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Chapter One

I was running. Running through a tunnel. My feet pounded against the cement below me. My sides heaved as my lungs fought for air.


Come on, come on, I urged myself silently, as my feet skidded.I slipped and fell, the jarring impact knocking the breath from my already aching lungs. I picked myself up and continued running, not daring to glance at the horrible creatures behind me.


Sweat formed on my palms, and my heart beat even faster. My legs felt like molasses from running so long and so far, but I knew I couldn't stop now. They would never catch me. Alive, anyway.


I rounded yet another corner before I decided I needed to stop. I inhaleddeep gulps of air into my lungs as I leaned up against the brick wall. I could hear the creatures' feet pounding heavily towards me, but I couldn't gather up enough strength to run again.


I knew one thing for sure: I was doomed.

I woke with a start, forcing my heavy eyelids open. I blinked a few times before rolling over and fumbling with my alarm clock. After a minute or two, I hit the off button then slowly set up, trying not to push the small orange tomcat that was curled upon my chest off.

It failed. Klunk rolled away from me, landing on his feet before giving a disgruntled meow. He pranced off, ears twitching as he left me alone on the floor.

I slowly got up, my left knee popping painfully as I stood. I pushed my feet out of the pile of blankets that I had earlier been sleeping in, then stretched. My shoulders gave a pop and so did my arms. Nothing beat sleeping on the floor several nights in a row.

I picked up the pile of blankets and my pillow and rolled them up before placing them a neat stack on the floor.

Walking over to the small kitchen, I went straight to Klunk's big bag of feed. I poured a generous helping into the plastic bowl, just as Klunk himself came skidding over. He rubbed around my ankles before settling down to chew on the small pebbles. I set the sack down before making my way over to the kitchen table, where I had thrown my bag earlier.

I unzipped it before riffling through the depths of the bag. Finally, my hand connected with a small bottle of pills. I pulled the bottle out, then popped the white lid off. I grabbed two pills, then fastened the lid back on and stuffed it into my bag.

I walked over to the sink and picked up a glass, holding it under the facet while turning the rusty knob. In only a second, a cool blast of water rushed out. I filled my glass, then took a big gulp. I popped the pills into my mouth and swallowed them without a second thought.

I set the glass back on the counter, glancing at the clock that hung from the wall. It was nine o'clock.

"Stupid insomnia," I growled to myself. I had finally gotten to sleep about six this morning and now it was already nine. I could tell it wasn't going be a good day today…

I went to the fridge and opened it, grimacing. Looked like today would be a skip breakfast kind of day. Nothing new. I slammed the door closed again, then made a split-second decision. I opened the door once more, grabbing a small bottle with the faded label 'Endless Energy'. If I was going to skip breakfast, then I needed to keep my energy up.

I pressed the bottle to my lips, grimacing at the disgusting aftertaste as I gulped the contents down. I threw the bottle towards an already-overflowing trashcan after finishing the entire bottle.

I jumped, feeling something that felt suspiciously like a feather duster rubbing against my ankles. It looked like Klunk had finished his bowl and was ready to go.

"Come on, Klunkie," I told the small tomcat gently, as I picked him up and set him on my shoulder. He dug his claws sharply into my skin and attached his tail around my neck. I shuddered, slowly straightening up. I'd always had this, well, not exactly a phobia, but I couldn't stand something touching my neck. I'm sure there's this big, scientific name for it, but I'd never really bothered to look it up.

Taking a moment to adjust, I grabbed my bag and swung it onto my other shoulder before hastily looking around. I didn't think I'd left anything I might need later, but when you lived the way I did, running for your life 24/7, you tended to want to be prepared as much as possible.

After doing a mental checklist, I remembered that I had forgotten my knives. Swearing under my breath, I walked over to the kitchen cabinets and pulled open one of the drawers. Inside were three very long and very sharp knifes. Pulling them out of the drawer, I tucked them tightly into m belt. I was ready. Or in this case, as ready as I'd ever be.

I hurried out the front door, pausing to lock up, then Klunk and I were gone.

I walked down Main Street, Klunk still firmly and slightly painfully attached to my shoulder as I tried to keep from blowing away in the strong wind.

I made my way towards the large sigh that was on a brick building just ahead, which read in bold letters: Greenlaws Music and Videos. I needed to get supplies for the next few days. It was obviously going to rain; the smell of it was in the air and the strong wind was a pretty good clue itself.

