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Rule 24

Rule 24: I will not sky-dive off the Super Robot… without permission


"No means no!" Gibson exclaimed as he made his way down the hall, trying to escape the girl that was tailing him.

"But come onnnnnn!" Clarissa moaned in the most drawn out fashion possible.

Gibson sighed as facepalmed in frustration. "Clarissa, you don't even have a jetpack. I am not letting you."

"You're not letting her do what?"

Gibson turned around in surprise to see that both Antauri and Stella had emerged into the hallway. "Oh, hello there you two. Um… oh yes! Clarissa here won't stop pestering me to let her 'skydive' off of the robot."

"Gibson's being a meanie." The strange girl pouted.

Antauri tilted his head, "I am sorry, but what exactly is 'skydiving'? I have never heard of it."

"Um… basically it's jumping from somewhere really high with like a parachute or something." Stella quickly explained before turning to Clarissa, "And what in the hell gave you the idea to go skydiving?"

Clarissa shrugged, "I just feel like it."

"You're going to jump off the several hundred foot tall robot because, and let me make sure I heard you correctly, you feel like it?"


Stella was struck silent by the sheer impulsive stupidity of the girl.

Antauri filled the silence, "That seems rather… dangerous. Especially seeing as you have no jetpack or parachute."

Clarissa smiled brightly, "Actually I do!" She pulled out a folded patch of fabric that she had apparently been holding behind her back.

The still dumbstruck Stella managed to squeeze out, "That's your parachute?"

"How exactly do you plan to hold onto that?" Asked Gibson.

"I'll tie strings to it, duh." Stated Clarissa, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"So let me get this straight." Said Stella, "You plan on using a piece of random fabric that you probably pulled out of some closet; as a substitute for what is one of the most advanced pieces of textiles in the world, along without using any of the tethers, packs, and other equipment that goes into making a functioning parachute."

"Umm… Yeah!" Clarissa quickly nodded.

Stella grabbed Clarissa's hand, "Why are you holding my hand?"

Stella ignored the question and began walking down the hall, Clarissa in tow.

"Hey wait! The way to the roof is the other way!"

"I know." Stella looked back at the two monkeys. "Are you two coming or not?"

"What for?" Asked Antauri

"To help me explain to this idiot all the ways in what she was about to do, is a bad idea."

Gibson pondered this for a short moment as Clarissa struggled to free herself from Stella's surprisingly strong grip.

Antauri turned to his blue companion, "Well, come now Gibson. If she truly intends to list all the ways, she will need help."

Gibson shook his head and sighed as he followed his teammate, "You know I was really hoping we would have at least a few months of peace after we defeated the Skeleton King."