Mating Season

Meaningful Love

I looked at the draconic black and purple shape that stared at me from the face of the mirror and gazed out deeply into its emerald colored eyes in search of what I was now that Spyro had gone. I gradually realized that my entire essence had been transformed, and I would never again be able to see Spyro in the same light as what I had when he had been among the living. Witnessing his brutal death entirely transformed my feelings towards him from that of a lustful love, into a deep feeling of remorseful sadness that, in its own special way, reminded me of my own fragile mortality. I asked myself weather I would ever be able to make love to Neal, and if I was able to, if it would ever be the same as though nothing had happened. The mirror, of course, didn't have these answers for me.

I could have stood there for hours on end until my mental state progressed to the point that I inflicted bodily harm, but thankfully a sharp pounding noise came from the hallway forcing me to turn and walk out of the bathroom. Walking past the intricate designs of whirls and stars etched into the grey stone walls I reached a solid slab of oak with a brass handle affixed to its right hand side.

"Who is it?" I asked more out of conversation than out of safety.

"Neal," replied a shy voice from the opposite side of the wood, "Can I come in for a moment?"

I reached my wing around the brass and pulled it back bringing the entire door along with it revealing the body of a tan colored male. I suddenly found my eyes locked with his brown pupils, and it seemed as though the weight bearing down upon my paws lessened.

"Sure, come on in," I replied at last bringing him through the threshold just enough that I was able to close the door behind him.

His head scanned the main living space of my quarters which hadn't been cleaned in the four days that had passed since Spyro had been taken away. The bed was unmade, and the soft blue mattress hung half way over the wooden frame so much so that it may have flipped over if somebody had sat on it. Small specs of dust had settled down on top of the one table in the center of the room and the couch's center cushion sat on the floor in front of it.

"Sorry about the mess," I explained leaving the obvious reason unsaid.

He turned to me remorsefully slow and shot me a wavering smile, "Oh, don't worry about it."

I nodded in reply, and turned to face him fully. His shoulders arched up heavily from his wide deltoid muscles and connected with his neck half the way up. His tan sides sloped slowly from his wide front portion into a relatively thin hind quarter which was finished out with wide hip bones and thick leg muscles. His scales were entirely suave and glistened auburn in the sunlight.

My mind wondered into the realm of fantasy briefly as I subconsciously padded towards him seeking his lips. Initially his brown eyes hesitated in alarm, but the phase passed and he met my lips briefly before pulling back.

"I-I," I struggled for words due to the suddenness of the scene, "I'm, I'll be right back."

I darted into the bathroom, and stared myself in the mirror whispering, "What are you doing? How the hell could you just forget about Spyro like that!"

I shook my head with my eyes closed facing the ground for a moment, and then looked back up to myself. This time though, I found a purple male looking to me from a black back ground. His violet eyes looked right through my bodily shape and into my soul it seemed.

"Spyro?" I whispered in the most excited voice I'd ever exuded.

He nodded in a deliberately unhurried manner, "I'm sorry that things had to come down the way that they have, Hun,"

The excitement that had come from his appearance was burst above my head upon hearing his voice and the remaining fragments showed down upon me as sorrow. I placed my hand upon the glass attempting to get as close to him as I could, but the mirror was still in existence.

Then nervousness hit me, "I'm sorry about me and Neal there a few moments ago. I guess I just got washed up in the mo…"

Spyro cut me off with a wave of his yellow bottom paw, "Don't be. There is nothing in this world that I want more than to see you happy, and you can't go on with your life without a mate, Cynder. I couldn't possibly expect you to do that.

"Besides, there's nobody better than Neal for you, Cynder. Go on and enjoy your life while you can. I'll be right here," he motioned towards his chest, "whenever you need me."

A wall seemed to burst from inside of my skull bringing water to my eyes and air bursting through my lungs uncontrollably. Anguish devoured my entire being without effort as I surrendered to its overwhelming force that had been building since the incident.

Spyro turned his large purple head away from me as to hide his own state of feeling, but after a minute he turned back to be strong for me. "Promise me that you won't forget me, but whatever you do don't regret anything for me for a minute."

I bobbed weekly as a tear ran off of my chin onto the floor, "I will."

"I must go now, Cynder, but remember that I'm always with you. Now go and show Neal what you showed me in the training room; then all three of us will be happy," Spyro urged.

I chuckled at his bluntness, "I will, and I still love you Spyro."

He nodded, "I love you too Cynder. I'll see you when your time has come to pass, babe." He then raised his hand in a wave and then disappeared leaving me to gaze at my shadow through tearfully wet eyes.

The cherry wood door suddenly creaked back open revealing Cynder's six pristine ivory head spikes, and her sharp shield shaped snout initially until she found me sitting with my hind legs curled up beneath me sitting on the floor in the spotless room. I could tell she had been crying from the slight redness just below her eyes, but I decided not to ask at the time being not to open up old wounds.

