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Peyton stood at the end of the aisle until the wedding coordinator gave her the nod telling her to go. She gripped the pale pink bouquet as she started down the aisle. Keeping her eyes trained on the minister she fought the urge to look over at Lucas.

Lucas stood next to Julian as he watched Peyton glide down the white aisle, her knee length dress swaying around her long, tanned legs.

Peyton felt a set of eyes burning on her. Don't look at him, don't look at him Peyton repeated in her head trying her best to follow her own advice. Taking a deep breath she couldn't stop it as she looked over at Lucas.

Blue eyes connected with green. A soft gasp escaped from Peyton's lips as Lucas' gaze penetrated her, making the butterflies erupt in her stomach and her head feel light and dizzy. Her heart beat against her chest and she felt like they were the only two people in the world. Tearing her eyes away from him she looked at Julian and gave him a soft smile, which Julian winked at her having seen the exchange between the two blondes.

Brooke stood at the end of the aisle. Her dress fit perfectly to her body as she looked down the aisle and saw the love of her life and her best friend waiting for her. The wedding march started and Brooke locked eyes with Julian, a huge dimpled smile on her face as Julian smiles back, his eyes conveying all the love he feels for the brunette. Peyton looked at Julian and sees the love in his eyes as she looks back to her best friend and sees the love reflecting back at Julian. A pang of jealousy crept into Peyton as she wished she could feel that. But Lucas loves you and you love him her mind told her.

Peyton is standing beside Lucas waiting for the bride and groom to make their entrance to the reception. Lucas looks over at her and smiles, causing her heart to flutter like only he can do. Before he can say anything to her or she can say anything to him, the doors open and the D.J. announces Brooke and Julian's presence.

Brooke and Julian float through the crowd giving hugs and kisses and saying hello to everyone before reaching their table. Needing to get away from Lucas, Peyton turns on her heel and follows Brooke to the bridal table.

"Okay ladies and gentleman, I would like to announce for Mr. and Mrs. Julian Baker to please take the dance floor for their first dance.

Brooke grinned at Peyton as she got up and let Julian take her hand leading her to the dance floor.

"Peyton we need to talk," Lucas said taking Brooke's empty seat.

"Not now Lucas," Peyton whispered her eyes glued on the happy couple.

"Why don't we dance," Lucas suggested.

"No," Peyton declined.

"Come on after we practiced that night at dinner. Please?" Lucas asked giving her a dazzling smile.

"Fine," Peyton conceded taking Lucas' hand and letting him lead her onto the dance floor their bodies perfectly molded together as they danced.

"So, how have you been?" Lucas asked trying to make small talk as they danced.

"Fine," Peyton replied curtly her eyes scanning the room looking for an exit.

"Peyton," Lucas said using his hand that had been holding her to cup her cheek and force her to look into his eyes. "We need to talk," he told her seriously.

"Luke, it's Brooke's and Julian's wedding. Let's just let them have fun." Peyton said moving her face out of his hand as she looked at the happy couple, a wistful look on her face.

"Peyton, we have to talk. I left L.A and then when I tried contacting you, nothing," Lucas told her taking her hand as the song ended and leading her towards the exit.

"Lucas," Peyton said trying to pull her hand from his as he marched them out of the reception room her eyes pleading with Brooke to help her, but instead Brooke mouthed a 'go talk to him,' which had Peyton glaring as she followed him out.

As soon as they were outside, Lucas let go of Peyton's hand and looked at her, his intense blue eyes trying to read her pissed off green ones.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Peyton yelled waving a hand around. "This is my best friend's wedding. You can't just drag me out here because you want to talk," Peyton told him, her eyes shooting daggers at him.

"You keep avoiding me," Lucas screamed back frustrated that the girl he had met so many months ago.

"Yeah I do. Can't you get a clue?" Peyton asked trying to keep her anger checked. "I don't want to see you," she tells him, trying to hurt him enough to see him walk away, after all everybody leaves.

"I think your scared," Lucas says staring into her eyes the intensity of his blue orbs making her feel like he can see right through her.

"Why would I be scared?" Peyton asked crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at him.

"Because I make you feel something you've never felt before," Lucas told her knowingly.

"Highly irritated?" Peyton asked raising an eyebrow.

"No. Loved," Lucas said yelling at her as Peyton took a step back.

