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Sam's POV:

I walked into Carly's apartment, plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. I wasn't able to enjoy it, however, because of Carly's freakin' creepy presence was next to me.

"WHAT?!?" I burst out, turning to her. She wasn't fazed.

She was leaning slightly towards me, with both eyebrows raised, her eyes wide with excitement, and the most crooked and knowing smile ever.

She looked like she was about to giggle as she poked me playfully, "You're going out with Freddie" she said in a child-like sing-song manner.

"I know that." I said in a tone that told her to drop it. She didn't.

"Sam and Freddie, sittin' in a tree…" she began before I cupped my hand over her mouth.

"I've never hurt you before Shay! Don't tempt me!" I threatened, her eyes got wide for a different reason now.

I repositioned myself to watch TV again, leaving a quivering Carly next to me. She whimpered and shook in a pathetic way.

I twitched slightly; I couldn't enjoy this with her like that!

I let out a sigh of defeat, "FINE!" I announced.

She bounced up, "K. I. S. S. I. N. G!" she sang. I rolled my eyes, scoffing at her, but a smirk found its way onto my face.

I hear the door open signaling Freddie had come in somewhere during Carly's song.

"Dude! Shut up!" I yell-whispered, the smirk still there. Carly just smiled bigger, but zipped her lips.

"PUCKETT! YOU, ME, DINNER, RIGHT NOW!" he bellowed acting commanding.

"What'd you just say to me?" I played along, getting up off the couch and performing my 'bully' character. I grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him close to my face, scowling.

He took the opportunity and pecked me on the lips before I could stop him, then he said, "I said let's go… please?" he asked sheepishly.

"AWWWWW!!!" the obnoxious, and so obviously staged, cries from Carly and Spencer caused us both to turn over to them annoyed. They shooed us away simultaneously with Carly's head resting on Spencer's shoulder.

I rolled my eyes again, took on hand off of Freddie, but kept the other one gripping his shirt. I dragged him behind me as I stomped out the door.

"See you later guys!" He called out to them as he waved his hand backwards awkwardly. He stumbled to keep up.

After a while of pulling him around he suddenly stopped, still as a statue. This, coincidentally, caused me to trip and fall over at the sudden hult. He caught me before I hit the ground, partly because I was pulling him down too, my hold still on his shirt.

"Woah, I got cha" he said.

"Hey!" I blamed, "Why'd you stop?"

"Because we're here." He explained with a shrug.

"Where?" I asked dumbly. We where still in the hallway.

He pointed as a reply. I let go of his shirt and turned where he was directing.

A blown-away smile lit my face.

"The fire escape." I stated.

"Yup" I could hear the smirk of accomplishment in his voice, "I thought it would be a good idea to have our first date where we had our first kiss" he said. I was still in shock, so when he took my hand I didn't yank it away.

He ushered me out the window. I looked around, it was exactly the same. The lawn chair was there, Freddie's music was playing on the steps. You guessed it, the same song.

"Wow." It was all I could say.

His smiled disappeared when he looked at me, "What's wrong?" he asked worriedly.

"It's just…" I stumbled on the ball in my throat, "I don't deserve this." I told him.

"What?" he asked, looking at me like I was crazy, "Of course you do." He reassured.

I didn't answer him, I just sat down in a familiar place. He sat next to me, as if we where choreographed to do this exactly as before.

"I would compliment you," he started, I looked up from my lap at him, "but I know you hate compliments." He laughed a little even when his eyebrows looked so concerned.

I scoffed at that slightly, looking away again.

He took my head in his hands, looking at me straight in the eye, "You're beautiful, hilarious, wild, fun, strong, amazing, my best friend, and" he leaned in a little, making my breath catch, "I don't deserve you." He whispered.

I leaned in too and our lips met, this time mutual.

This kiss had everything our first one had, excitement, possibility, and feeling. But it also had so much more like stability, comfort, and even more meaning. We split apart at an appropriate time, both smiling wide.

"You know, we've been through a lot to get here." I commented.

"It was worth it." He said, and then leaned in again.

I never in a million years thought I would get here with Freddie, but if felt so completely right.

My mind skipped back two years, our first kiss, then one year, our second on the bean bag chairs, and then to now. Today was that anniversary yet again. But this time I wasn't filled with questions, I was filled with answers.

Sam and Freddie… together… I liked the sound of that.

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