Hurrying inside, I nodded my head in a friendly way at the life-size female mannequin behind the desk, and hurried into the back. And I'm wasn't crazy, by the way. I just thought it would be nice for someone to be behind the desk, just to nod at or wave at. Whether it was a strange plastic person or not.

Okay, so maybe I was just a little bit crazy. I blamed it on the Apocalypse that happened two and a half years ago, which wiped out most of the human race. And turned the other four percent into bloodsucking, flesh-eating monsters.

Apocalypses tend to do that. Turn you crazy, I mean.

I took me a few minutes to pick out a couple of different DVDs. On my way out, I waved at the mannequin behind the counter, which I fondly called Jessica. Glancing at my watch, I saw that it read 9:30. Good. I was keeping perfectly on schedule.

My next stop was the graveyard. Shell.

I swallowed hard, feeling the familiar burning sensation of tears in my eyes as I thought about going to the graveyard. It had been six days since I had last went there, and I needed to check up on things. Put some more flowers on the graves and make sure things were in order.

It was the least thing I could do for any of them.

Sighing, I tucked the movies into my bag and gave Klunk a scratch behind his ears before hurrying across the street.

Across the street was the New York City Graveyard, where I had set up six headstones sometime earlier. Actually, they were haphazard planks of plywood, which I had spray painted names on in black spray paint.

Again, it was the least I could do for them. After all, I was the only one left alive.

I sighed, forcing my feet to move towards the enclosed cemetery, petting Klunk with my hand. It was to comfort me as much as him right now.

Reaching my destination , I jumped the four foot, black pointy gate and was landed on dew-soaked grass. After walking through several lines of stoned grave-markers, I finally reached the six I was looking for.

Casey Arnold Jones

B. 1981

D. 2008

A friend, fighter, husband, brother, hero.

April Lynn O'Neil Jones

B. 1982

D. 2008

A friend, fighter, wife, sister, hero.

I stared down at these first two, silently reading the words. They were both heroes. Casey had saved my life that night, and April had saved Leo's. And now look at them. What they became. All for me and my brother.


I pulled out two clumps of several different kinds of flowers from my bag and placed one on each grave. I rubbed my palm across both, smiling sadly at them before moving on to the next two.

Hamato Splinter

B. ?

D. 2010

A father, friend, mentor, fighter, hero.

Hamato Leonardo

B. 1990

D. 2010

A brother, friend, leader, fighter, hero.

I couldn't stop it now, the rain of tears that fell freely down my face and to the ground. Why had Master Splinter given his life for me to get away? Why had Leo shoved me out of the way when the vampire had been about to strike? I should have been the one who died that day, not them.

I fell to the ground, letting the sobs rack my body. Klunk meowed comfortably, padding on my shoulder, soft purrs echoing into my eyes.

Then I heard it. I forced myself to take several deep breaths, calming myself enough to focus on the sound I had heard. It almost sounded…oh, shell.

I groaned silently, wiping a hand at my probably red and very puffy eyes. Not now. Just my luck.

I gave a shuddering breath before forcing myslef to calm down. I listened carefully for the sound again. And unfortunately, I didn't have to wait long. The sound of a trig cracking was my reward.

I froze, stiffening. I calmly pried Klunk of my shoulder and set him in the bag, zipping it enough for him to not fall out when we started running, but leaving enough open to allow air inside. My ears strained for the slightest sound, the muscles in my body tensing for action. I calmly pulled out one of the knives from my belt, positioning it tightly into my hand and staring around through narrowed eyes.

After what felt like forever, I heard once again something. The sound of another trig crouching beneath a boot. I waited, smiling grimly. It would be over in about two seconds flat when she finally made her move.

"Three," I whispered to myself, counting down. "Two." I waited, gripping the knife tighter within my enclosed fist. "One." Slowly, I turned around, eyes connecting with slim, bare legs.

I glanced up, knowing exactly what I would see. Stomach, chest, neck, and now, face. Cold eyes staring down at me with animalistic fury. A pale, fanged woman with red hair. Her tongue flitting across her vampric lips.

"Hello, Ap. Long time, no see," I said softly, looking up at my old friend regretfully as I pushed the blade into her stomach.

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