HJS-NS-23- So originally this was going to be a one shot for my best friend Brittney for her birthday, it was in December...I started this a year ago but life got in the way and I had trouble trying to end it and now its complete and way too long to be considered a oneshot oops. This will have 4 or 5 parts and has very strong breyton friendship, pulian friendship, leyton, brulian and even some brucas friendship. Anyways I was originally going to wait to post this, but today is 3/23 and I got great news, I was hired for a job, so I figured today would be perfect. A HUGE thanks goes out to Allie for beta'ing I couldn't do this without you and your belief that whatever I set my mind to I can achieve, and to my friends Heather and Hayley for letting me bounce scenes off them. The name of this story is from the song She's In Love With a Boy by Trisha Yearwood and I heard it when I was driving somewhere when I first started writing and the line 'what's meant to be will always find a way' and just made me think that it would be the perfect title for this. I hope everyone likes this and please review it makes me happy and sorry for such a long authors note I tend to ramble. :o) Enjoy!

Julian stood in LAX airport waiting for his best friend from College to arrive. He looked at his watch and saw he only had an hour to get Lucas settled in before they had to be at the club Enchanted, one of the hottest clubs in L.A. or his fiancée would kill him. Brooke Davis was never punctual but her best friend was singing there tonight so the trio would have to be on time. Since Julian had known Peyton since elementary school, he knew she would kick his ass if he let Brooke show up late. Looking at his watch again he sat down; Lucas' plane would be arriving in 10 minutes. His mind drifted to the little scheme he had planned for tonight. Neither Lucas nor Peyton knew the news that Brooke and Julian were going to tell him tonight and Julian couldn't wait until his fiancée wore her engagement ring and not take it off when she went out with her best friend.


Brooke frantically searched through her closet looking for her black heels. Throwing a pair of purple suede shoes out of her closet, she cursed knowing Julian would be home soon with Lucas and if he saw she wasn't ready he would not be happy. She finally found a pair of strappy black heels that would work and grabbed them as she stood up to put on her jewelry. Looking at the time she smiled when she saw she had 15 minutes left before Julian would be home and for once she was almost on time getting ready. Clasping the red necklace that matched her red halter she looked over in the mirror and admired herself. Her red halter and black skirt looked hot with the strappy black heels she found in her closet and she smiled at her smoky eyes and red lips.

Julian won't know what hit him, she thought excitedly. I can't wait to tell Peyton my news, she thought walking to her vanity and picking up her diamond princess cut engagement ring. As she slipped it on her finger, a huge smile spreading on her face as she looked down at it. Mrs. Brooke Baker…sounds great Brooke thought a huge smile on her face as she went to grab her purse before her smile fell. This doesn't match she thought holding up the light blue purse before pouting remembering she was going to wear a blue top, but didn't like how it looked and decided to go with the red instead.

Walking back over to the closet she looked at all her purses hanging up but didn't see the one she wanted. Where the hell is it? She thought rummaging through the purses before huffing and turning on her heel going to the guest room and seeing if the black and red purse was in that closet. Opening the closet she found her green purse, her violet purse, her blood red purse, which wouldn't match because she was wearing a candy apple red and her turquoise purse. Looking at the clock in the guest room she noticed she only had 10 minutes to find the purse or she would hear Julian laughing at her and ask her if she would ever be on time for anything. Where could it be? She asked herself tapping a perfectly manicured nail against her chin as she tried to remember where the last place she saw it was. Oh, I wonder if it's in the hallway closet. She thought walking downstairs and to the closet, her mission on finding the candy apple red purse with black swirls on it.


As soon as Lucas got his bags he made his way to the front of the airport where he knew Julian would be waiting.

"Hey," Lucas said when he spotted the other man. "Where's your better half?" he questioned when he looked around and saw Brooke wasn't with Julian.

"At home getting ready. You know Brooke she's never ready and we're going out tonight to the club Enchanted to see Peyton perform," Julian told him reaching out to grab Lucas' bag.

"Nah, I got it," Lucas told him as the duo made their way towards Julian's car. Lucas had heard about Peyton from Julian and Brooke, but in the 7 years he had known Julian Lucas had never met her. When she visited Julian at school, Lucas was usually in Tree Hill visiting his mom and since this was his first time in LA, he figured he would meet her sometime in the next week as he met with publishers for his recent book "Raven's," which was about his life as he grew up and his family's messed up history.

