All characters © Toboso Yana

Note: inspired by Supernatural.


Sebastian coughed gutturally, gasping for oxygen that he didn't actually need. The air didn't come; only a burning sensation and a prickling fire of needles in his gut. He gagged, feeling something warm and partially solid slide over his lips and down his chin. He couldn't even yell. Steam and blood vented from his mouth as he coughed, shaking his head back and forth.

Ciel watched, his shock only stemming from the graphic display and not from the reasons as to why. Little by little, Sebastian got himself under control. It took a good minute; blood caked his chin and neck, and his voice was whittled down to a weak protest of the larynx. Ciel waited.


"I don't question your power," Ciel began, getting up and tossing his servant a clean towel, "so don't question mine, Sebastian."

Sebastian let out a feeble, yet weakly amused laugh. "Heh..."

"I remind you that a Faustian contract has influence on both ends," the boy continued. "Each has something the other wants. Although you are a being far superior to a human, I still have control over you, which can have consequences--" he gestured to the blood and drying pink clots on Sebastian's shirt--"if forgotten."

"Then I apologize, young master," Sebastian whispered. His voice still had not returned, seeing as part of his throat lay on his lapel. Thin trickles of blood leaked from his lips.

"Good, then we once more have an understanding," Ciel Phantomhive concluded, discarding the bottle of holy water that he had purified himself and had asked Sebastian to drink.