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Mating Season

Chapter 1
Andria's Night

I always thought that Spyro was attractive, but up until the day my hormones fully kicked in did I completely understand just how much. We walked down the main hall towards the exit of the guardians' temple with myself behind him adjacently as he made our way through the moderate congestion. Typically, I would only take a few glances at his powerful leg and tail muscles and then glance in another direction, disregarding that I'd ever looked.

This day was different though, way different. I glanced just as I always had before, but for the first time when I looked away I only craved for more, much more. Hastily I turned my attention back to him seeking something more attractive to look at, and the only place that could possibly achieve this was directly between the legs.

I knew what they did and knew that I shouldn't be looking there, but I lusted to see something more. His hind legs moved ever so slightly side-to-side making his balls rock back and forth like the pendulum on a master clock. So sinful, yet so amazingly addicting, and I still wanted more.

I felt like coming onto him right then and there and engaging in intercourse. Only my moral values kept me from it.

I reluctantly shook myself from it and, having passed the hall I'd desired to take, turned around.

I'd never understood why everybody had wanted him to be mated with the "Terror of the Skies" considering what she had done to my family and others. Every time I see her I can't help but think how things may have been if my family had been spared from the spread of darkness. My father to Malefor, and my mother to Cynder herself when I was in my young teens, my entire family had been taken by the "Eternal Night".

It would make more sense for Spyro to become Summer's mate anyhow, much better looking than Cynder, a more honorable past, and a brighter personality. I guess that's just my thoughts though, and they aren't important in the matter.

Rounding the corner into my desired hallway I immediately found who I was looking for.

"Andria, there you are, what took you so long?" asked a soft red dragon smiling as he drew out his dark yellow wings and surrounded me with them.

"Shear," I whispered into his shoulder, truly admiring his shoulder muscles for the first time along with the feel of the rest of his body. Once again I lusted for more than just what I had, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him already, but I wasn't sure that I wanted to set that in stone quite yet. I knew that once the deed was done I would never be able to partake in any such activities with anybody else, not that I needed to. I had hoped to feel what another dragon's embrace felt like first though.

"Well, we'd better be getting home," Shear quickly urged. "My mother will start sending out search parties for us if we don't go quickly," he laughed.

"A'ight," I agreed hoping that I'd began my estrus much earlier than those others in my generation. Maybe, I could at least take a few more days to decide my final life partner since it couldn't be changed after the act, if this was the case.

I contemplated turning Shear down if he desired such a path, but I wasn't so sure that I'd be able to after seeing what it had made me do when following Spyro.

It was not long before we arrived at he and his mother's intermediate house, the type given to nearly everybody upon first arrival in Warfang. Its three bedrooms, extravagant living room, formal dining room, and large kitchen could easily provide the escape from his mother if we desired to get away, often before we had taken advantage of this, but never to do anything too crazy.

The second we entered the house I could smell the welcoming scent of chocolate chip cookies take over me. I had long associated this smell with the comforts of family and home since I didn't have a family anymore thanks to Cynder.

I separated myself a bit from Shear's side knowing that momentarily we'd run across his mother. I don't think she'd mind if we were really close together by now, but it never would hurt to make sure.

"There you guys are," Shear's mother Samantha sighed at our sight, "I was starting to worry about you guys."

"You don't have to worry about us too much," Shear reassured her coolly.

"You know that's my job, son, that's what mothers do. You want to drink, Andria?"

"Nah, not right now," I replied smiling back at her.

She was really like a mother to me, and having not really known my mother, I always felt as though I was missing something in my life. Samantha was always so thoughtful and caring that if somebody didn't know any better they would have thought her to be my mom.

Maybe, she thought she owed it to be like that after what had happened. I sure hope she didn't feel that way.

"Alright," she replied as me and Shear walked back to his bedroom as we did every day. Shear put himself in front of me and subsequently allowed me a mischievous glance at his male parts before he opened the door for me.

I couldn't help but be excited for the possibilities of the day even if I had hoped to "beat around the bush" for the time being.

"How was your big session with Cyril today?" Shear asked me casually as he set himself down right next to me on the ground, even closer than normal.

"Well, it was pretty interesting I guess. It started out with him telling us that we were almost done with our training and then he split us up into sparing groups."

"Cool," he replied. He seemed preoccupied by something because his eyes wondered away from my mouth to other, lower, places.