"So, how is Brooke?" Lucas asked as the two got into Julian's car and Julian started weaving in and out of the LA traffic to get to his and Brooke's house.

"Pain in my ass," Julian joked. "Nah, she's good. Clothes over Bro's is keeping her busy and she just finished decorating the house we got and now she is working on her fall line," Julian told the blonde man in the passenger seat.

"That's good, and how's the movie business?" Lucas asked.

"My dad's still an ass," Julian told him.

"When is Paul not an ass to you?" Lucas questioned.

"When I'm doing exactly what Paul Norris thinks is acceptable…so never." Julian laughed.

"So, I have a meeting tomorrow at 3 to meet with Bright Star Publishing about my latest novel and then why don't we go to Chesterfield Square Park and shoot some hoops?" Lucas asked.

"Sounds good. I have the day off tomorrow to recuperate from tonight and I knew you were going to be in town so I thought we could catch up," Julian told him pulling into the driveway of a big white house.

"So, Brooke made up the guest bedroom for you. Why don't you go in and get ready so then we can leave," Julian told them as the two got out of the car and Lucas grabbed his bag before they walked to the door and Julian taking out his key and opened the door calling out "hey honey, I'm home." He smirked looking at Lucas before stepping into the hallway and seeing his fiancée frantically searching through the closet.

"Hi Lucas," Brooke yelled out from the closet.

"Everything okay?" He asked looking nervously back at Lucas when Brooke peaked from behind the door.

"I can't find my damn red purse," Brooke huffed before pouting at Julian. "Hunny, do you know where it is?" she asked.

"No," Julian told her before noticing the look in Brooke's eyes. Brooke walked towards him sliding her hands up his chest as she gave him her doe eyes. "Help me find it please?" she asked.

"Can't you just use a different one?" Julian asked. Lucas slipping out of the room and making his way to the guest room to get ready.

"Julian that one will go with my outfit perfectly and tonight is such a big night! Please," Brooke begged.

"Did you check your car since you just got back from New York and never brought in that suitcase full of purses?"

"Ah you're a genius," Brooke told him smiling widely as she ran out of the house and to her car to check her trunk. Opening the trunk she unzipped the suitcase and found the candy apple red purse with black designs squealing she grabbed it before going to find Julian to give him a kiss before switching all her stuff to the purse in her hands.

Julian just shook his head as he watched her move her wallet to the new purse. "I can't wait to tell Peyton and Lucas," he told her as she smiled and turned to wrap her arms around his neck.

"I know me neither," she told him staring up adoringly into his eyes. "I already started designing my wedding dress and I can't wait to let Peyton know so we can go shopping for flowers and try to find a spot to hold the ceremony and the reception," she told him anxiously as her hazel eyes filled with excitement.

"I just can't wait for the honeymoon," he told Brooke a smile playing on his lips as he looked down Brooke's shirt and his hands roamed her stomach. "You… Me… All alone for 2 weeks. Why soon to be Mrs. Baker I don't think you can handle it," he told her cockily.

Brooke raised an eyebrow. "Oh is that right Mr. Baker? I guess I will just have to ask Lucas if he wants to help me get ready for it," Brooke told him pretending to be serious.

"Help you with what?" Lucas asked coming down the stairs.

Brooke's eyes widened when she realized Lucas had heard her and she looked up her anxious eyes meeting Julian's and wordlessly asking him if he thought Lucas had heard them talking about their honeymoon.

"Um…get ready for this party I have this weekend. I need to go shopping and I wanted a guy's opinion, but this piece of crap won't go with me. Will you go with me Lukey?" Brooke asked turning on her puppy dog eyes.

"Only if you buy me ice cream afterwards," Lucas told her smiling.

"Only if you're a good boy," Brooke flirted back innocently.

"Man, you're only here for 10 minutes and already trying to steal my girl away?" Julian questioned. "We need to find you your own girl," he told him seriously.

"You know I would never date Brooke," Lucas told him honestly as Brooke started shooting daggers at him.

"And what's so wrong with me Lucas Scott?" Brooke asked hotly putting her hands on her waist and glaring at him.

