Chapter 4

I stood on the cliff, facing the mad snake.

"Percival!" I shouted. He stopped laughing and looked at me. "Stop this right now before it starts. You're hurt millions of innocent people around the globe. You can't do it, I won't let you." I got in a position ready for a fight.

"So what if I hurt thossse low, good for nothing humanssss?" Percival hissed. "That'ssss the main point. Humans have ruled the world for centuriessss, now it'sss our turn!" He cackled again. I tightened my fists.

"Last chance Percival." I warned. "Don't do this. We need humans; they make the world go round."

"I don't think so. Perry, I don't get it. Thossse lame boys own you. You have no freedom; you are forced to do what they say. With me on the other hand, I'll never let that happen. Animalsss will be free, and do whatever they choose, so what do you say? Having free pleasure to do what you want, or doing what your owners say, making you feel behind barsss?"

"I'm not interested in you being our evil dictator. Although you wish you can do whatever you want, your owners are just doing what's best for you. They love you and just want to protect you. True we wish otherwise, but the truth is we love them as well. So, I'm not going to let them die; I will always love my owners just like they love me."

"Awe! That'sss touching, too bad I don't believe it." Suddenly, with a swing from his tail, he hit me. I lost my balance, and tumbled off the cliff!

"Perry!" Mostly everyone I knew shouted at once with Phineas's being the loudest. They gasped and looked at the laughing reptile.

"Bad snake!" Phineas shouted. "You're a very bad snake; you don't deserve to be in the press. Nobody attacks my beloved platypus and gets away with it, you hear me!? Nobody!" He was about to attack him, when the anaconda wrapped his tail around him, and squeezed. Dr. D went to find me.

I tried getting up after my nasty fall, but my legs gave in. Immense pain went through me, making it hard to get up. That snake had broken my leg bones! I stayed down until I saw Dr. D walking towards me. I looked at him and winced. He sat by me and petted me.

"Its okay, Perry the Platypus. I'm not going to hurt you. Boy, never thought I'll say that. Look Perry, I'm going to help you." I just stared at him like he was out of his mind. "Again, I can't believe I said that but I just can't stand another villain trying to destroy you. That's my job, not theirs. Even if it is your past nemesis, I won't tolerate it! I'll help you at all costs and that snake is not going to stop me without some justice!" I smiled at him. Doofensmriz was truly my only nemesis for me, and nothing was going to take that away. I was determined! I stood up only to fall again because of the pain in my legs. Dr. D noticed what I was trying to do, prevented me, and shook his head.

"No, Perry the Platypus." He told me. "You're hurt. Just stay there; I'll invent something that'll stop this. You just leave it to me!" He stood up and dashed off.

I looked at what was happening, it was horrible! Percival was turning every human into his slaves! I wanted desperately to stop him, but my stupid legs wouldn't let me. I had no choice; I had to do what I dreaded most, just sit there, and watch the awful scenes unfold in frount of me. I sighed, not wanting to see this. Doofenshmirtz whatever you're doing, you better hurry. Through it's hard for me to believe, I'm counting on you!

After what seemed like forever, Dr. D came back. He had something behind his back. I glared at him. What took you so long?! The whole entire world is at stake here, where were you?!

"Sorry I took so long Perry the Platypus." He apoligized. "But look what I made!" Behind his back he withdrew a yellow cup. Now that anaconda has no chance of taking over the world!" I glared at him. A cup?! Really Doofensmirtz? How can I stop Percival with a stupid cup?!" I looked in it, there was water in it. I glared at him again. How can this possibly help me? This is my childhood nemesis, not the Wicked Witch of the East! I can't just throw water over him and he'll melt. Through I wished it was that simple, it's just impossible! I just, no; I can't!

The doctor (and no, not Doctor, what was his name again? Oh well, it isn't him) realized there was water in it, and looked embarrassed.

"Oops, wrong cup!" He confessed. "This is my drinking cup. Inventing inventions like I do can really make a guy thirsty." He drank it.

"Awe!" He sighed heavenly. "So refreshing, that hit the spot!" He withdrew another cup from behind his back. I glared at him again. The world's at stake here Dr. D, I have no time to see your cup collection right now. This is a life or death situation here. Come on, get real will you?

"Behold!" He exclaimed. "My Shrinkcupinotor! Now I know what you're thinking, but this is not just an average cup. Through the last one was, this is different!" I crossed my hands over my chest, looking not at all happy. "Now if you place this cup on the giant anaconda's head, he will shrink back to normal! He'll no longer rule us, and we humans will be in change once again!" He laughed at his idea. I smiled. Now that what I'm talking about, good going Dr. D! Doof might be translated as 'idiot', but it suits you well! You might be an idiot at times, but you're my idiot, and that what counts!

