Author's Note:

Please do not judge this too harshly. I have only watched the English dubs of this show, so I will follow them, and use the names used there, instead of the original Japanese names. It's my personal preference.

The time frame is shortly after the Doom Tree incident, but before Rini appears.

Dark Mecha and Rob Beltone are both OCs of mine, and are part of my series, Chronicles of D'raekmus. These chapters will mainly focus on Rob Beltone, Protector, and the mysterious D'ni, and how they affect the Moon Kingdom.

I do not own Sailor Moon, nor Myst, except for the Original Characters, such as Dark Mecha, Rob Beltone, D'raekmus, Protector, and Ae'gerus, though the species Ae'gerus is, the Bahro, is copyright Cyan worlds, as well as the D'ni and other Myst-related elements.

From time to time, you will see references or beings from other series, such as the Entangler, a weapon of the Luminoth of the Metroid series. While these may appear, there is going to be no crossover larger than that. They're there because Dark Mecha travels all existence, adding to its own power as it destroys civilizations.

Updated: 04/16/2010.

* * *

A dark shadow streaked across the night sky, followed by a small ship. The shadow fired a stream of dark energy at the pursuing ship, only to have the bursts countered by several laser bursts, until the lasers blasted the shade.

The shade released a powerful wave of darkness, breaking the ship, as both tumbled into the atmosphere of the planet.

The shadow crashed, emanating a wave of shadows, killing the nearby flora.

The second impact created a powerful shockwave, shifting an entire pond.

A lone figure looked out the damaged viewscreen, cursing. Some day, I will get you, accursed monster of darkness! The figure thought, before losing consciousness.

* * *

Serena's gazed out the window of her bedroom. Her hair was tied up into the twin ponytails that was her signature, and she wore a set of simple pajamas. She was thinking of her love, Tuxedo Mask, for the umpteenth time, getting on Luna's nerves.

"If you spent as much time studying as you did thinking of him, you'd rival Ami in school!" The black feline complained.

Serena responded by whacking the poor creature with her pillow, but quickly stopped when a strange phenomenon caught her eye.

She looked in awe as she watched the beautiful sight: two meteors, streaking across the sky, one white, the other dark, seemingly dancing with one another. Serena started humming happily to herself, imaging the two were herself and Tuxedo Mask, dancing at a fancy ball, when she was suddenly jolted back to reality by a loud explosion, followed closely by another loud blast.

Luna looked up, and exclaimed "Dear me, it seems like those meteor strikes sounded awfully close... Perhaps the Scouts should look into this?"

Serena turned and just gave Luna a look, so pathetic that many would wonder how this girl was a heroine in the first place. "Really? At this hour?" she complained, "I have a test to study for tomorrow."

Luna gave the same look back at Serena, replying "You, studying? THAT alone would be my wish."

Serena suddenly became wide-eyed. "That's right!" she exclaimed as she turned back to the window, "Shooting stars are supposed to grant wishes!" She quickly bent down, and made an inaudible wish, before getting back up. She quickly took out her locket. "Ok, Luna. Let's get the Scouts ready. We need to see what exactly happened," she said, her tone taking on the air of a leader.

"Moon Crystal Power!" The moon princess said, as she was wrapped in feathers, emerging as Sailor Moon.

Luna was shocked at this. Serena actually taking her job seriously? Did my wish come true for once? She didn't have much time to ponder this, as she quickly followed Sailor Moon out the window.

* * *

The shadowy crater began to shift, sending out another pulse of darkness, trying to awaken from it's dark slumber. It reached out with its mind's eye, seeing that it had landed in a clearing, a forest bordering one side, the other barred by a pond. No dark energy emanated, save for itself. It retracted back into its own mind, internally roaring,

Soon, accursed pursuer, I shall reawaken, and I shall consume the darkness here. I will fulfill my duty!

* * *

Sailor Moon caught up with the other Scouts, at the location of the first impact. The black meteor bubbled a strange, sadistic aura.

