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From man to mech

Two weeks after Mikaela and Sam had broken up by Sam dumping her for his alien robot guardian, Bumblebee, she was still hurting. Mikaela was sobbing at home, contemplating whether or not to go for a walk before it got dark. She finally made her way outside to try to get her mind off of her ex. As she was walking down the sidewalk beside a quiet street, she noticed she was being followed. When she came to a dead end, she panicked when she heard the squeak of car breaks.

"Walk over to the car, fleshy," Barricade hissed, activating his holoform.

"Why should I listen to you?" Mikaela asked, taking a step back toward the brick wall.

"Because, if you don't, I will kill you," he smirked, knowing he had won.

The young human opened her mouth to say something, but no sound came out. Instead, she bowed her head, and slowly walked over to the Saleen Mustang. She sat down into the open passenger seat, and the door slammed behind her. The engine roared to life, and the car reversed, and rolled down the street at a high speed.

By the time the Saleen Mustang came to a stop, there was no sign of human civilization anywhere. The setting evening sun glistened on the shiny black and white paint.

"Get in the back," Barricade hissed, well, his holoform did.

"What?" Mikaela asked, having not heard the sentence, lost in her own thoughts.

"Get in the back seat," he growled, losing his already short patience.

The young humans' eyes widened as she pieced the pieces together as to why Barricade brought her out here.

"No-" she began, but a large hand was suddenly placed over her mouth, preventing any further words.

"You will do as I say, human if you want to live," the mech growled lowly in her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

Mikaela nodded, and moved to the back seat, where she laid down as much as she could. Suddenly, Barricades' holoform popped into existence on top of his human passenger, and grabbing her hands and restraining them, as well as the rest of her body with the weight of his. Before Mikaela could protest, her lips were quite forcefully crushed by Barricades'. The young human began to panic, but before she could completely freak out, she discovered a feeling, that seemed oddly out of place. She liked the feel of Barricade on her, and when said mechs' tongue was forced into her mouth that feeling increased, although she was denying it inside. She knew this was wrong, the whole situation was wrong. She was getting raped by a freakin Decepticon for God's sake! What would the Autobots think about this? She was still hanging out at the base, and working as Ratchets' apprentice. She still hung out with Sam and 'Bee, although it hurt her at times.

The sound of ripping fabric broke her out of the stress filled train of thought she was going down, and back to her current situation. Any sound she made was silence by the Decepticon and the weight of his body made any movement of her would nearly impossible, and even if she could, he's stronger, so he could easily restrain her.

In less than a blink of an eye, Barricade was naked as well, having cancelled his clothing. Without any care, he crashed into Mikaela, receiving a pained scream in reply. Her barrier was already broken, but her muscles weren't stretched. He bite her neck, not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough to leave a mark, marking his clam on her. As the human adjusted to having the 'con in her, and the pain dulled, pleasure replaced the other feeling. She squirmed a bit, wanting her partner to move inside her, but he only continued to bit her neck.

"Barri-Barricade, please," she stuttered.

"Please, what?" he asked, lifting his head to reveal amusement in his red eyes.

"Please, move," she said.

"Beg for it," he whispered in her ear.

"Please, Barricade, move. I need you to move inside me, please, oh God, please" Mikaela desperately begged, squirming some more.

He began to slowly move in and out, going all the way in and almost all the way out, before repeating to motion.

"Please, faster, please, Barricade," she pleaded.

He pulled out all the way, before crashing back into her, earning a loud groan from Mikaela. He continued to thrust in and out, every push bringing both of them closer to their climax. Low grunts from Barricade accompanied by Mikaela's groans and occasional yelp filled the cab of the black and white Saleen Mustang. As the young human climaxed first, screaming as she released her fluids pushed the mech into his overload, filling the females' body with an electrical shock, and a low moan. Yes, an actual moan from the mighty Barricade. He pulled out of her, and looked over her body. There was something pretty close to admiration in his red optics as his gazed racked over her limp body. She's rather beautiful even for a squishy, he thought. Surprisingly, interfacing with her wasn't as disgusting as I thought it would be.

Mikaela whimpered as she regained consciousness, and Barricades' spark twitched from the sound. Her brown eyes locked with his ruby ones. There wasn't fear in her eyes like Barricade expected. There were other feelings that he wasn't able to name, because he wasn't used to seeing them.

The human watched to 'con wearily, not sure as to what he might do next. Barricade turned off his holoform, and started his engine, scaring any nearby birds in the trees around the empty small clearing away.

Mikaela looked at the shredded remains of her clothes scattering the floor.

"Couldn't you have just taken them off without destroying them?" she growled.

"No, they were in the way, and ripping them off was the most efficient choice. Plus, you wouldn't need them," the disembodied voice of Barricade said through the speakers.

Mikaela frowned and looked out the tinted window, watching the scenery fly by.

"If you tell any of the Autoscum about this, I will personally come squish you, if I'm in a good mood," Barricade said.

"I won't," she assured.

"Same with any of your squishy friends," he added.

"Okay, I get it, don't tell anyone if I want to live," the girl said.

"Do you really get it?" the 'con asked, suddenly appearing right in front of his passenger.

Her eyes widened in surprise as her lips were crushed again. His lips trailed down her jaw to her neck, where he bit her, receiving a gasp from Mikaela as he made his mark on her. He pulled back less than an inch and briefly watched as the blood trickled down her neck before his tongue lapped it up and he sucked the wound.

After the blood stopped flowing, Barricade drew back and met Mikaela's glare. He chuckled before deactivating his holoform again.

Mikaela grumbled unintelligent words for a bit before lightly nodding off.

When Barricade stopped against the curb in front of Mikaela's garage, he found his passenger had fallen asleep. He debated whether to wake her up, or let her continue sleeping. He liked the feeling of her soft fleshy body on his leather seats, and she looked so weak as she slept soundlessly. He checked his scanners for any nearby Autobots, which revealed none, as well for any other squishes walking down the street, which were empty this time of night.

Barricades holoform was activated, and he picked up the young female and lifted her out of his cab to carry her inside her home. No one was there and the door was unlocked, so the 'con let himself in-like a locked door would keep him out of the house if he wanted to get in-and continued to carry Mikaela to her bedroom and set her down on her bed. He looked at her before pulling the blankets over her still form.

Recharge my fleshling, for no harm will come to you if I so desire it, for you are mine.

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