I own nothing but the new special infected and the occasional custom immune.

By the way, the chronicles take place in a cluster of cities, about three of them. It's not important which city a chronicle takes place in, but it will be later.


Haunter - The succubus of the infected world, it goes crazy at the drop of a hat. Or, in this case, a drop of blood.

Bouncer - An infected with child-sized fists, its massive strength is equal to that of a Charger.

Lasher - A 'Smoker-wannabe', no arms, no warts, but a long tongue which is used like a whip.



"Fuck!" the Smoker coughed, ducking another swing from the Bouncer which shook the wall behind him. He scrambled for the fire escape, then felt the Bouncer grab his leg and heave him back. "Don't touch the girl!" Matthew wheezed, kicking the other Infected in the chest with almost no effect. "This was a perfect chance to get an immune's meat, and you ruined it!" the Bouncer roared in reply, lifting Matthew by the leg before slamming him into the pavement, dazing him.

Gunfire ripped across the alleyway, and the Bouncer roared in pain before releasing the Smoker. He raced for the fire escape and leaped onto the trash can, hauling himself up as the Bouncer retreated further down the alley. "It's a person!" Lilac said, pointing down the alley. Matthew turned to see a young man, barely in his twenties, with a jacket tied around his waist and a ballcap on his head. "Yeah! Good-bye!" he whooped, continuing to fire his shotgun as he advanced. Matthew scooped Lilac up and dove through an open window into the building.

Inside, a common wailed and raced at Lilac. "Back off!" Matthew coughed, striking the Infected across the face and causing it to hit the wall. Lilac made a whimpering sound as blood splattered over her clothes, and Matthew spent the next few minutes making sure she wouldn't start crying. "Shhhh. Have some meat." the Smoker said softly, wrenching a chunk of the common's flesh off and offering it to Lilac. She began sobbing, and Matthew swore. "What the fuck do Immunes eat?" he hissed. Outside the gunfire had ceased, and Matthew could hear the Immune boasting his success.

As the room gradually filled with smoke, originating from Matthew's horribly damaged lungs, Lilac began to cough. "Cough, I don't like it in here!" she whined. The Smoker swore again, picked her up and opened the door into the hallway. Immediately, he heard muttering and the sound of a cane striking the carpet. "Shit." he said under his breath, running to the open door across the hall and looking around the empty room beyond. He put Lilac in the back of the room and put a finger to his bulbous lips, instructing her to be quiet. She hiccuped and nodded, and he darted out of the room just as the infected he'd been dreading rounded the corner.

A Grandpa. The most irritating infected (at least to other infected), and also the one with the biggest appetite for Immunes. The old man had no eyes, a trait shared by all Grandpas, but was able to see with his cane somehow. "Is that a Smoker I hear?" the Grandpa rasped. "Yes, Father." Matthew replied respectfully. It always struck him odd how they had to address Grandpas as 'Father' when no real blood relation existed. During his musings, the Grandpa struck him over the head with his cane.

"Stand up straight, you dirty hooligan!" the Grandpa commanded. Matthew sighed but did so. "Father, I saw an immune out in the street, perhaps you-?" "Why bother? They're too fast for me, drawing their exploding sticks at the first sign of trouble." the elder Infected grunted, waving a hand dismissivley. The Smoker prayed that his toxic Smoke would block the Grandpa's sense of smell from detecting Lilac.

"Cough, why do I have to be quiet?" a little girl's voice called from down the hall. Matthew facepalmed as the Grandpa inhaled sharply. "A premature immune!" he cried, straightening his back. Matthew moved protectively in front of Lilac as the Grandpa licked his bloody teeth. He sprinted down the hall at Lilac, but Matthew grabbed him by the arm and swung him into a wall. Lilac screamed and ran down a hall to the left. "Lilac, wait!" the Smoker shouted. The Grandpa struck him over the head with his cane and darted after the girl. "Damn it all!" Matthew shouted, closely following the nimble elder.


