Forks, Washington

"Jasper come and look at this," Alice beamed with excitement while she was doing research on the new lap top.

"What?" Jasper asked as he walked towards the computer. He smiled as he saw the computer screen showing his old home with the sign "THE WHITLOCK RESORT" in front of it.

"Wow," Jasper replied, shocked at how luxurious his old childhood home had become. "Honey, why don't you check the weather in Huston." he suggested to his wife.

"Raining all next week," Alice said instantly as she smiled with delight. "It's a perfect chance to getaway." She murmured elatedly to him.

"Can I look at the layout?" Jasper asked as Alice handed him the computer and went to get the phone.

"Reserve room 13." Jasper yelled as Alice dialed the number.

Huston, Texas

"Good afternoon this is The Whitlock Resort, Miss Sara Thomson speaking, how may I help you fine people today?" Sara said with a sweet smile.

"Hello, this is Alice Cullen and I would like to reserve a spot for my husband and I for next week." A woman requested with a high soprano voice.

"Any room in particular Mrs. Cullen?" Sara asked politely.

"Room 13," The young lady answered kindly. Sara let out a silent laugh to herself. "Are you sure?" she asked somewhat hesitantly.

"Yes, we are sure that's the room we want," The woman answered as Sara looked over to see her boss coming.

"What's your problem?" He asked the Sara with suspicion.

"Some crazy lady wants room 13." The receptionist next to her answered.

"Just because they want room 13 doesn't mean their crazy." The boss explained to her, "Now give it to them."

"I believe we have a discount for that room, do you mind paying with credit?" Sara said with smile.


"Do you always have to do that?" Sara's boss asked with a serious expression.

"Have to do what?" Sara asked looking up from her work.

"Tease the guests like that?" The boss asked again with a frown on his face.

"They seriously did ask for room 13," Sara informed him. "Maybe they haven't heard the stories."

"Then you could have suggested something else before they hung up," The boss explained as he raised an eyebrow.

"You have always said that what the guests want, the guests get." Sara reminded him. "Who knows maybe their into that romantic Civil war ghost stuff."