"You don't love me," she told him shaking her head in defiance.

"Yes, I do. I love you Peyton," he screamed exasperated at Peyton not believing him.

"No, you don't. You have an infatuation or it's lust. It's not love," Peyton harshly whispered, angry with herself, as her heart thumped when he said he loved her.

"Damn it Peyton! It's not lust. I love you. I love how it's so hard for you to let people in, yet, somehow, I'm one of the lucky ones you let in. I love how you can express your emotion in your art, how one song can change your attitude. I love the way your green eyes sparkle when you're singing. I love your legs, even if they are a little chickeny up close. I love how you would do anything for Brooke. I love you," Lucas said grabbing her hands and holding them as he stared in her eyes.

"You can't," Peyton told him ripping her hands away from him. "You can't love me."

"Damn it Peyton, I do. Why are you so scared of letting me in?" Lucas asked searching her eyes for the answer.

"You can't love me..." Peyton said her voice breaking repeating her earlier words.

Frustrated at Peyton not believing him, Lucas grabbed Peyton's shoulder and crushed his lips to her pouring all his emotions in the kiss.

Peyton felt her temperature spike as soon as his lips hit her, the way his lips felt against hers before she felt his tongue run along the seam of her lips and she opened her mouth letting his tongue roam her mouth getting lost in the kiss. She couldn't even remember what he did that pissed her off so much.

Slowly pulling away from her, Lucas kissed her again chastely this time as he looked in her emerald eyes that had darkened with lust.

"I love you Peyton," he told her staring into her eyes and she numbly nodded her head.

"I'll see you inside," Lucas smirked before walking back into the reception.

Wait, what just happened? Peyton asked herself finally coming down from the high of Lucas' kiss.

Back inside Lucas sees Julian walking towards him "Dude, Brooke is freaking out. Where were you? We saw you drag Peyton outside so you want to tell me what happened?" Julian asked quizzically.

"I told Peyton I loved her," Lucas told him chuckling when he saw Julian's mouth drop in shock.

"Brooke is going to kill me," Julian whispered as Lucas looked at him confused. "For finding out first." Julian said looking at his smiling wife ,nervously chuckling when he sees her walking to them.

"Hey Broody, where's my best friend? You didn't kill her did you?" Brooke joked looking between the two guys and seeing them both avoiding her eyes.

"Lucas?" Brooke questioned this time the smile falling off her face and placing her hand on her hip.

"Lucas Scott, you better tell me what happened with Peyton," Brooke told him sternly her protection side kicking in.

"He told her he loved her," Julian blurted out not being able to keep a secret as Brooke looked at him her eyes wide in surprise.

Pointing her finger at Lucas she glared at him before stomping her foot childishly. "How come he found out first?" she pouted. "Wait," looking around the room, Brooke noticed Peyton was no where to be found. "Where's P. Sawyer?" Brooke said staring at Lucas as he squirmed.

"Lucas," Brooke said lifting a eyebrow as she waited for an answer.

"I told her I loved her and she didn't believe me so I kissed her and I'm waiting for her to come to me," Lucas blurted out. Something about Brooke Davis scared him.

"Damn it," Brooke said closing her eyes before looking at her husband. "I need to talk to her before we leave for our honeymoon or before she gets too drunk," Brooke told the duo before she spotted her best friend marching over to the bar.

"Hey P. Sawyer," Brooke said coming to stand behind the blonde resting her hand on her shoulder. "Why don't we go somewhere and talk?"

"As long as it's not outside," Peyton said taking her shot and drinking it before looking up at her best friend.

Holding out her hand, Brooke waited for the curly blonde to grasp it before leading her out to the hallway.

"So P. Sawyer, Lucas told you he loved you?" Brooke asked gently as Peyton looked at her, her defenses down now that she was with her best friend.

"Yeah," Peyton whispered sitting down on the couch in the hallway as Brooke sat down next to her and wrapped her arm around the blonde. "But he can't," Peyton told her brokenly.

"Why not honey?" Brooke asked staring at Peyton.

"Because I think I love him too," Peyton said looking up at Brooke with unshed tears in her eyes. "And if I love him and he loves me then what happens next?" Peyton asked vulnerability lacing her words.

"You get to wear one of these nice white dresses and live happily ever after," Brooke tells her looking at her wedding ring and smiling.