"...the hell did you see that Smoker again?" Antonio said irritably, his patience wearing thin as Juniper took her time looking around. "He was on a fire escape, and there was a dead Boomer, and the scent of survivors was unbelievable!" Juniper replied, taking another whiff. The Hunter scratched the back of his neck, wincing as his claws sank through the soft fabric of his hoodie, and sighed. "Juniper, why does this Smoker-" "There he is!" the Haunter cried, pointing to a fire escape where a Smoker lay, unconscious.

"Well I'll be damned. Shot in the chest, tongue severed, and still alive." Antonio snickered, pouncing up to the body. He lifted the Smoker and threw him over his shoulder before vaulting over the rail of the fire escape, back down to Juniper. "Isn't this that Julio guy, the one who's always terrorizing Hunters?" the Hunter asked, wiping his hands on his jacket. "Yeah, but he's pretty experienced. We could use him." Juniper replied, biting her lip at the sight of blood on Julio's shirt. "He's lucky that's Lasher blood. Blech."

With a jolt, Julio sat up, slapping a hand over his mouth. "OW! FUCKING FATASSED BUG-EYED STIFF-LEGGED HORSE-FACED-" "We get the point, it was a very unattractive Survivor." Juniper chortled. Julio glanced around at them, then got on his knees. Antonio extended a hand, which he slapped away before shakily standing. "Four immune, all in front of me! I can't believe I got shot!" the Smoker coughed. "It'll take days for my tongue to grow back!"

"And until then, you can help us track the Survivors." Juniper smiled. Antonio put his hands in his pockets. "Why does he have to come along? This isn't charity and I sure as hell am not a babysitter." the Hunter asked. The Haunter turned to him. "Antonio, four immunes means a hell of a meal. Even if you have to work with a Smoker, it's fine!" "It isn't fine! This particular Smoker was responsible for the deaths of two Hunters and a Charger in the big battle of Longman Tower!"

"Afraid I'm going to leave you for dead if-when-you slip up?" Julio sneered, then exploded into a mad coughing fit. Antonio ground his teeth, ignoring the three cuts he got from the action. "If that happens, you are the one who will be left for dead." "Well, I see that this relationship is off to a good start." Juniper sighed, slapping them both on the back of the head. "OW!" "Fucking succubus-!"

"Look, I can see that you two don't like each other. But if we work together, we can get a helluva lot more immunes than seperately." the Haunter patiently explained. A gunshot rang into the night, followed by distant shouting. Juniper smiled. "Let's go get dinner, boys."

Julio and Antonio looked at each other, then Antonio reluctantly put a hand out. "Truce." the Hunter spat. Julio grunted and gripped his hand tightly. "Until I get revenge on that immune." he replied. Juniper started drifting towards the sound of fighting, making no sound like all Haunters. Antonio crouched before springing up onto a rooftop; Julio coughed several times before following Juniper, slashing at a common who was sprinting in the direction of the gunfire.

Moments later, Juniper arrived at the scene of the battle. Three of them, all men, all carrying the same double-barreled weapon. At the sight of her they aimed and fired, despite being swarmed by Commons. The shells sank into her skin and she grunted, but continued walking. Haunters could take a lot of punishment. To the right she could see Antonio crouched behind a dumpster, and to the left she saw Julio enter the crowd of Commons, crouching so as not to stand out.

"Boys, please don't fight over me." she whispered, extending her arms to the men who were once again focused on the Commons. "Stay clean, she won't attack if we're not bleeding!" one of them cried, his voice crisp with a hint of a British accent. Antonio growled softly and crawled forward. This was going to be a good day, she could feel it.