Apparently the transformation had happened to him too.

Instantly, I felt my heart rate pick up and my body began to awaken from its eternal sleep. This feeling I had felt before when I was late for something, or I felt as though I had done something wrong and was barely getting away with it, was there but it was never quite like this and never under these circumstances.

I worked to control myself momentarily though not knowing of Shear's intentions.

"You know, I heard something about you today, Shear."

"Oh, really, what?" he reacted startlingly as he returned his full focus to my eyes like he typically would do.

"Well, Voira told me that she accidentally walked in on you while you were prepping yourself for a sparring match, right when you were securing your dick!" I laughed at him.

He blushed a bit, "Yeah, it was a quite embarrassing situation. I promised her later that it would never happen again."

"Oh, I think she'd like to see it again," I returned with a huge grin on my face.

At that moment I'd decided that I didn't need anybody other than Shear, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this dragon and no other. I didn't need anybody else.

He blushed a bit more in reaction, "That never would have happened if they'd just have given me a bigger strap, I mean there is no way that I was going to use that thing.

"Did you ever think that maybe you're a bit bigger than most guys?" I mused.

He blushed furthermore to a point I'd never seen the very well composed dragon. Even his dark yellow wings seemed to take on a redder tint.

"Well, I never really have seen another guy's before" he replied bluntly.

"I've never seen one before," I replied openly taking a long glance down towards his lower legs.

"Can I... um, see yours?" I asked attempting to advance upon him.

He stood without reaction for a moment before he put a paw out towards me. "Go in depth about your day training with Cyril." He whispered awkwardly.

Reluctantly, I began to walk him step by step through my day of training. I wasn't more than a few sentences in when a knock came at the door stopping me.

"Yeah?" Shear asked.

"I'm going to go take a quick flight; I haven't flown in a week."

"Ok," he replied beaming from ear to ear. "I heard her comming," he laughed quietly explaining his actions.

He flipped over onto his back revealing his dragonhood as it stemmed off from between his legs and made its way halfway up his stomach. I instantly began to tremble all over in a cold adrenaline filled sweat.

"May I..." I stammered unable to get the final words off.

"We'd best make it quick," Shear rushed, "My mother will be back soon you know."

Taking the initiative I stood up and laid my rind onto the massive column of meat. Looking frontwards and back I considered how deep it would go into my virgin canal and the pleasure that it would emanate. I knew that this was it: the first intercourse of my life. After nervously bouncing on top of it, I grabbed Shear's meat and found it to my slit.

Immediately, I began to feel vibrations of pleasure emanate from my lower section that were so strong that I had to suppress a sigh. I felt him wriggle a bit beneath me as he moved himself deeper into me. I looked down upon Shear and found his head back, eyes closed with a smile on his mouth.

I let my upper half relax upon him as we began to flex our hind quarters into each other in a rhythm. The pleasure grew stronger and stronger as we progressed and this only made us pick up our pace.

"We have to hurry, honey," Shear grunted desperately seeking for breath.

"I know," I sighed in return.

My breathing ran out of control as I reached my quickest possible pace and strength. He did the same and found a way to reach a bit deeper into me increasing the desire.

I felt juices flow up from deep within and I knew it was about over. I could tell from the look upon Shear's face that it was for him too. Only seconds later my mate released deep into me.

I flinched with surprise at the warm shot deep inside of me, but I didn't have long before I too released. Then, all was calm.

The warm liquids from the each of us oozed down my legs. The sweat from each of us combined to make our connection points slid past each other with each breath. Inside of me Shear decreaced in size allowing the pleasure to slowly demish to the point of nothingness. Neither of us flinched.

Five minutes later a door opened at the opposite side of the house, forcing us to get off of one another. I ran into the adjacent bathroom and made sure to lock the door.

Hastily I grabbed the roll of toilet paper and whipped the white liquids from my body. "What have I done?" I asked myself quietly. I knew why, and I wasn't mad that it had happened, it was just that once the adrenaline had settled in my veins I'd realized that I hadn't much thought in it. I never would regret my decision though.

I walked back across the hall to the bedroom and found Shear standing attentively in the middle of the room smiling. He motioned me forward to him, "I love you; you know that right. That just wasn't something I did out of desire, spur of the moment."

"I know, I know, you don't have to remind me of that," I said advancing in on him until our lips met, and we kissed.

"I wanted to tell you the same."

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