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Mikaela screamed, and Barricade hit the ground, throwing himself over his mate. They met each other's optics, red to red, as a second shot was fired, followed by a loud clang of metal on metal.

"You almost hit Mikaela, aft head!" Ratchet hissed.

Barricade rolled off the smaller femme, and they both got up, the black and white 'Con standing protectively in front of his femme.

Mikaela stepped around Barricade with her arms crossed over her chassis.

"Ironhide, what the hell? Are you trying to kill me?" she yelled.

"Shut up, femme," the black mech replied, glaring at her.

"Make me," she said, reached behind her back, and threw something that hit the Weapons Specialist right between his optics.

The tension in the room became so thick; you could nearly see the waves of rage rolling off of Ironhide's frame when the wrench clattered to the floor.

"Why, I-"

"Ironhide, enough!" Ratchet hissed, waving his own wrench dangerously at the black mech.

The cannon toting mech growled low in warning, his temper already at its limits.

"Stand down Ironhide." All optics, red and blue, flickered to the one who spoke. Optimus Prime had apparently rebooted, because he was sitting upright on the floor, still looking a bit dazed, but otherwise, fine. He and the Weapon's Specialist were engaged in a staring match, when reluctantly, the black mech backed down and removed his glare from his leaders'.

"Barricade," the red and blue mech began. "You may leave now if you wish-"

"Not without my femme."

Red met blue as Barricade boldly met Primes' glare, refusing to back down on the matter at hand.

Optimus nodded. "The brig it is."

Mikaela followed the Autobot leader to his office after her sparkmate was taken to the brig, not having much choice at the moment.

"Mikaela, you do know the seriousness of what you have done with Barricade, correct?"

The purple femme nodded. "I do, Ratchet told me about bonding and stuff a while ago."

"How sparkmates are together forever? Once their sparks merge, they become one for the rest of eternity. Do you really want that kind of evolvement with Barricade?"

Mikaela frowned and looked down at her feet, the wall, the ceiling, floor, at anything but Prime.

"Its not that I can change it now, though," she murmured, mostly to herself.

"No, you can't sever the bond without killing yourself and Barricade, but there is an alternative."

Her head shot up, hearing the unexpected news. "What do you mean?"

"Its not recommended, and is very stressful on the spark, but you can trade a bond for another."

"What made you think I want to bond with someone else than 'Cade?" red optics narrowed is suspicion. If she heard correctly, it seemed like the large mech was suggesting something.

"Because I can give you so much more than he can," Optimus purred, leaning forward over his desk. "Ever since I first saw you, Mikaela, I wanted to spend time with you. The more time I spent with you, the more I realized I couldn't get enough of you. I craved more and more, the craving became an obsession, and morphed into longing, desire, love, and I refuse to loose you to that sparkless glitch!"

By now, Mikaela was leaning as far back in her chair as possible without falling over the back of it. She was kind of scared seeing this side of peaceful, patient, kind Optimus Prime. Although, deep down inside of her, a little part of her was truly flattered that the leader of the entire Autobot Army wanted her so badly. That little part of her, slowly began to grow as she thought about what the mech said, over and over, until her spark was engulfed by a rather pleasant feeling: someone truly cared for her, and was willing to fight for her. Not as a prize, or an object, but as a person, a loved one.

Barricade only wanted her because she was a femme, only because she was a femme, a trophy, an ornament.

The Decepticon never loved her, only wanted her as a pet, slave, maybe a sex slave.

The truth hit her like a ton of bricks, Barricade didn't love her, but Optimus did, and so she broke down into sobs of mixed, confused feelings, curling in on herself in the chair in front of Prime, of who reeled back in surprise when the femme in front of him suddenly burst into tears.

The red and blue mech quickly recomposed himself, stood up from his chair, and walked over to the femme of his desire. Kneeling in front of her, he lightly grabbed her chin and turned her face to look at him. Her optics met his briefly before she buried her face in his shoulder. He wrapped her in an embrace, pulling her against his chassis, protectively holding her there as she cried, all the while murmuring words of comfort and love.

In the brig, Barricade was getting interrogated. The Autobots made lots of progress because Barricade was not speaking at all, (a little bit of sarcasm) until…

"You are so sparkless, only using her as-"

"Oh, the femme will never find out. She's far too stupid to even imagine such a thing. Anyways, when I'm done with her, I'm sure Megatron will love to…keep her for a while."

The only mechs who have deliberately pissed off Ironhide this much never lived to tell of it. Barricade knew of the black mech's temper, but knew their Prime would never allow the walking cannon to shoot someone in blind rage.

However, Optimus was not present to command the heavily armed mech to stand down. No one was, it was only he, and Barricade in the brig, not that anyone was suicidal enough to stand between the extremely pissed off Weapons Specialist and Decepticon hunter.

The sneer of the black and white 'Con sealed his fate.

Ironhide didn't gave a slag if this 'Con was sparkmates with Mikaela or not, he was going to die!

One shot to the center of black and white chassis ended it.

Barricade, the infamous Decepticon Hunter, was now permanently offline.

Barricade is dead.

…But what about Mikaela?

… …Oh, slag… … …

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