She glanced quickly around the room and beamed a large smile at me in surprise, "You cleaned this whole place up while I was in there?"

I looked at the wall on the other side of the bathroom door that Cynder stood behind still, "No he did."

She opened the door and turned around the edge of it to find nothing while I looked down the length of her back and laughed aloud. She slowly turned back to me laughing, "Nice one, but seriously, thank you."

I smiled, "Yup, not a problem."

She turned sideways giving me a perfect view of her entire body and my eyes certainly had no problem in obliging. Her chest protruded outward to a sexy little point. Her front shoulders were petit, and they sloped quickly down into a smaller middle torso before widening back out at the lower end of it. Her wings were held suspended above her in the air and their thin membranes were unshaved. Tribal like markings upon her shoulder and back made her an even more attractive figure.

She turned on a dime and came directly towards me like she had earlier and stopped mere inches away. Her breath smelled of mint and her eyes entranced me into a state of absolute compliance. Her head turned, and I followed her motion and then leapt towards her mouth. Her moist lips stuck to the dryer surface of mine denying any motion we would have had of pulling away. I inched my tongue out and delved deeply into her mouth. A muscular silk like feeling wrapped its way around my tongue inside of her mouth. I knew then that she was going to be in command of this one.

She pulled away from me and grinned naughtily beneath that of my chest. "Mmm," she said, "you are quite large."

I hadn't even realized that I had come to erectness, but searching my body's feelings I realized the unmistakable feeling of rising in my posterior regions. Cynder walked around behind me and set her back upon the floor directly below my dragonhood and stared at it for a few minutes silently. I awaited something to happen, but she seemed content on laying there so I took my tail and ran it across her chest. This must have made her decide that this was the time for her to begin because at that moment she wrapped her lips around the cone shaped ending of my shaft. Her tongue ran across the soft skin at the end of it causing me to jump a bit. Then, she began to pull down upon it. Pleasure fell upon me instantly, and I had no choice but to yelp.

Just as soon as she had begun though, she stopped. I couldn't see her beneath me, but I was thrown onto my back rapidly allowing my dragonhood to flop down against my chest halfway up. Cynder smiled from beside me and leapt up onto me backwards so that her hind end fell directly on top of my shaft. There I could feel the moist fibers of her womanhood meet that of my manhood. Her entire body shook slowly, as well as mine, but we both advanced.

She reached down and pulled my cock up to the edge of her slit and slowly pulled her body back to shove it down inside of her. The fibers down her fled away from the rounded end of my shaft and then closed down upon it once again. She moaned as it went deep down into her and eventually our scales met. She was faces away from me and her deep breaths were still highly audible as they echoed off of the wall.

I decided that I would shove up into her, and when I did she screamed out so I did it again. She placed her tail down beside my head and slowly pushed off pulling on my dragonhood and bringing sudden pleasure down its entire length. She then stopped and allowed herself to plummet back down before restarting the entire motion once again. She turned her head around and checked that I was enjoying it quickly and then began to pulsate down upon me rapidly and violently collapsing the tubes within my cock entirely to the point that the liquids that slowly came to the forefront had a hard time proceeding.

She moaned and abruptly stopped her motions allowing my ejaculation to slowly drop back down for a few moments as her clit pulled in and out upon my shaft violently. I decided that I'd start to throw my hips into her, and with each new pump I felt my cum slowly reach the end, but once it did it still wouldn't release. I threw my hips into her more and more vigorously until the point that it all burst forth all at once into her. My shaft was immediately engulfed in a sticky fluid.

She rotated around to face me with her eyes closed and her entire body in full ecstasy. She opened her eyes and looked to the ceiling suddenly through the pleasure of it all.

"Thank you," she said into the sky and then placed her head down upon the top of my chest, "I love you Neal."

I stroked my wing upon her cheek gently, "Love you too, Cynder."

She nodded and then looked into the sky once more briefly and then laid her head to rest on top of me for the night.

I looked out of the window briefly and found that the sun had finally disappeared beyond the hills. The building beside ours was entirely dark, and the celestial moons hung peacefully over top of its roof. I could have sworn that I say a purple blur race past the window, but it was likely just a figment of my imagination. I was tired and the hormones had just been drained from my body so I could have believed anything.

Inside of Cynder her walls contracted briefly once more and things began to shift around, and I knew that I was soon to become a father. A shower of joy settled down upon me until I succumbed to a deep sleep.

There I was watching the world unfold beneath me joyfully knowing that Cynder and all of those who I'd left behind would be fine. I knew that the hands of evil would never again reach out and grab them as they had before. The world was in their hands now as my share in life had expired.

A familiar voice called me from below, "Hey, Spyro, I'd like you to read something here!"

I beamed with joy at the opportunity, "All right, Ignitus, I'm coming."

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