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I had to hurry I was only a matter of time before the ghost attacked again. The Son of a bitch had cut open my arm. The blood was flowing like rivers down my arm. I had long ago gotten over my aversion to blood, in this job you had to. I poured the lighter fluid all on the body, the bottle following after. I struck the match; I threw it down on the body. The body of William Joseph Brandon lit like a Christmas tree. I headed back to my Cherry red 68' Chevy Camaro, to which I would head to my shitty motel to fix my arm. Turning on my Journey CD, I drove back to the motel pulling out my first aid kit and a bottle of Jack. Watching in a morbid fascination as the needle went in and out. I was snapped out of my morbidity by the phone. I looked at the caller ID. It was Dean; Fighting with Dean always put me in a great mood. "Hi Handsome how are you and that physic brother of yours doing?" There was a tense and awkward laugh across the line. "Egh, Baby you're not gonna like this news…"

"What you get arrested again?"

"Err. No not today…We need your help."

"When have I ever not liked helping you idiots? Just give me what you two morons get yourselves into this time."

"We got about 20 demons on our ass."

"You Dipshit! Who the hell did you piss off?"

"We didn't piss off anybody the people were helping did." I heard Sammy groan in the back ground "Dean that's not going to help us."

"Who are you helping?" My voice had gone into my demanding bitch mode.

"The Cullen's…" My fury was indescribable.

"Ok Dean where do you need me to be." I would never put my boys in danger and by me not helping it would probably kill them. So if it meant putting up with a group of people I hate id do it. "Really you mean it!"

"Dean. Do not make me regret this decision." I heard Sam slap Dean "Shut up while we're ahead!" He gave me directions to a small town In Montana. I hung up and proceeded to throw the phone at the wall. I walked to the Camaro to get the second bottle of Jack. Then I drank the night away.

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