(A/N: This is a companion piece to my story "Don't Catch Me." You should read that first, or this won't make much sense. Enjoy!)


Henry arrives at the Goodmans' house at 7:00pm, just like every day. It's become a routine of his, to visit Natalie and do homework and just talk—especially about the baby.

Today, as Henry is heading to Natalie's room, Dan says, "Henry, can I talk to you for a minute?"

Henry shrugs. "Sure." They sit down in the family room, where he says, "What did you want to talk about?"

"How's my daughter?" Dan asks. "We haven't really talked much since…she got pregnant." It's the first time he's mentioned Natalie's pregnancy, and the words taste strange in his mouth.

"She's…okay," Henry answers. That's one way to describe her. A better way would be confused. Or nervous. Or scared. Anything but okay, actually.

"Tell me the truth," Dan insists. "I know okay, and Natalie's not okay."

So Henry does. He tells him about how scared she is, how scared both of them are. He tells him about everything she's doing to make sure no one at school knows about this. When he's told him everything, he quickly adds on, "She could really use you right now. I…I have to go. Natalie's probably waiting for me." He races out of there, embarrassed about how much he told Dan.

Dan watches Henry leave, thinking about what he said. He knows his daughter's boyfriend is right. As easy as it would be to keep ignoring Natalie, she needs him to be her dad.

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