"I'm receiving some bizarre readings on this" Sailor Mercury said, her teal-colored hair reflecting the moonlight. "This is a truly singular object: It seems to be emanating a powerful evil, yet it's draining the malice from anything nearby."

Sailor Venus looked oddly at Mercury. "So let me get this straight," she eventually commented, "It's an evil blob, releasing malicious intent, but it's also absorbing the evil surrounding it."

Mercury nodded, "Yes, you could say that, Venus. It's currently in an inert state, so it should be safe to approach."

As the Scouts began to near the strange blob of darkness, it began to quiver. Suddenly, Mercury jumped back.

"Guys! Get Back! The energy readings are off the scale! It's going to explode!" she shouted, as she and the other girls hid behind the safety of one of the nearby trees, just in time, too.

Without warning, the dark matter erupted, coating the surrounding area in a strange, purple liquid, which absorbed all light. The material then coalesced back in the center of the crater, forming a strange, hideous figure.

The figure in the moonlight was strange. It seemed to be some kind of mechanical being, yet, instead of metal, it was built out of what appeared to be pure dark energy. That would explain why it seemed to flicker and phase, almost like a ghost.

"Perhaps it's a harmless probe sent to observe us..." Sailor Moon hopefully began, before being cut off by a loud explosion as the figure incinerated the area in dark flames.

Scared because of the sheer power this creature displayed, the leader of the Sailor Scouts continued to watch in mixed fear and horror as the monster drained the area of any remaining power, leaving the area a charred lifeless mass. It turned and began to advance towards the lake.

"Stop right there, Strange Monster of the Negaverse!" Sailor Venus shouted, her blonde hair in a single ponytail shining brightly in the moonlight. She formed a v-line with the other Scouts, save for their leader, who was still scared of this being.

The monster turned, revealing a strange gem embedded in its chest. "Negaverse?" it simply inquired. "What is Negaverse?" it repeated in a strange, sinister voice.

Now, all the girls were set slightly off-guard. "If you're not from the Negaverse, then who are you?" Sailor Jupiter asked, her green sailor uniform glowing, even in the poor light. Sailor Moon finally got up the courage to slink up with the rest of the Scouts.

"Me? Who am I?" the machine repeated, surprised that these girls didn't know who it was. "I am... Dark Mecha! My purpose is to drain all evil into myself! I shall bring order to all existence!" It thundered, as a dark burst of lightning exploded behind it.

The machine now gave them its full attention. "You organics have distracted me long enough! Begone with you!" Dark Mecha roared, as it launched a volley of dark shards.

All the scouts had to scramble like crazy to avoid getting hit, as Sailor Mars readied an attack.

"Mars fire.... Ignite!" she shouted as a fireball careened towards the machine.

Dark Mecha was hit with the attack, but still stood there, glaring at the Scout, not one scratch in its body.

As Mars was recovering from the shock of her attack being so ineffective, Sailors Venus and Jupiter jumped in.

"Venus Crescent Beam..."

"Jupiter Thunder..."



As the dust cleared from the two powerful attacks, the corrupt machine let out a dark, heartless laugh, completely unharmed. "You cannot defeat me! I am Dark Mecha!" it roared, before holding out it's hand. "But, you have preoccupied me long enough! Entangler!" it shouted as a series of dark globs erupted from its hand.

As soon as the strange liquid touched each girl, it instantly hardened, preventing each one from moving. The machine walked over to the helpless scouts.

"It would be such a pity to just destroy you organics, since you have such nice powers, so I shall drain your powers, and leave you for the vultures!" it laughed darkly as it began to stretch its hands out towards them.

Suddenly, a rose shot through, landing in front of Dark Mecha. As it turned, it saw the masked being. "All girls, no matter who or what they are, should be treated like ladies, not simple carrion!" Tuxedo Mask stated, only to narrowly avoid being engulfed in darkness.

