This is a Code Geass and Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni crossover. I absolutely love both shows and I am also a fan of crossover shippings, so read the warnings below and if none of them fit the stuff you want to read about, you may simply click that pretty little "BACK" button or the arrow pointing west up in the upper left corner of your screen, if you please!

Code Geass Warnings, Notes, and Requests:

1. Lelouch is dead in this story. He has been dead for many months. Even though I love Lelouch more than Suzaku since R2 rolled around, I'm still giving some love to Suzaku for fun ^^.

2. Don't criticize the reason why Suzaku came to Hinamizawa. The reason doesn't really count anyway, and I had to think of SOMETHING, alright?

3. Suzaku faked his name because everyone thinks the real Kururugi Suzaku is dead.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Warnings, Notes and Requests:

1. There isn't much violence in the story. There's no bloody gore or anything (Unless I'm ticked off while writing a chapter), and there's a little bit of minor violence sometimes.

2. The story is taking place after Higurashi Rei. But pretend it all happened during the events of Code Geass. Meaning everything is much more modern than it was in 1983.

3. I like thinking of a Suzaku/Shion shipping, and this story is what it's ALL about.

4. You might think otherwise of Note #3 because he meets Satoko first and they become friends, but my younger sister roleplays as Satoko plus she loves Suzaku to death. So I was teasing her by writing Satoko in first. Be aware there will be more Suzaku/Shion.

Please do not say mean things. I don't mind a little criticsm, it helps me improve, but don't go all "OMG THIS STORY IS AWFUL" stuff. Just calmly tell the faults in the chapter and I'll try to be better in the next, alright?

I hope you enjoy my story!