"Fairy tales don't exist for me," Peyton told her softly.

"Maybe with Lucas you will get your fairy tale ending," Brooke said thinking about before Julian she didn't know if her wedding day would ever really happen.

"What if we don't?" Peyton asked a lone tear running down her cheek.

"What if you do?" Brooke countered brushing away the tear. "I think you need to talk to him Peyton. Let him know about your fears," she tells her gently.

Peyton looks away sadly "But what if what I have to tell him just scares him away?" she asks.

Brooke shakes her head "If he really loves you Peyton, it won't scare him. He'll understand and if he doesn't then you know he isn't the guy for you." she rubs her best friends arm "But I think you're putting way too much thought into this. Just go talk to him and see what he has to say, okay?" she asks her eyes pleading.

"Okay," Peyton grudgily agreed, "but only because it's your wedding and this is my present to you," Peyton said cracking a smile as Brooke glares at her.

"Are you serious P. Sawyer? You didn't get me a gift?" Brooke asks, chasing behind her as Peyton walks into the reception.

Peyton spotted her prey against the room talking to Julian as she stalked over there.

"Hey congrats," Peyton said giving Julian a hug as she smiled.

"Thanks. You done with my bride now?" Julian asked.

"Yeah, she's all yours. Good luck," Peyton joked bumping shoulders with him.

Julian looked between the two broody blondes before saying a quick bye and walking to where Brooke was talking with his father.

Taking a deep breath Peyton looks at Lucas. "You wanna talk?" Peyton asks hesitantly not able to look at him.

"Yeah," Lucas says grabbing her hand and lacing their fingers together before leading her to a spare room.

Tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear Peyton looks at Lucas not knowing what to say.

Not being able to stand the silence Lucas runs a hand through his hair. "What's going on Peyt?" He asks, truly concerned as he watches the blonde fidget.

"Brooke said I should talk to you so..." Peyton drawls off as she tries to figure out how to voice all her fears.

"Peyton, what's wrong?" Lucas asks moving closer to the curly blonde.

"Lucas, I made a mistake. When I realized how I felt about you, I got... I got scared and I pushed you away, but..." Peyton took a deep breath before continuing, "I love you too," Peyton said her voice cracking as she poured her heart out to him.

Lucas stared at her not quite sure he heard her correctly. She loved him and he loved her it seemed as if the universe was finally coming together for the two of him.

"But the thing is...we can't be together," Peyton tells him looking away as he jerks his head to look at her.

"What...why?" Lucas asks confused, his face, which had been full of hope fell instantly at her words.

"Because you will leave or you'll find someone else. I'm a mess and...you don't want me," Peyton said shrugging her shoulders as she looked at the floor.

In two steps Lucas was standing in front of Peyton using his hand to lift her chin up he stared at her eyes that were full of unshed tears. "I love you Peyton... I've loved you since the moment I met you and I have never felt this way before. I promise I will never leave you," Lucas said his voice full of conviction as he wiped Peyton's cheek gently with his other hand. "I will always love you," he tells her. Peyton opens her mouth to speak but is cut off as Lucas continues. "Plus, you didn't push me away. I came back for you. And no matter how long it takes, I'll wait for you."

Peyton felt her heart swell with love and, before she knew it, she placed her lips on Lucas'. The kiss was slow and chaste before Peyton suddenly seemed to need more. Pulling his collar, Peyton melded her body into Lucas, as Lucas wrapped his arms around Peyton. His hands roamed her sides as his tongue slipped into her mouth meeting as they tangled together each trying for the dominance as Peyton ran one of her hands through his short blonde locks. Her long leg coming to hitch on his waist pressing herself against him and smirking when she heard a low growl coming from his throat. Lucas pushed her back against the wall trapping her body against his and the wall before moving his mouth to her collarbone nipping and sucking on the tender flesh. Peyton held his head in the spot relishing the work his tantalizing mouth was doing as her blood boiled in appreciation. Peyton let out a moan hitching her leg tighter against Lucas. Her heel slipped off her foot as Lucas made his way back to her mouth, grabbing her other leg and wrapping it around his waist. His hand sliding up her creamy smooth thigh and under the short dress.

"God I want you," Lucas whispered huskily making the hairs on the back of Peyton's neck stand up with anticipation.

