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Chapter 1: A New Frenemy

"Rina, you really should wake up now."

I groaned loudly. "Tom, shut up…" I rolled over and my face pressed against the pillow. My blue hair shook around wildly as I moved around in bed. I tried getting myself comfortable again as I got ready to sleep again.

"Rina…when will you ever tell the difference between our voices?!" my other brother asked angrily. "TOM HAS A LOW VOICE!" he shrieked. "I HAVE A REALLY, REALLY HIGH VOICE!" And to prove it, his voice rose higher than mine.

"Alright, I'm getting up," I muttered. "Juudai, please be quiet…"

He ignored my words. "Good. You finally get your own Pokémon," he said happily and I heard his hands clasp together.

I stood up from my bed, ignoring his comment. I stripped down to my panties and changed into some fresh clothes. I wore a black T-shirt underneath my checkered blue and black Wet Seal jacket. I grabbed a matching blue and black bandana scarf around my neck and realized I wasn't wearing pants. I felt my face turn red as I slipped into a bright white pair of skinny jeans. Probably a bad idea for an adventure, but I didn't exactly care.

"C'mon, sis," Juudai groaned, knocking at my door. He barged in and I blushed because I was still trying to pull my jeans up. Juudai blushed as well, seeing my panties, because he wasn't exactly my blood-brother. He was only my step-brother. He turned away and murmured, "Please hurry, Rina."

"Y-Yes-s-sir," I mumbled quietly, blushing as red as he did, which looked like a very, very ripe tomato. After I got my pants carefully on, I rushed down to eat breakfast, which Juudai had already gotten ready.

"Ahem," he coughed. Juudai, my spiky brown-haired brother, pointed at the food on the table. I bet he was trying to make it up to me. There were a couple of pancakes. He just knows I love pancakes, especially his. I sat down by the table and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him smile. My brother had bright brown eyes and he wore a white T-shirt under his brown sweater vest. He also had on some black shorts on. He smiled again when I was looking at him. "Eat already, Rina. The pancakes are gonna get cold!"

"Right, Chief!" I started gulping down the pancakes as quickly as possible, but then I started choking and laughing at the same time. Juudai rolled his eyes. I did that most mornings. It wasn't a habit, but more like a routine. He strode quickly to me and gave me the Heimlich maneuver.

"I didn't mean for you to eat it so fast," Juudai said quietly as I coughed up the pancake piece. "Would you rather I make you a rice ball?"

"Maybe for later," I replied, smiling. "I would like some for my…journey!"

My name is Rina Sakurai. I'm currently 15 years-old, going on to 16. I'm finally getting my first Pokémon and I'm really excited. The guy before is Juudai Chardela, my older step-brother. He likes to help people out and he's always so happy and helpful. Juudai already has a Pokémon (a Machamp) that helps him around the house. Mom and Dad aren't at home so often, so Juudai is the one who stays around and fixes the house up. Tom McCall, my other brother, is off on his own Pokémon journey as well. He's older than Juudai and I'm always asking him (Juudai) if he wants to go instead of me. He always shakes his head and says, 'No way, Rina' and I sigh and just comply with what he wants.

"Rina, you're going to be late to get your Pokémon," Juudai sighed. "Let's get going. We're five minutes late."

"…Oh, okay. Gotcha."

"Hey. That's my line."

I realized that Juudai's favorite habit of words rubbed off me. I sighed and the two of us ran to the Pokémon Lab.


"Oh, hello, Rina," Professor Kanayo said with a happy smile. He had brown hair turning white and wore a Professor's lab coat. "We've got a few Pokémon left."

"Awesome," I said, replying with a happy grin.

Professor Kanayo nodded. "Follow me, Rina, Juudai." He led us out into the backyard field where all the Pokémon played and had fun. "Choose any of them."

"Wow, really? Any? I always thought that you wouldn't let newcomers get such awesome Pokémon." I instantly regretted it.

"Oh. Thanks for reminding me, Rina," Professor Kanayo said with a devilish grin. "Come back inside. There are three rare Pokémon you can choose from…"

I sighed, following Professor Kanayo. Juudai patted my head. "You'll get a good Pokémon," he said quietly. "I promise."

Professor Kanayo threw three Pokéballs into the air and Juudai and I watched intently.

Three Pokémon came out.

A green one with an unusual leaf thing on its head.

A Chikorita.

A blue one that looked like an alligator…crocodile, sorry.

A Totodile.

And finally…

A greenish orange Pokémon with orange flames shooting out of its back.

A Cyndaquil.

I knew who I wanted the second I saw the Pokémon.

"So, who do you choose?" Professor Kanayo asked.

"…The… uh…"

I hesitated, but got myself back.

"Cyndaquil!" I shouted.

Juudai's head lurched forward somewhat and I apologized. I forgot that my voice was quite loud.

"…Here you go, Rina." Professor Kanayo had gotten Cyndaquil back in its Pokéball. He handed it to me and I thanked him.

"Now go out into the world."

I smiled and he handed me a Pokédex pretty much a Pokémon dictionary. "I think you've done your homework well enough to know what this is," he commented smiling.


I took it and put it into my blue North Face backpack. I just love the color blue. Juudai looked at me and smiled. "Well done, little sister."

"You sound a lot like Emmett," I said, grinning.

"…Do I look buff?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I said that you sounded like Emmett, not looked like him," I sighed.

"Whatever. Let's get going."

"You're coming with me?" I'm sure that my face was pure konfuzzledness.

"No," he said, walking out. "But I wanna battle you."


"What's his name?" Juudai asked quietly, stepping onto the soft grass.


"His name. Of that one guy you really like."