"Begone, Pretty Boy! Go attend a Ballroom dance or some other such fancy shindig!" Dark Mecha growled, as it launched a series of Entanglers, each time, Tuxedo Mask avoiding each one.

Dark Mecha grumbled, as it locked onto his patterns, calculated the similarities in each movement, and launched an Entangler at where he would be, not where he was, ensnaring Tuxedo Mask in a mass of dark matter, surprising both him and the Scouts.

Sailor Moon could only exclaim Tuxedo Mask's name, before the Mecha turned to her.

"You! You shall be my first meal on this world!" it growled sadistically, as it raised Serena effortlessly.

Serena was about to lose hope, and cry, when suddenly, a strange shot rang out, glancing the Mecha's right shoulder. The enraged machine turned violently, throwing Serena into a nearby tree, breaking the hardened dark matter on her.

"It can't be!" the machine roared at the armored figure standing in the moonlight, holding a rifle in one hand.

As the dawn appeared on the border of the sky, both the evil robot and the Scouts managed to get a good look at this newcomer.

It wore what appeared to be a black jumpsuit, with strange, emerald plates attached to its arms and chest. The same green material also made up the knee-high boots that the strange person wore. Its face was obscured by a strange helmet, created out of the same odd metal that composed the plates. There was no mouth. Where there would have been eyes, there were instead two strange circles, made up of an incredibly bright green glass.

"Yes, Dark Mecha... It is I, the Protector! You have no business with these beings! Your fight is with me!" the armored figure said flatly, putting the rifle away and pulling out a dark, beaten-up sword.

The sword's blade was made out of a strange black material, too rough to appear to be any kind of metal. Etched into the heart was a stream of strange words, not of any known written language. But that wasn't the most fascinating part of the blade.

The hilt was odd, surrounding it was a strange circular disc, protecting the hands, though it seemed to make the sword a little unwieldy for just anyone to use. It seemed to be made of the same strange material that made up the rest of the sword. The only real change was the leather grip seemingly placed after the sword was made.

"Let's settle this the old-fashioned way!" he said.

The machine snickered. "You know full well, Protector, that, in life, I was the best swordsman, and I will beat you!" it growled as it pulled out a shiny, black saber, crusted with fresh blood.

The two figures began to fight, but not before the Protector ordered the moon princess, "Free your friends, and get them out of here! This is none of your concern!"

Sailor Moon nodded, as she began to break the solidified darkness, freeing everyone. As she freed them, she began to think. This Protector, it just saved our lives. It has told us to leave, how this was none of our concern, but I can't help but feel... compelled to help it. Is it... on our side? She wondered as she finally freed Tuxedo Mask, embracing him.

"We should help Protector!" Tuxedo Mask eventually said, looking at the struggling figures.

"I agree. He just saved our lives! Besides, this Dark Mecha is just asking for trouble!" Sailor Jupiter added, looking ready to deal more damage to this being.

"Yes. Dark Mecha may not be from the Negaverse, but its evil intent is clear." Sailor Mercury interjected.

"But... Protector told us this was none of our concern, that we should flee..." Serena objected, looking slightly worried as the machine began to overpower Protector. If that thing wins... she thought.

"That doesn't matter right now. What matters is repelling that Dark Mecha creature!" Sailor Venus said, and began to ready an attack.

"Venus love chain..."

Sailor Mars smirked, as she readied her attack as well. "Mars fire..."



The chain, now superheated with the flames, struck the machine, breaking its shadowy shield. As the corrupt machine of darkness turned to glare at the Scouts, a sword pierced its center, causing it to roar in agony.

"You may have defeated me for now, but I shall return, for all of you!" Dark Mecha darkly swore as it exploded in a series of shadowy particles that quickly vanished into nothing..

Protector, upon seeing what the Sailor Scouts had done, glared at them from behind its visor.

