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To say I was pissed with my brother would be an understatement. To say I didn't understand why he's acting this way would be a lie. I know Dean and Bella's history better than they themselves knew. In a way if I couldn't have her I'd want him to have her, because then in some way I would have her, granted it would only be as a sister but something is better than nothing.

Interrupting my thoughts was my phone ringing.


Bobby's gruff voice came over the speaker. "You're a Moron, you know that boy."

I sighed into the phone, "Yeah I know. Not to be rude or anything but why are you calling."

"Boy you and your Idjit of a brother need to go save your girl. She's being bait for a hunt and my original person bailed so get your ass there boy! I swear if she ends up dead because of you and your brothers stupid fight you'll wish you were in hell when I get done with you both."

"Bobby what do you mean Bella's bait."

He growled into the phone, "I originally thought this was a ghost but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong now, I missed the pattern. He's been taking girls from surrounding towns not just brunettes but blondes and red heads too. I think he may be creating a sacrifice. Still not sure what he is but I am sure Bella's going to be killed or worse."

Suddenly more scared, "Bobby what do you mean worse….."

I heard Bobby rustling through papers," 'And he will make her his bride as the moon turns dark, ripping her soul from the inside out, Making what is left as dark as the deep abyss at the end of the world. They will start the end of life as it is currently known.' That's what's worse boy, you and your brother have to get there today otherwise you may have to kill her."

Bobby told me where he thought she was and where her hotel was before this happened. I turned around and started running back to the hotel as fast as I could. When I reached the hotel Dean was staggering trying to stand up. I ran over to him and looped my arm around his body and dragged him to the car. He started protesting, "What the hell Sammy first you knock me out then, as I'm trying to figure out which way is up you drag me out to the car. What's going on!"

The only words I spoke as I was placing the bags in the car was, "Bella's going to die."


Looking around closely at the other cages I saw that the girls had all different hair colors but none had the same. Thinking back to the files, I was more than confused, mainly because there were no other brunettes in the room. Before I could contemplate this further the man who had drugged me came in.

"Ah my beautiful Isabella! You know how many women I had to go through to find you."


He laughed a cruel laugh that sent a chill down my back, "No Isabella many more than Seven, more like seven hundred thousand my dear for you are my bride the one I will finally destroy this world with. I have to complete the ritual first but then you will be mine and no one can stop me for this was destined."

As the only act of defiance I could think of I spit in his face and said, "Never you sick bastard."

He wiped his face off and laughed saying, "You'll see Isabella you'll see."

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