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Chapter 2: Knowing Who Your Enemies Are

A young man "appeared" in front of me as I started off to the woods.

He had blonde hair, one side braided and short hair down to his neck. His eyes were violet, not a normal thing to see. "It's dangerous to go around here alone," he said quietly. His voice was light, clear and creamy… A Pokéball was thrown up into the air and a large orange Dragonite appeared.

"Wow," I gasped.

"I'm… Hiroshi Arumajiki," he said with a soft smile.


"…You're one of Apollo's friends!" I realized after a few minutes.

"Correct," he said with another one of his soft smiles. It made my heart melt. How…?

"Um…where's Apollo now?" I asked, cocking my head to the side.

Hiroshi shrugged. "Not sure," he admitted. "It's a little hard to know where he would be."


This time, the blonde man smiled. "He's probably off at the fifth gym leader or something."

My eyes widened.

"He got his Pokémon a few weeks ago," he prompted. "Who are you, anyway?"

"M-me? I-I'm Rina Sakurai," I stuttered out. My heart sank. If Apollo's already at gym leader five…

"I'm sorry to say that," Hiroshi murmured. "It's true, though. Unfortunately, Apollo… he has great potential." Hiroshi laughed, letting out a new side of him. "What makes you think he'll remember you?"

"Apollo is my closest friend!" I screamed. "He would never—"

"Never what?" Hiroshi interrupted.

The shades of the trees blocked our faces. It was dark.

"He won't forget me!" I shouted, clenching my hands together tightly.

"…You have potential too… If only you were a little less caring," Hiroshi sighed.

"You can't be Apollo's friend!" was the last thing I heard myself say.

I was face palmed to the ground. One side of my face and covered in dirt and I couldn't feel myself. I felt for my Pokéball, but that disappeared from me as well as my nerves.

"G-give me…back…Quil…," I moaned. Sharp needles shot up my legs.

"Quil, you say? That's exactly what Jacob called little Cyndaquil," I heard Hiroshi cackle.

"Give…him…back…" My eyes closed, but I tried to stand up.

"Oh Rina. I didn't know you'd get into trouble this quickly," I heard another voice call out. I heard a bike pedal through, but I didn't hear him.


Sometime later, my eyes fluttered open.

"Rina. Are you awake? Alive?" I heard my favorite (and I love him!) friend ask.

"Y-yeah…" My voice was hoarse. Appy…help.

His cold, callused hand pressed against my forehead. "Are you okay, Rina?"

"You asked…me that…already…"

"I'm sorry," he murmured. "I was just checking."

"Where's…Quil…?" was all I could manage before my eyes closed.

"Hiroshi got away, flying on his Dragonite. You were hurt."

"Q-Quil…," I moaned. I felt tears sting my eyes. The Gym Leader let out a sad sigh and wiped my tears away with his thumb.

"Rina… I'll get Quil back as soon as your better."

My eyes opened again and I saw his face more clearly. It was a very serious look on his face, but his eyes showed sincere sadness. His spiky, gravity-defying blonde hair shone…it was already morning, I realized. His shining, blue eyes… I also noticed that he was wearing his usual black shirt under a white vest outfit. His smile pierced my eyes and I had to reach out and touch him. His fingers curled around mine and I smiled like he did.

"A...A...Ap...Apollo...," I said softly, drifting back into a deep sleep.

There was only one thing I heard before my body went into the darkness of slumber.

"Love you, Rina; always have, always will," he promised quietly.


"OOF!" I heard myself shout.

"Sorry, Rina," Apollo said. "That's your new Pokémon."

I sat up in my hospital (actually, this was a Pokémon Center) and looked down at the Pokémon Apollo 'threw' at me. It was a Larvitar. The small Larvitar looked really unhappy and I frowned. "Why is it not smiling?"

"He," Apollo corrected. "He was in possession of Hiroshi. He was…deserted…after Hiroshi stole Quil."

