AN: Hello there readers of 'I'm with Crazy' and new ones as well. This is meant to be a series of vignettes for all the numbers on Art's list (which can be found here http: // forum . fanfiction . net / topic / 61667 / 16094717 / 1 /) that I won't be able to fit into the normal story without it seeming like a total non-sequitur moment. I won't be doing them in any specific order btw. Please only post reviews with substance.

Warnings: Language, Mentions of yaoi

Rules 55&56

Rule 55: No member of the Hyperforce is interested in my yaoi fanfiction…

"What are you doing?"

"Huh?" Clarissa looked behind her to see Zach looking at her, accompanied by Sprx and Jinmay.

"Well uh… what are you doing?!" She quickly asked in an accusatory tone.

Zach raised an eyebrow, still not quite acclimated to Clarissa's behavior; "I'm going with these two to help them with the grocery shopping, I want to see what a supermarket looks like on this planet. Now could you answer my question?"

"Yeah!" Sprx jumped up onto the stool next to her "Why are you so interested in watching Gibson tell Otto not to touch his chemicals girlie? I mean they do this like once a week."

Clarissa shrugged and turned back to look at the bickering two. "Well to be honest, it sort of reminds me of this yaoi fan fiction I read this one time about them."

"Yaoi fan fiction?" parroted Jinmay. She and Sprx looked at Zach to see if he had a better idea of what she was talking about, but he wore the same perplexed face.

Clarissa smirked, "Yeah well, I already told you guys about fan fiction."

Sprx and Zach groaned in memory of the looooonnnnnngggggg speech Clarissa had given when Zach had said fan fiction sounded like 'a stupid waste of time'.

Clarissa continued, ignoring the two; "Well yaoi is um… slash."

The looks of confusion continued, "Boyxboy?"

Still nothing.

Clarissa sighed, "A romantic paring between two guys!"

The eyes of the three lit up with understanding, a second later Zach looked behind Clarissa to see the still arguing Otto and Gibson. "Wait! You mean those two…?"

Clarissa smiled and nodded, "Uh-huh."

Zach recoiled in disgust, "Oh that's fucked up! Thanks for ruining my childhood even more Clarissa."

"You're seriously messed up for even thinking of stuff like that girlie! C'mon Zach, I can't believe I'm saying this but I really want to go shopping." Sprx and Zach quickly left, muttering and shaking their heads.

Jinmay was left alone with Clarissa for a few seconds before the she began to stutter, "Well uh- I better go! I got the um- coupons after all!" The pink haired girl soon rushed out of the room.

"Huh." Clarissa wondered why Jinmay was blushing so much before she left the room, snickering a little when she realized the answer.

Rule 56: …openly

AN: Yes I know Sprx and Zach's behavior might come across as homophobic, but trust me; any red-blooded heterosexual man will react this way when confronted with yaoi for the first time, it's more out of shock than anything.