Julian saw his fiancée and best friend and tried to hold in the laughter that was bubbling in his throat at the position his best friend had put himself in.

"It's just…uh…" Lucas started pulling the collar of his blue-stripped button down shirt. "You're too uh…high maintenance." Lucas told her honestly.

Brooke glared at him before turning towards Julian and innocently looking up at him. "Baby, am I to high maintenance?" she asked him using a soft voice.

"No," he told her before looking at his best friend trying to diffuse the situation. "He just can't handle you…he's not man enough," he told her as Brooke smirked looking back at Lucas.

"Ha," she told him before grabbing her purse and walking out the door. "We better get going we don't want to be late," she called out behind her.

"Hey!" Lucas huffed as Julian just shot him a shut the hell up look and followed Brooke out the door.

"Not man enough… Not crazy enough is more like it," Lucas mumbled under his breath as he walked to the door.


15 minutes later the trio made their way into Enchanted after flashing their backstage passes to the bouncers that Peyton had given Brooke earlier that day. Brooke spotted an empty booth and motioned the boys to follow her as she sat in the trendy club.

"What do you want to drink?" Julian asked once they were all sitting down, knowing that he should get them drinks before the bar got too busy.

"Vodka and lemonade," Brooke told him putting her purse down and taking out her cell phone to text Peyton that they were there.

"Lucas you want a beer?" Julian asked.

"Yeah, a 312," Lucas told him sitting across from Brooke. Brooke made sure to keep her left hand hidden from his view.

"So how's Haley and Nathan…oh and Jamie? I bet he has gotten so big," Brooke said.

"Haley is good. She is teaching at Tree Hill high school. Nathan is playing for the Charleston Chiefs, so he is commuting to practice and everything and Jamie is 4 and is going to be a little heart breaker," Lucas told her smiling as he talked about his family.

"Oh, I so have to call Haley and get the gossip from Tree Hill. It's been forever," Brooke said as she drummed her right hand on the table and anxiously waited for Peyton to respond so she could see the curly blonde and tell their two best friends together about the engagement.

"So, tell me about Peyton," Lucas inquired his curiosity getting the better of him since all he knew about her was that she was Brooke's best friend who worked at Red Bedroom Records and sung at Enchanted a couple nights a week.

"Well, what do you want to know?" Brooke asked raising a perfectly manicured eyebrow. "If she has a boyfriend? Aww, are you finally ready to get over Lindsey? I mean I know you guys dated for two years, but come on." Brooke told him.

"Look Brooke, Lindsey and I just broke up like a month ago…" Lucas said not understanding how Brooke could think he could just get over Lindsey like that. He was thinking about marrying the woman when he found out she was cheating on him.

"Pssh I'm surprised you two lasted so long. You should defiantly hook up with Peyton while you're here… You're both broody blondes that love music and have artistic abilities," Brooke said waving her hand around in the air as she talked. Plus, maybe you can help get her away from that boyfriend who treats her like crap she thought to herself.

"Brooke, I'm not just going to hook up with a random stranger," Lucas told her running his hand through his blonde hair as he contemplated just leaving the brunette and helping his best friend get drinks. He knew she was just trying to help him move on, but he really loved Lindsey and who knows maybe she would realize she loved him too and want to get back with him.

Brooke's phone went off as she rolled her eyes knowing exactly what Lucas was thinking. The boy was too predictable. A smile came on her face as she grabbed her purse and told Lucas she would be right back because she was going to go find Peyton and have her sit with them until she had to go on stage in a little bit. Making her way to the dressing rooms she found the door that said 'Peyton Sawyer' on it and walked in not bothering to knock. After knowing the blonde for so long she figured she had her music blasting and was probably sketching as she waited for them to come and get her.


Julian was standing at the bar waiting for Owen to come and ask him what he wanted. Owen wasn't a bad guy, but he had a temper and he really didn't like Julian because of the close friendship he had with Peyton. Owen also didn't like that Julian supported Peyton in her singing because he thought it was a waste of her time. She was a great music producer and he didn't see why she tried having a singing career also. Julian still didn't understand why Peyton just settled with Owen. She was a great girl and she definitely had a attitude on her so he never understood when Owen put down her singing career she didn't say anything back or give him a smart ass remark like she would with someone else. He needed to find a way to get Peyton to open her eyes and, hopefully, while his best friend was in town he could help Julian show Peyton that there were still decent guys around and she didn't have to settle like she was doing with Owen.

