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Chapter Three

I woke up with a gasp, eyes snapping open to find a blurry sky staring down at me. Everything swam around me and if I wasn't afraid of never waking up again, I would close my eyes. I was getting dizzy just lying here. Wherever here was.

Nausea swept over me and I groaned, trying to keep myself from throwing up.

Shell. Everything hurt.

Every inch of my body stung and ached and hurt more than I could even begin to describe.

Panting, I tried to figure out where exactly I was. I remembered throwing myself off the bridge then everything went extremely cold, extremely fast than …I woke up here.

Taking a deep breath, though it hurt like shell, I sat up, my hands on the ground to for support. The world spun and the next thing I knew I was dry-heaving into the water beside me.


Gasping for air, I realized that I was sitting in water.

I must have been further out of it than I thought if I hadn't noticed that I had been sitting, in water all this time.

Shell it.

And I had grown numb.

Flipping shell.

My stomach rolling and the world still spinning quickly around me, I tried to figure out the best course of action. I was numb, I couldn't feel anything, and I had no idea where I was.

The water was about three inches above my legs, which were bloodied and caked with mud, and I realized that my shell was pressed up against hard ground. Promising sign, I hoped.

Taking a deep breath, shivering too, I glanced around and noted that I was against a muddy bank, and there was a forest about seven yards behind me.

I knew…shell it. I couldn't focus. My head felt too muddled and it was killing me. The only thing that wasn't blindingly numb.

First things first: getting out of here.

Maybe it was a good thing I couldn't feel my body, that the water numbed it, cause just a hunch but I had a feeling it was going to be painful.

Then a choked-out a meow broke me from my thoughts and I froze.

Klunk. Shell. Klunk.

My hands fumbled and slipped in the water, searching. Klunk. Had to find Klunk.

It took me an agonizing moment to realize I had the bag around my arm.

It took me another agonizing moment to get it off, hands trembling and slippery. The bag was soaked, heavy with water, as I fumbled to unzip it.


A lump formed my throat and I choked as I pried the two sides apart. As I looked inside, the whole world suddenly shifted.

Klunk. Klunk was alive. And a little wet.

My breath caught in my throat and I choked again, this time in pure relief as I pulled Klunk out. The cat's orange hair, fur…whatever… was soaked and he looked scared…shell, who wouldn't be?

I had to get up now. Because Klunk was depending on me.

I clutched both the cat and bag to me as I tried to weigh my options. I can't get up. I can admit it easily that I don't have that good of knowledge of the medical field. But I did know this.

I had jumped off a bridge, messed up my leg pretty bad, got taken a bite of me, and when I jumped off that said bridge, I jumped into cold water and well, it didn't take a genius to understand the fact that cold and cold-blooded do not mix…whatever the cost.

So, the point of this little remembering?

Two things.

Never, I repeat, never, do anything like what I just listed above unless you have to.

And the second is…I couldn't get up.

Okay, so here I am.

I did the only thing I could do.

I twisted around and crawled.

Not my proudest moment. But I did it anyway. I crawled. I grabbed a hold of something solid, I didn't bother to look because honestly, I probably didn't need to know what it was and started working my way upward to dry land.

It was long and it was hard and surprise, surprise, I could feel some of my arms by the time I got done. And they were killing me. But I figured that was nothing compared to what the rest of my body was going to feel like.

I panted, my lungs feeling like I couldn't get enough air in them, as I laid there, wet and muddy…and I wasn't cold anymore.

Don…said…something about hypothermia…

My mind was slow and sluggish and it was hard to think. Don…had said something about cold or…

Everything then, for the second time, decided to go black.

But, at least this time I wasn't in the water.


I was close to losing consciousness all the way.

So it was safe to say, I was pretty out of it.

But I wasn't so out of it not to notice the sniffing and feel the drool.

As it would do to any person, it brought me straight back to awareness.

I could hear my heart beating. It was so loud; I was sure whatever that was standing above me could hear it just as easily.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

I didn't move.

Another splash of drool hit me square in the face.

And it was then I knew for sure what it was.

Or who.

Klunk was beside me. Playing possum no doubt. Whoever said cats were stupid, obviously never met one. Klunk was pretty dang smart for a cat.

Okay. How was I going to get out of this? I wasn't in a too good of a state of mind and even though I was defrosting, I still couldn't feel most of my body. And shell, my body was beginning to hurt really, really bad.

"Oi, you!" Oh, shell. I must be worse than I thought if I'm hallucinating Because an British female voice isn't something that would happen a lot.

Suddenly, the werewolf that was looming over me turned; I could hear him shift.

And whatever it heard, I owed the thing thanks. This might be my change to escape. If I could get my body to work.

Even if I was likely to die right now, I knew I wasn't about to go down without a fight.

The next few seconds blurred as I threw myself out of the way, taking my bag and cat with me.

I landed wrong and…shell, it hurt. I could feel almost every part of my body and…I can't even begin to describe how much it hurt.

Then I heard the sound of the werewolf getting closer.

The large mottled paw told me I knew this wolf very well.

I froze, the blood draining from my face. No way in shell. This could not be happening. But, apparently it could. Shell. Just my luck.

First April and now him.

I slowly looked up, all the while willing my muscles to move.

"Hey, bro," I greeted him weakly as I stared into the livid blue eyes of my snarling brother. Drool dripped from his mouth and splattered to the ground, his eyes wild and animalistic.

Then he lunged, jaws snapping inches away from my face.

I admit, I thought it was over. But like the encounter with April, it wasn't in the cards.

A blur of black pushed me down and I landed on my shell, the breath knocked out of me. Hard.

It took my eyes a few seconds to refocus and then I was staring into the face of…

A giant cat.

Shell. I must be hallucinating.

The cat's gold eyes thinned and then suddenly, it was stabbing something into my plastron…

The world turned dark.

There it is. Any thoughts?