Hi guys, this was written in Science which i just had last period and now i am putting it up in Psychology.

I love fights between Sam and Dean and i love how Dean always gives in to Sam, no matter what situation.

So here is a little story from the deepest darkest depths of my mind.



"Sammy, put your butt into gear and get a move on!" dean said, annoyed at his taller little brother.

"But!" Sam began to say but he was cut off by the glare Dean sent his way.

"Sammy, don't make me wanna bitch slap you in the face," Dean said, "because then I'll feel like a chick."

Sam pouted his lips and crossed his arms, a silent tantrum. Dean looked at his brother and saw those puppy dog eyes and sighed.

"Fine, do whatever you please," Dean said, defeated as he walked out the sliding doors. Sam's eyes lit up in delight as he ran back to the counter.

"Hi, can I please have one chicken nugget McHappy meal," Sam said excitedly.

"Sure, would you like the Pokémon toy with that?" the lady at the counter asked.

"Yeah, can I have Pikachu," Sam said with a dazzling smile.

~Outside McDonalds~

Dean was leaning against the hood of the Impala when Sam walked out, smiling happily and clutching the small Pikachu to his chest.

"You ready now, my little nerd brother?" Dean said with a teasing smile.

"Shut up, jerk."


Both brothers clambered into the Impala and drove off, an amused Dean and a content Sam bickering in the front seats.

Isn't it cute?

I love Pokemon, excpecially Pikachu, i mean who doesn't?

Sam does too it seems XD