"Son of a bitch..." the Hunter coughed as he returned to consciousness. He could feel a dull pain in his shoulder, as well as an ache in his nose. "Fucking immunes." James muttered, slowly sitting up. It was not three seconds after he'd done so that he realized Katrina was lying across his lap, face-up and fast asleep. He smiled, wiping blood off her cheek before gently lifting her and placing her aside. He spotted the corpses of the two Immune only a few meters away, seized them and proceeded to drag them to the stairwell. After a few minutes of struggling, he'd gotten both bodies up the stairs and onto the catwalk.

He'd just placed them in his room when he heard Katrina start to cry, and he raced down the stairs to her. The Sobber looked up, saw him, and burst into tears before running and throwing her arms around him. "Jaaaaaaames!" she wailed, staggering him as tears flowed down her cheeks. The Hunter rubbed her back. "I t-thought you were d-dead!" Katrina stuttered, hiccuping as James hooked his arm under her legs and lifted her up. "Katrina, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." the Infected assured her, carrying her to the stairs before sitting and setting her next to him.

"But t-they were shouting and laughing at me, and they were gonna KILL me, and you w-weren't t-there!" Katrina cried. "There was another immune down the hall, he was the first one I saw so I took him out." the Hunter replied, putting his arms around her. "Why do immunes hate us so much?" was the next thing out of the young Witch's mouth. "Probably because we look like the undead." James snickered. "From what I've seen, humans don't really like it when you rip open their esophagus and chew on their jugular vein."

The Witch hiccuped again and buried her face in the Hunter's jacket. It was several minutes before James could convince her to let go. "Katrina, I'm not going to die and neither are you." the Infected said soothingly, standing. "However, that racket probably got some Commons curious. We're gonna have to fight for our food soon-"

"Food?" came a voice like death itself. James' face paled. "Katrina, go upstairs." he growled. The Witch gulped before obeying, and another Special came into view. A Redevil, the most dangerous Infected to exist. They had hoodies like Hunters, but a massive left arm that was as strong as a Charger. And they were as quick as a startled Witch. James had once seen a Redevil dismember a Tank, and he'd never seen one killed.

"If you have food, perhaps I could partake in the meal." the Redevil said softly, stepping forward. James bared his fangs and stepped back. "Stay away! They're ours!" he growled. The other Special laughed, flexing his arm. "No Hunter can stand up to me." he replied, strolling forward. James screamed and leaped at the Redevil, who rammed his fist into the Hunter's stomach. He coughed up blood, stars dancing across his eyes as he fell to the floor. A kick to the side sent him flying across the room, smashing into a shelf of crates and causing them to fall on him.

"I thought I heard a Witch. Are you protecting her?" the Redevil asked, beginning to climb the steps. "Don't fucking touch her!" James coughed, on all fours as he coughed up more blood. The other Special laughed and strode down the catwalk, kicking open a door and entering. James heard Katrina start screaming, and the Redevil backed into the rail. "Ah, we've got a feisty one." he said, but considerably less confident than before. James steeled himself, then leaped at the Redevil and landed on his back, biting into his neck.

"AH FUCK!" the Infected roared, grabbing James by the hoodie and throwing him over his head. James collided with Katrina, who was in a frenzy, and they tumbled to the floor. The Hunter was dimly aware of the Redevil lifting his arm, and he ground his teeth before putting his arms around Katrina-who struggled to break free-and rolling out of the way. The other Infected's blow punched clean through the catwalk.

"Get over here, you coward!" he roared at James, lifting his arm again. James rolled into a crouch and pounced again, catching the Redevil in the chest and causing them both to fall through the hole in the catwalk. As they plummeted, James struggled to keep the other Special's arm restrained. They hit the concrete floor and James dug his teeth into the Redevil's neck, ripping through his jugular vein. The struggling ceased as Infected blood seeped onto the floor.

Dimly, he was aware of Katrina barreling down the stairs. He turned and grabbed her by the wrists, grimacing as she screamed in his face. "Shhhh, it's fine." James said quietly. "I'm here."

I planned on this being longer, but I got a Mac and the original file had to be copied. First I had to find it, then all the new features the Mac had kept me busy.