Stormwing raised his eyebrows as Starwind entered the council clearing, smirking. "Who did your braids this morning, Starwind? Asheena?"

The falcon screeched, beating his wings and taking off violently from his bonded's shoulder, swooping low over Stormwing's head. "I would be careful, if I were you." Starwind said coolly as he sat down. "My winged brother has talons that can scoop your eyes out of their sockets with a single swipe." Next to him, Firefall tittered, covering his mouth with his hand.

:It is a bit like you slept with them in.: Firefall Mindspoke, joking good-naturedly. :But I wish Asheena would scoop out Stormwing's eyes. It would be amusing.:

Stormwing was trying not to look alarmed. Asheena shrieked again, circling and returning to Starwind's outstretched forearm. "Wingbrother Moondance did them, and I am sure you knew this perfectly well. Continuing such insults towards my lifebonded will result in a confrontation you would very much like to avoid." He rapped his fingernails against the table, a quick drill. Asheena flared, betraying the fire beneath Starwind's deadly calm.

There was a very tense silence, where Starwind and Stormwing stared at each other. Then the other Adepts started to talk, and Stormwing broke the eye contact.

Rainsong laid her hand on Starwind's arm, and murmured, "I would not worry very much. They do not look overly bad. He is getting better, actually."