"What can I get you?" Owen asked making his way to where Julian was standing his tone annoyed since he knew Julian was there to see his girlfriend perform.

Julian fisted his hand that was hanging by his side, his jaw clenched as he kept his voice tight as he ordered Brooke's drink and beer for him and Lucas, not even bothering to make small talk as he stood there with his arms folded across his chest waiting for the drinks to be done.

As soon as Owen put down Brooke's drink, he slammed the two bottles of beer on the counter in front of Julian not bothering to smile as he held out his hand for the money and not needing to check him for an ID since you had to be 21 to get in the club. Julian threw the money on the counter before grabbing the three drinks and walking away from the bar, needing to get away from the asshole before he punched him. Sure the two men behaved themselves when they were around Peyton, but when it was one on one the gloves came off and they both made sure to show they did not like the other man in Peyton's life and not hide the fact they despised each other.

Julian made his way back to the booth and handed Lucas a beer before wordlessly asking where Brooke was.

"She went to go get Peyton," Lucas told him as Julian nodded before his eyes searched for the two girls knowing that Brooke was too excited to wait until after Peyton's set to announce their engagement. Hopefully Peyton doesn't see the ring or Brooke actually waits 'til she's next to me before she blurts out the news, Julian thought jiggling his knee as he continued to keep an eye on the backstage area.


"Hey chicka," Brooke said walking in the small dressing room and plopping down on a chair crossing her legs as she did the same with her hands making sure that her left hand was under her right hand.

"Hi," Peyton said moving on the couch and sitting on her ankle as she sketched in her pad, her eyes never leaving the paper as she hummed to the music in the background.

"Okay, so since you're not doing anything," Brooke said waving her hand, "you can come with me and see Julian and meet Julian's hot friend Lucas," Brooke said excitedly as she grinned at Peyton.

"Fine…I will go with you… But Brooke I have a boyfriend so Julian's friend can find someone else to screw while he's in LA, cause I am not going to cheat on Owen. Plus isn't he a big boy? He can handle his own problems. I don't think you have to play matchmaker," Peyton said throwing her pad on the couch next to her before standing up and putting her hands over her head stretching out her back before walking out of the room and waiting for Brooke to follow. "So, where's Julian?" Peyton asked wanting to torment her best friend before she had to go on stage in 10 minutes.

"He went to get us drinks so we can just sit at the booth with Broody 'til he comes back," Brooke told her as she locked arms with Peyton as they walked to the booth.

"You actually let Julian get the drinks?" Peyton asked with an eyebrow raised, the surprise evident in her tone.

"Yeah, why?" Brooke asked not really understanding what the big deal was.

"Because Owen's working tonight…which means that's probably who waited on Julian so if we're lucky there won't be a fight tonight, because you know as well as I do that, for some reason, those two hate each other no matter how hard they try to pretend to like each other when we're around," Peyton told her as they reached the table and saw the two boys talking as Julian looked up and saw them stopping what he was saying in mid conversation.

"Sawyer," he shouted standing up to give her a hug and smiling smugly when he saw Owen glaring at him behind the bar making sure to twirl Peyton in the air.

"Wow, how many beers have you already had?" Peyton asked raising an eyebrow before she felt a pair of eyes practically burning a hole in her back and turned to look in the direction of the bar and see her boyfriend glaring at her. She rolled her eyes before looking at the man who was sitting in the booth. So, this must be Lucas she mused as she looked him up and down. He looked good she hated to admit to herself. Shaved sandy blonde hair with piercing blue eyes, that were defiantly brought out by the striped blue shirt he was wearing with a white t-shirt under that she could see peeking out since he had a few buttons undone and a little bit of scruff. Yes, he was defiantly eye candy she would give Brooke that. His eyes connected with hers and she felt herself take in a breath, as his eyes seemed to read into her soul. She quickly put up her defenses and sent him a scowl before looking at Brooke and Julian whispering to each other.

