Civilization: The big assault

"Would you look at that" said private Jameson, he peered through his binoculars and saw about 400 Roman troops, tanks, and APCs. The year was 1961, the new Roman empire was crumbling, it tried to wage a cold war with the rest of the western world, but the cold war made the economy of the empire decline, and with the empire spending more and more on the military and not the public, huge revolts everywhere started to spring up, causing the empire to want more land for more gold to keep the people happy. The Romans attacked Greece with 1.5 million soldiers, the U.N. and the U.S. sent their troops over, about 37,586 U.S. Soldiers of the first infantry division called "The big red one" went sent, meanwhile, only 29,345 U.N. troops were sent. Sgt. Glenn got on the radio "Command, we have what looked like 200 troops, but we were wrong, it's two million !" Jameson looked again through the trench, two million Romans heading our way. The American and U.N. forces loaded up ready to fight. The first wave of Romans appeared, Jameson fired his M60, killing about 20 men a minute, when the second wave appeared the fighting intensified, troops everywhere died Sgt. Glenn got back on the radio "We need air support now Command !" Command replied " Negative, air support is down, 4 million Romans are trying to take all of Greece." Jameson reloaded again and again, finally air support arrived, forcing the Romans to retreat. In the end the remaining Roman forces would retreat back to Rome. 30,987 US troops survived and were sent back home, and 27,245 U.N. troops went back to their countries.