I looked at Larvitar and grinned. He was cute. I patted his head and he snuggled into my chest. I squirmed around uncomfortably, looking at Apollo with a red face. Apollo smiled and I felt his lips touch my forehead again. I felt the blood boil and I said, "Um, bad idea."

Apollo put an arm around his head, saying, "Why, exactly?"

I shook my head. "You'll make me blush every time you do that."

He hugged me, nearly crushing my Larvitar. "I like it better like that, then, Rina..."

"Aw, Appy. I didn't know you were so loveable." I sighed and patted my little Larvitar again. He let out a little sound that I thought to be a sigh. It was soooo adorable…

"Aw, Rina. You're cute," Apollo said, patting my head. I touched the spot he felt with a groan.

"I'm not little Larvitar here," I muttered, stroking Larvitar again.

Apollo grinned. "You know I love you a lot." I blushed when I heard him say that.

Little Larvitar put its small hand at my mouth. I started giggling and Larvitar clenched my lips with his small paw/hands. Apollo began stroking Larvitar and smiled at me kindly. "He likes you."

I nodded, trying to wrench Larvitar's hand off my mouth.

"Of course, I know why," Apollo murmured.

I cocked my head to side, a gesture for him to continue.

"That's…Jacob's Larvitar."

I gasped. "WHAT? HOW DO YOU KNOW!?"

Larvitar started wailing and hitting my neck. "Aw, I'm sorry…Lief."

"Lief?" Apollo started laughing. "What kind of name is that?"

Larvitar jumped off me and down to Apollo's legs. He opened his mouth and…


"That's what you get when you let your heart win…whoaaaaa." I started laughing and Larvitar jumped back into my arms. "Aw, you're so cute when you're angry at Apollo."

"Like you," Apollo groaned, touching his bitten leg.

"I'll act like I never heard that," I muttered, reaching out to touch Apollo.

He smiled and took my hand, squeezing it affectionately. "Aw. You're as cute as you say your Larvitar is."

"As I say he is?" Larvitar bit Apollo's hand.


I smiled.

"At this rate, that Larvitar is gonna kill me, not your stupid freaking attitude," he muttered softly.

"Aw, my attitude is all you need to die!" I exclaimed, clasping my hands together happily. "Doesn't that sound awesome?"

He shook his head, folding his arms. "Not at all," he groaned. His blonde haired flipped around carelessly and I smiled. Apollo

I sat up better and hugged Apollo. "Thanks for saving me."

"Saving you?" Apollo said peculiarly. "What are you talking about?"

"Weren't you the dude that saved my butt after Mr. Arumajiki destroyed me?" I asked.

"Yeah, but, I mean, why the hug?"

I sighed. "If you don't wanna be hugged, I understand."

He hugged me tighter. "I understand you better!" His lips brushed softly against my neck and I groaned.

"This is an E-rated game," I reminded him.

"It's also a K+ rated story..." I felt him smile against my skin. "Unless somebody changes the rating..." I'll change it to T, Apollo, I thought, don't worry.

Instead, I pulled away. "Mr. Legend!"

He shrugged. "I'll tell Nurse Joy about you bein' better." He kissed my forehead. "Really, Rina. You just seem to get into soooo much trouble."

"And you just seem to find me when I get in that trouble." I grinned, kissing him back. "You're very helpful, Mr. Legend," I admitted.

He pulled me into a tight hug. It gave me goosebumps running up and down my arms. He started swaying, but let go quickly. "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

"What happened?! Apollo!" He was holding his leg tightly.


"Lief! Why did you do that to Appy?!" I exclaimed, examining Apollo's leg.


"Appy, stop moving!"

"What's going on here?" Nurse Joy walked in, looking at us with a shocked expression on her face. "Oh my..."

"Lief – my Larvitar – bit Apollo," I explained, trying to be as calm as possible.

Nurse Joy nodded. "I see. Sit down, Apollo," the nurse said.

Apollo sighed, sitting down.

With him on my journey...that 'journey' is going to take sometime.

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