Do not judge me, this story came to me in a dream, so live with it.

"Titan's Trouble," Robin cried.

"What is it?" Starfire asked.

"Titan's East is having trouble!" Robin explains.

The door slid open and in walked the long cloaked figure that belonged to Raven. "Guys, we have a problem," she said, her eyes flashing from one Titan's face to the others.

"Titans East? Oh, we know about that," said Cyborg regardless.

"Not that, the Brotherhood of Evil are after the kids again!" she exclaims.

The five teens shared a worried look,

"We'll split up." says Robin.

"I can take handle them myself!" Raven says indignantly.

"No, I'll feel safer if someone goes with you."

They all stood quietly.

"I'll go." Beast Boy spoke up.

"Look Beast Boy you don't have to.."

"No, I want to go! I want to meet these kids." he insisted.


"No buts Raven. Beast Boy is going to go with you. No comments." Robin added after he saw her mouth open.

"Titan's GO!"

After the other three had left, Raven went outside and took flight.

"Raven, wouldn't it make sense if we take one of the ships there, that's a long flight. Plus, we're bringing along precious cargo." Beast Boy said, grabbing her cloak.

She glared at him and thought, 'Dang it, he's right.' She pulled her cloak out of his hand and floated down to the ground.

"Lead the way." she said.

They quietly made their way to their personal ships and got in. In no time they were on their way to the mountains of the Alps.

After a long and quiet trip across the Atlantic, the two teenagers soon arrived at the doors of a great big church. Raven knocked on the heavy wooden doors and waited, impatiently for it to open. When they did they saw themselves facing a rather big man in a monk's robe looking down at them.

"Hello." he said, his very deep voice warm and sweet like honey, despite his appearance.

"Hello, we've come to get-"



"RAE!!!" Three voices sounded from inside the empty hall. Two approaching dots eventually became three children who immediately flung themselves at the young empath.

"Teether! Timmy! Melvin!" Raven said, and practically without thinking, hugged them back.

Raven stood up and looked up at the Monk. "They'll be safe with me, I promise."

"I know they will." he said with a smile and closed the big heavy door.

After a while of studying the situation, Melvin spoke.

"Raven is he your boyfriend." she asked, looking at BB.

Raven's pale face turned slightly pink, "No Melvin, he's not my boyfriend. He's a friend who just happens to be a boy, but he's definitelynot my boyfriend."

Beast Boy, who had also turned pink, decided to speak up.

"My name is Beast Boy and I'm here to help Raven."

The three kids stared at him for a very long time and then they stepped away to hide behind Raven's cloak.

"Kids are easy, huh?" Raven asked with a smirk, quoting him from from the last time she had watched over the kids.

Beast Boy scowled and looked away.

"So Rae...ven, where are we going?" he asked.

"We're going to the Tower. It's the safest place for them to be." Raven said and picked Teether off the ground. She started to walk towards her ship, the other two kids at her heals.

"Hey Raven, is he nice?" Melvin asked.

"Who?" Raven asked, adjusting the straps on Teether's seat belt.

"Your Beast Boy." Melvin said.

"He's..... um.... okay, I guess. A little annoying at times..... but okay." Raven answered, sitting Timmy down.

"Melvin, c'mon, let's go! We don't have all day!"

The little blonde heroine looked from Raven's ship to Beast Boy's.

"Raven, do you mind if I ride his ship?" she asked.

Raven winced and knelt down beside her, "Do you think you can handle it?"

Melvin nodded and Raven sighed, "Go on then."

Melvin smiled and skipped over to Beast Boy's ship.

"Hi, I'm Melvin! Raven said I can ride with you!" she said.

Beast Boy looked down at the small girl.

"Okay then, hop on!" he said to her. He strapped her into the seat and then started the ship.

'Are you ready?' came Raven's voice over the static.


'Let's go then.'

The two ships lifted off the ground and started to start their way back home. The boys (Timmy and Teether) had fallen asleep half-way through the trip. Melvin, however, had being studying her green chauffeur.

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