Day 1

Booth walked towards Brennan's office, holding a clear Ziploc containing new evidence. The door was open. He looked around the room and saw that Brennan was busy. Booth didn't want to disturb her so he stood by the door and observed quietly as Brennan examined the little pieces of skeletal remains on her coffee table. Booth admired Brennan's beauty from afar. More than that, her passion and concentration radiated through out the room. Booth loved that about her, how she can leave all the world behind from her mind and just focus on what matters. I hope I marry a girl just like her. Brennan, you are perfect the way you are.

"Booth!", Brennan called as soon as she noticed that Booth was in the room. "Why didn't you say a word?"

Booth was flustered and he felt blood rush to his cheeks. "Oh...I just got here."