Day 500

Booth and Brennan stood before the altar facing the messenger of God. The church was packed with friendly and warm faces basking in this moment, when Booth and Brennan shall become one person under the eyes of God. Only good thoughts and wishes scattered all over the big hall. What used to be doubts have been replaced by certainty. Now, it was the time to say their vows.

"Temperance, you have been my partner, confidante, and best friend through all these years. From this day forward, I take you to be my wife. I vow to love and cherish you forever. My heart, my love, and my hand shall be yours and yours alone. In any uncertainty or challenges that meet us, I will always be by your side so we can share those experiences and overcome them together. Each and every day, I promise to make you smile, protect you from harm, and wipe away your tears." Booth slipped the wedding band on the ring finger of Brennan's left hand.

"I, Temperance, take you, Seeley, as my lawfully-wedded husband. I promise to be a faithful and loving wife, always by your side through thick and thin. I look forward to spending the rest of my living days with you."

As soon as Brennan finished putting the ring on Booth's finger, the priest lifted his hands up and proclaimed, "I pronounce you, Seeley and Temperance, husband and wife. You may now kiss and celebrate your love for each other."

Booth landed a soft kiss on Brennan's lips. The church erupted in loud applause.

They walked down the red carpet as a newly-wed couple, holding hands blissfully and smiling giddily. A red Corvette pulled over swiftly by the entrance. Brennan got in the back seat and scooched over to the end so that Booth could seat himself comfortably next to her. They waved goodbye to their family and friends, grateful to have them share and witness the magical bond that was created between Booth and Brennan today. It was time to go. The car door slammed shut, the engine revved and the car zoomed away. The glittering clink-clank of the rattling metallic cans followed gleefully behind the car. A pink banner with the words "Just Married" scribbled in white paint danced playfully with the wind, inviting passing cars and people to behold and celebrate true love.

It took 500 days, but these two kids finally found home.


Thanks to all the readers! I had lots of fun writing this fic :)