I blushed. "H-his name? A-Apollo…"

Juudai nodded. "Alright then. I hope you see Apollo again on your Pokémon journey. Think of him every day."

"…" I looked at him, still confused. "But why?"

"No reason," he said with a shrug.

I never heard that before from him. 'No reason'? Impossible! He sounded waaaaaayyyyyy too serious to be Juudai Alymyx Chardela!!

"…Okay… I guess…" I took out Cyndaquil's Pokéball. "Go! Cynda…or… Go! Quil!!"

"That's his nickname?" Juudai asked, holding out an Ultra Ball. I knew what Pokémon that was. It wasn't Machamp.

"Y-yeah," I stuttered.

He smiled. "I was expecting you'd call him something like….Oh, I don't know. Apollo?" he mocked.

"Juudai!" I exclaimed, flushing.

He let out a loose laugh. "You don't even know how to get Cyndaquil out of the ball," he groaned, dropping his Ultra Ball.

"Sorry!" I shouted. I pressed the small button on the Pokéball and threw it up into the air. "Go! Quil!"

Cyndaquil jumped out of the Pokéball…but turned on…me.


"WHOA THERE!" I screamed, falling to the ground as Cyndaquil hit me with a hard Eruption attack.


"Cyndaquil…" I fell backwards and Cyndaquil jumped up and down on my stomach in victory. "Aw you're so cute," I muttered happily.

I heard Juudai laughing, but I also heard another Pokémon. "Did you just throw Lucario out?"

"Yes sire," he agreed after another laugh.

"I wanna check what Quil can do," I murmured. I took out my Pokédex and scanned Cyndaquil who was smiling as well as a Pokémon could.


Cyndaquil: National: 155 Johto: 004

Fire type

It attacks using brief blasts of fire and uses flashes of fire to hide itself. It is a calm and rational Pokémon.

Battle moves:

Eruption – Special (Fire)

Flamethrower – Special (Fire)

Focus Punch – Physical (Fighting)

Heat Wave – Special (Fire)

"Gosh he's good." I patted my Cyndaquil softly. It snorted out a small breath of fire.

"True," Juudai agreed, coming closer with his Lucario. "But check out my Lucario's moves."


Lucario: National: 448 Johto: none

Fighting/Steel type

A well-trained one can sense auras to identify and take in the feelings of creatures over half a mile away. It understands human speech.

Battle moves:

Force Palm – Special (Fighting)

Aura Sphere – Special (Fighting)

Close Combat – Physical (Fighting)

Dragon Pulse – Special (Dragon)

"…Coool?" I said with wonder.

"Exactly," Juudai muttered. "Lucario."


"Force Palm Cyndaquil carefully off my sister," he ordered.

I gasped, my eyes widening.

Quickly, Lucario closed its eyes and held a hand up. Instantly, a transparent hand appeared and took Cyndaquil carefully away from me.


Cyndaquil released a burst of energy from its back, using the move Heat Wave.

Please, Cyndaquil. Be a little less…angry.

I sighed. You couldn't compare to Lucario's strength or his talkativeness.

"…Cyndaquil," Juudai murmured quietly.


"Bring him to me, please, Lukas," he said to his Lucario.

Yes sir.

Lukas the Lucario closed its eyes again and moved Cyndaquil carefully to Juudai.

Juudai hugged the Cyndaquil carefully and I was a little frightened. I was thinking, maybe, Cyndaquil would blast Juudai into molten lava or something. Anyway!

Juudai examined him and I started tapping my foot nervously. His eyes widened and he said, "Ah…this was Jacob's Cyndaquil."

I looked at him in awe. "How do you know that Quil is Jacob's Cyndaquil?"

"Look." Juudai pointed at the sides of Cyndaquil. I finally noticed the blue stripe on its head.

"Why does it have a blue stripe on its head, anyway?" I asked in wonder.

"Maybe if you find Jacob, you'll know." Juudai smiled devilishly. That smiled could only mean he knew what was going on.

"Juudai…you evil bi—"

AHEM! This is an E-rated game, Rina.

"Oh. Right…"

Juudai sighed. "Now that I know that this guy is Jacob's…" He put Quil down onto the brown ground. Quil ran to me and jumped into my arms, probably realizing I was Jacob's best friend. "You can have him back."

"When you word it like that—'have him back'—it sounds really mean."

"Volkner sent you an e-mail."

I blushed. "Oh, shut up, man."

"You shouldn't be blushing," Juudai groaned, flapping his arms down. Lukas nodded. "You like Apollo."

"But I like Volkner too—a lot."

"But more like another step brother, right?" he asked, smiling.

"…Uh…I dunno."

I turned away, blushing again. "C'mon. I just wanna go now!!!!!"

"…Fine." When I turned around, Juudai wrapped his arms around me tightly. "Be safe, sis."

"I know bro…" I hugged him back. "I'll miss you."

I felt him chuckle. "I know, Rina. If you wanna hear my voice, just call, okay? I'll be working extra hard now that you're not home." I looked up at his smiling face. "I mean, 'cause you're not here and all…"

I smiled back. "You're right. I hope I see Tom on the way."

"And Apollo," he added.

"Volkner for sure," I murmured, hugging him tighter. "Bye, Juudai…"

"You sure you wanna go, Rina? I mean…"

"Aw, Juudai. Just make sure Asuka comes around every day okay?" I teased, pulling away from him.

His face flushed and he turned away from me. "Oh, you crazy girl."

"…I'll be back once I'm champion! I promise!" I shouted, running in the opposite direction of him.

He smiled and waved.

A kinda…bad ending.

But, I'm solo aren't I?