"Here's the cup Perry the Platypus." He said to me as he offered me the cup. I took it, and dashed off.

"Go get him tiger!" He cheered behind me. "Well, techinally platypus. But, go get him Perry the Platypus, WHOO!"

I ran on the cliff and faced the giant snake. I couldn't believe it; he had Phineas in his grip!

"I won't let you take over the world, snake!" Phineas shouted, Percival squeezed him. "Ouch!"

I watched his movement, and quickly jumped. I landed precisely on target, his head.

"Get off me platypussss!" The anaconda roared. He tried to shake me off, I held on, trying to prevent from flying off.

"Perry the Platypus!" Dr. D shouted up at me. "Place the cup on his head!" I nodded determined. I then looked serious. I tried to put the cup on his head, but the snake tried to shake me off. I held on for dear life.

"Perry!" Dr. D shouted. Through he was shaking me violently, that didn't stop me! I climbed back up to his head and placed the cup upside down on his head.

"AW!" Percival yelled. "NO! I'm shrinking, NOOOOOO!!!!!!"

"Perry you did it!" Phineas cheered. "You're the best platypus ever!" I smiled at his comment. Then suddenly, Percival tail went up, and threw Phineas to the ground. My eyes widened as the boy screamed.

I was about to jump off and rescue him when all of a sudden, Percival threw me to a tree. I hit my head and fell to the ground. I heard my human friends gasp.

"NOOOOOOO!" Percival still screamed, shrinking.

I woke up, rubbed my head, and saw that Percival was back to normal size. I stood up and went by him, mad. He looked up at me and slithered away.

"I'll get you platypussss!" He threatened. "I'll get you and you precious pathetic humanssss too!" He disappeared behind the tall grass. I snorted angrily, job well done!

"Oh Phineas," I heard Isabella say in a low voice. I turned around and couldn't believe it. My owner was lying on the ground moveless, eyes closed. I went on all fours and went beside them.

"I-I-I was supposed to marry him." Isabella cried on Ferb's soldiers. "But now I can't!" Ferb comforted her, tears falling from his eyes as he sniffed.

"You were the best stepbrother I had." Ferb said.

"I can't believe my son is gone!" Linda cried on her husband's solders.

No! It can't be true. Phineas? I chattered, hoping to wake him up. Nothing; I chattered again, still nothing. I was about to chatter again, when Candace stopped me.

"No Perry." She told me through tears. "It's no use. He's gone. My brother's…gone." I looked at Phineas sadly. Tears welled in my eyes as I sniffed.

First it was my father, then it was my mom, and now (sniff) Phineas. How many loved ones must Percival kill in front of me? It wasn't fair!

I went by my owner, squeezed under his hand, and laid beside him as I sniffed back my tears. Oh Phineas, why must you leave us like this, why? I saw that all of my human friends were sniffing back their tears too. I snuggled closer to my owner, and laid there.

Suddenly, I heard something familiar.

"Perry?" The mystery voice spoke softly. "Is that you?" I turned around, and a big smile spread across my face, Phineas was alive! He hugged me. I felt reveiled to be in his hug once again.

"Phineas!" Isabella cried out. "You're alive!" She hugged him as there were others excited gasps. His mom hugged him to.

"Baby!" Linda shrieked. "I thought I lost you."

"I'm okay Mom." Phineas assured her. "I'm okay." He then went over to his stepbrother.

"Ferb." He told him. "Did you really think that you would build awesome stuff without me?" He nudged him playfully and winked. "Well that's not going to happen! I'm back in business!"

"I'm glad Phineas." Ferb said. Then the two stepbrothers hugged as people awed the sight.

I gazed happily as my owner was being happily reunited by my friends. My owner was well, alive, and happy, and I couldn't be any prouder to have a family that cared about me, such as my loving blended family.

"Agent P." Monogram told me when I was at the O.W.C.A headquarters. The President, me, all of us at the agency, and the whole entire world thanks you. You were brave, smart, loyal, believed in yourself, love for your owners, and never gave up in saving all of humankind. You are the first ever platypus to ever save our dear planet from absolute chaos Therefore, I gracefully present you with this model of pure honor." I openly let my boss placed my medal around my neck. I looked at it proudly and hugged him. "Congrats Agent P." He said. "You are also the first agent in this division to save the world. We are happy to have you."

There were claps, happy clucks, barks, meows, and other happy animal noises around me. I never felt prouder in my entire platypus life. Who says that a platypus doesn't do much?