Peyton's breath got caught in her throat as Lucas' fingers touched the damp V of her panties arching her back to get more pressure from his hand. Moving her hands Peyton grabs the bottom of his dress shirt untucking it before her hands move under the garment raking her nails down his chest.

"I need you," Peyton told him grinding her hips needing the friction to help relieve some of the pressure that was building up inside her.

"God I need you too," Lucas promised, panting as she pressed against him, his erection poking her, as her fingers moved quickly and nimbly to undo the button on his dress pants using her heels to push the pants down.

As soon as the pants were around his waist, one of Peyton's nimble hands moved to wrap around his hard shaft before slowly, almost torturously she started moving her hand up and down, her other hand fondling his ball sack. Pushing her dress up, Lucas finds the waistband of her underwear and pushes them down before moving Peyton's hand and reaching down to where his pants are trying to get his wallet out of the back pocket and grab the condom in it. Peyton grabs his tie before huskily whispering in his ear "I'm on the pill."

Lucas positioned himself at her entrance before looking in her dark green eyes filled with lust. "Are you sure?" Lucas asked even though if he had to stop it would be even more painful for him. He didn't want her to regret this.

"Yes baby," Peyton let out the anticipation churning in her stomach as they locked eyes. Lucas slowly entered her letting her get comfortable before he starts moving inside her. His mouth coming to meet hers as she arches her back in pleasure. "Faster," Peyton commands breaking away from the kiss before crashing her lips back to his, Lucas thrusting into her as Peyton's hands claw his shoulders bring him deeper inside her.

Lucas felt a tingling in his spine telling him his orgasm was coming, moving his hand cupping Peyton's breast massaging it over the blue material trying to get her to come over the edge with him. "Let go baby," Lucas whispered hearing the rough tone of his voice Peyton couldn't stop the coil in her stomach from unraveling as she felt her orgasm building until it was too powerful and she let go with Lucas, her screams muffled by his mouth as he emptied into her.

Lucas rest his sweaty forehead against Peyton's brushing a stray curl from her face as he stared in her eyes a loving smile on his face.

"So does this mean we're together?" Lucas asked just wanting this broody singer to be his.

"You're such a girl," Peyton chuckled lightly slapping his chest.

"Peyt," Lucas said his eyes connected to hers as if he was reading her soul.

I love him and he loves me, maybe Brooke is right, maybe everything will work out Peyton thinks before nodding her head. "Yes,"she answers shyly looking down.

"Thank God," Lucas whispers before crushing his lips back to hers leaving her breathless all over again.

"We better get back out there," Peyton says trying to compose herself as Lucas pulls up his boxers and dress pants, tucking his dress shirt as Peyton tries to smooth down her dress and touches her hair trying to make sure the curls are still okay, even though she knew they were flat after what had just taken place. Just as Lucas bends down to hand Peyton her black underwear the door opens. Quickly pushing the garment in his pocket he stands up and turns around to see Brooke Davis standing at the door, one hand on her hip as she looks at the couple in surprise.

"P. Sawyer you had slutty wedding sex?" Brooke blurts out the proudness shining through her voice.

Peyton blushes before looking at Lucas whose tips of his ears started turning red as he cleared his voice.

"Does this mean you two worked out your issues?" Brookes asked hoping her friend would finally get her happy ending.

Lucas looked at Peyton a smile forming on her face holding her hand out to Lucas and intertwining their fingers as she nodded her head.

"I totally knew it. I have to go tell Julian he owes me $50," Brooke said happily making her way back out the door. "By the way P. Sawyer good choice," Brooke says winking at the blonde as she bounces out of the room leaving the two blondes alone again.

"So, you going to give me my underwear back?" Peyton asks raising an eyebrow at Lucas.

"Nah, I'm going to keep them as a souvenir" Lucas jokes as Peyton's mouth drops open in fake shock.

"Lucas Scott you are such a pig," Peyton tell him before Lucas growls at her and moves to kiss her.

"I love you," He tells her honestly loving the way it rolls off his tongue.

"I love you too," Peyton replies, running her hand through his hair as the other one moves to his pocket where her underwear and pulls them out, smiling triumphantly as he wraps his arms around her and cups her cheek kissing her slowly thinking what's meant to be will always find a way.