Lucas stared at the blonde in front of him. Her hair fell in waves around her shoulders, as his eyes continued to trail down her body stopping when he saw her gorgeous green eyes staring at him. She looked lonely, even though she was in a crowded club, and his eyes stayed glued to hers mesmerized by her beauty before she sent him a glare, instead he moved his eyes to her plump pink lips that were pulled into a scowl and he had to smirk knowing that it was probably because of him as his eyes continued on the journey seeing the way the her grey dress with white stripes had a V neckline that showed her cleavage nicely, before he saw her tanned legs. His fingers itching to run up them and see if her skin felt as smooth as satin like it seemed to. Her legs seemed to go on forever in that short dress as he stared at them.

Feeling him undressing her with his eyes, Peyton rolled her eyes before crossing her arms against her chest and turning her back to Lucas, his cheeks tingeing with a blush. Lucas saw that the back was almost all open except a small bar of fabric on her lower back the dress had a another little strap going to the top, except he couldn't tell if it tied or what since her hair was cascading down her back in the soft waves.

"So, what's with all the secrecy…and why was Julian trying to suck up?" Peyton asked staring at her two friends, watching as they squirmed in nervousness. Her eyes moving from one to the other as she tapped her foot waiting for a response.

"Well, we were waiting to tell you until Luke got here," Julian started his hand wrapped around Brooke's back as Lucas stood up to stand next to Peyton, who was bracing herself with what they were going to tell her. "You're having a baby?" She guessed seeing the couple exchange nervous looks.

"We're getting married," Brooke shouted a huge grin on her face as she waited to see how their best friends would react.

Peyton stood there flabbergasted for a second letting the news wash over her as Lucas gave Julian a handshake that turned into a manly hug telling him congratulations. Peyton was knocked out of her shock and threw her hands in the air a huge smile on her face as she hugged the brunette and the two jumped up and down in a hug, Peyton telling her congratulations.

"By the way you are totally going to be my maid of honor," Brooke demanded as they stopped jumping up and down and instead sat in the booth.

"Of course," Peyton replied, not surprised at the request since they had grown up together and been like each other's sisters.

"And we need to call and tell everyone now since you and Luke know, so we will have to do that tomorrow," Brooke told her as Peyton nodded her head before turning to Julian.

"It only took you long enough," Peyton joked poking Julian in the chest from her seat as he rubbed where she got him giving her a mock glare before she stood up again and gave him a hug, whispering in his ear he better treat her best friend right or she was going to kick his ass.

Before they could finish talking about all the plans a brunette walked up to him, his shaggy brown locks curly at the ends walked towards them.

"Hey Peyt, they're ready for us," Jake told her as he stood in front of the booth giving Julian a nod as he smiled at Brooke and waited for the blonde.

"Brooke, we will finish discussing this later. I have to sing, but I will come back when I'm done," she promised smiling as she looped her arm with Jake's and the two walked away. Lucas felt the jealousy bubbling in his stomach as he watched her walk away with that guy.

"Hey, will you do me a favor?" Peyton asked after they were far enough away from the booth that Brooke and Julian wouldn't hear them.

"Will you sing a song with me for Julian and Brooke? …I just found out they got engaged tonight," Peyton told him.

"Yeah, no problem. What song are you thinking about?" Jake asked.

"'It's your love.' I'm not a huge fan of country, but the song is really fitting for them I think," Peyton told him as Jake nodded in agreement. As they reached the stage, Peyton walked away to tell the manager that Jake was going to sing with her and they would introduce themselves.

Peyton walked to center stage as Jake stood on the side and waiting for her to introduce him. "Hi everyone," Peyton said in the microphone looking out at the ground with a smile in her face as heard some fans screaming. "So, tonight I was originally going to sing a different song, but I just got news that two of my best friends are engaged, Julian Baker and Brooke Davis. So tonight instead of playing my usual type of music, I have asked Jake Jagelski to come up and help me perform a song dedicated to Brooke and Julian."

Jake heard her mention his name and walked on the stage. A stage manager handed him a microphone as he walked past her and stood behind Peyton. "We're going to sing 'it's your love,' dedicated to everyone who is with their significant other tonight," Peyton said smiling. The music started up and Jake started as Peyton watched him, knowing that this was a long song she was going to have to look like she was in love with Jake.