured acid all over his body. So that's how the salt worked on ghosts.

Finally he came back beside Dean, heavily panting. No wonder the ghosts were even more pissed off after getting shot.

" You can shoot us all you want" Dean said to Allastair " But you can't kill us."

" Ah, that so? " smirked the demon.

Sam and Dean shared frightened looks. Allastair sent someone to find their bodies. Even though they had hex bags, the town was small and sooner or later a demon would find them- and Pamela too.

Sam prayed to God that they would get out in time, and somehow alert Pamela to bring them back.

Sam and Dean focused with all their might on the hanging lamp. If it fell it would break the trap made for reapers. Right in the nick of time the lamp fell, freeing Tessa. In return the pretty reaper unbolted the chain that was keeping the brothers trapped. Just then Sam heard a chant in his ear: " .....Vis, vis " Pam was calling him back.

Sam bolted up on the bed- he was back inside inside his body. Suddenly his eyes widened in horror at the scene unfolding in front of him. Pamela was on a cupboard, hunched over. The demon was holding her with his one hand, in the other he had a knife.

Sam didn't care that Pamela was in the room. Anger took the better of him and with all the power he could muster, he threw the demon accross the room, pinning it to the wall. With fierceness he excorsied it, making sure it would suffer.

He didn't notice that Pam was closely watching with her sixth sense, in shock .

Sam then rushed to Pamela's side. For some reason she was laughing. Sam gave her a puzzled look.

" Why are you laughing? "

" I can't die, not in this town. Look. " Pamela moved her hand from the wound on her stomach. Even though Sam could see the hole clearly, she wasn't bleeding at all.

"" Sam winced. This couldn't be happening.

Pam patted him on the shoulder: " Quit worrying Grumpy. How about you make me a drink. "

" You need a doctor. "

" Make me a drink Sam." Pamela insisted.

Sam brought Pamela the flask of whiskey. Pam drunk it down quickly, taking a long sigh.

" It doesn't even hurt. I don't feel anything. " She said.

Sam half-smiled, glad that at least she wasn't feeling any pain. He looked once again at the wound. It was incredibly deep, by now Pam should have been dead, if it weren't for the lack of reapers.

Sam felt his eyes water: " Pam...."

Pamela shook her head: " It's not like you stabbed me. "

Sam hung his head, feeling guilt overcome him. Why? Why did people have to die because of him?

Pamela grunted as she tried to get up: " We need to bring your brother back " she said.

Sam tried to put her down. " Pam, take it easy. "

" Just help me over Sam. " Pam ordered.

Sam nodded and helped her over to Dean's bed. As she started to quote the incantation, Sam walked away, trying to calm himself down. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't let her die. If he talked to Tessa then for sure she would let Pamela live, especially since Pam was the one that saved her life.

Pam finished the incantion, and Sam helped her back to the bed.

" Hey, we just gotta talk to Tessa, that's all, get her to hold off reaping until you're better. "

" I'm pretty sure she started up again. " Pamela groaned.

Sam looked down- the wound started to bleed. Heavily.

Suddenly Dean bolted up: " What happened? " he asked, panic ringing in his voice.

" Dean where's Tessa? " Sam desperately asked, hoping his brother would give a helpful response.

" She's...she's...."

She was back to reaping. Sam shook his head. " Pamela, I'm so sorry, you don't deserve this...."

" Damn right I don't. I told you I didn't want anything to do with this! You do me a favour, you tell that bastard Bobby Singer to go to hell for introducing me to you two in the first place. " Pam hadn't lost her snark, even when she was dying. She started coughing up blood.

" Take it easy Pamela" Dean soothed. His eyes were full of remorse and pity. " If it's any consolation you're going to a better place. "

Pamela turned towards him and snorted: " You're lying. But what the hell- everyone's gotta go sometime. "

" No, they don't. Not so soon. " Sam thought.

Pam then beckoned Sam to her side: " Come here."

Sam moved closer, so that Pam could talk to his ear.

" I know what you did to that demon Sam. " she said.

Sam's eyes widened.

" I can feel it inside you. If you think you have good intentions, think again."

She started choking up her blood, moaning from agony. And then she was gone.

Pamela's warning still rung in Sam's head: " If you think you have good intentions, think again."

What was she talking about? He had good intentions: he wanted to stop Lilith, save millions, if not billions of people from the apocalypse. There was also the burning want for revenge. True, it wasn't healthy, but it fueled him, helped him get through all the crap that he faced. And Sam's desire to get payback was very strong, and it got even bigger since Pamela died.

Sam deeply sighed . He couldn't help but shed tears when he saw Pamela breath her last breath.

He considered her one of his best friends- and maybe even girlfriends, if they already were on that level right before she died. Why did this always have to happen to him? He was going to miss her, and he only hoped that she was in heaven, happy, if nothing else.

Then reality hit Sam. Pamela wasn't talking about his want for revenge, she was talking about the darkness forming in his soul. " I can feel it inside you "

He felt it too.

And he also now understood what Pamela meant- he was doing this to gain power, to be bigger, greater and better. Better than Dean. Better than Lilith. Better than everyone else.

Or was he?

No. A margin of him wanted that power, but he was doing it for the right reasons, he was sure. He won't let it go too far. He'll use the power he has to stop Lilith and get back at Allastair, and that's that. He'll make them pay for Pamela, for Dean, for everything.


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