"Do you not understand what you have done?" it roared, "You have involved yourself in our affairs! You will now be targeted relentlessly by Dark Mecha! You should have fled!" it continued to rebuke, "Now that means that I will have to watch after you brats as well! As if I didn't have enough problems as it is, what with fixing my ship AND making sure Dark Mecha doesn't absorb anymore evil!"

"Who are you calling brats?" Serena shouted, "I am Sailor Moon, champion of Justice! In the name of the Moon, I shall right wrongs and triumph over evil!"

Suddenly, the whole demeanor of Protector changed. "Oh, excuuuuuuuuse me, Sailor Moon," it sarcastically replied. "I didn't realize you were in charge of keeping the peace around here! It seems you were about to be beaten by that little machine there!"

"Hey, it wasn't that little!" she objected.

"Whatever. But, since you are now involved in this affair, I will warn you: that was only Dark Mecha damaged from the entrance into your planet. Its power is weakened, but it will return..."

"Eh... did you say 'weakened'?" Serena nervously asked.

"Yes. Why do you ask?"

"Well... we don't think that you can take this being on alone, if, after all, it was so weakened."

"... you doubt my powers" Protector replied. It wasn't a question.

"No, no, of course not. What I mean is..." Serena began, only to be interrupted by Sailor Mars.

"What she means is that, even the strongest need help from others from time to time. Besides, you said that we were involved in this affair now, anyway. Let us help you!" Mars said, with a slight tone of understanding.

Protector looked at the Scouts, then shook its helm. "I cannot allow you to help me. The destruction of Dark Mecha is my task, and my task alone."

It then drew out its sword, planting it on the ground in front of them, allowing the girls a closer look at this strange person in the process.

They were surprised to find out that, what they had assumed was metal at a distance, was, in fact, a strange stone-like material with a metallic sheen to it. The black, flexible portions of the armor appeared to also be made from a similar rock, instead of cotton or silk, like they had previously assumed. But, what kind of rock was that pliable?

Sailor Mars subconsciously touched the strange material, drawn to its odd properties. It indeed felt like stone, but not any known rock. Rougher than diamonds, yet as smooth as obsidian. However, that wasn't what shocked her.

When she touched the suit, Mars suddenly felt something odd about Protector. It wasn't evil, yet there was something about it that raised the hairs on the back of her neck. She couldn't place her hand upon why, though.

"However, I will offer you my assistance. I swear on my sword, Cursed Blade Riven, that I shall help you in any way I can, at any time plausible, in any place accessible. I swear it upon my heritage, as well. I will assist you in defending yourselves from Dark Mecha." Protector swore as it knelt in front of the sword, taking the strange circular hilt into its hands, facing the Sailor Scouts with its head bowed. It seemed to ignore Sailor Mars' fondling.

"It was my mistake to allow Dark Mecha to fall here, my mistake to allow it to exist to harm you, my mistake that you were still around to make it target you." it finished, as it picked up the sword.

"Uh... thanks... Protector, wasn't it?" Sailor Moon said, looking a little awkward about having such a powerful being rebuking her one moment, then swearing allegiance to her the next.

"That is correct... Sailor Moon." Protector replied.

"So, uh... I'm starving, do you think you could help us find a nearby fast food joint, by chance?" Sailor Moon happily inquired, wearing a childish smile on her face.

Protector let out a small growl, "Not exactly being threatened by Dark Mecha, but as you wish." It bowed as the area vanished, leaving the girls right in front of a burger joint nearby their homes.

The girls looked down to see that they were changed back into their regular clothing, and looked slightly shocked, as a voice echoed on the breeze, "I have restored you to your civilian clothing for you. But do not worry, for I cannot see who you are. You are safe in these forms from Dark Mecha... for now. But, do not fully rely on these, for it may eventually figure out your disguises. Until we meet again, farewell..." the voice concluded as it faded away.

Serena looked around for the retreating voice, but eventually decided it would be best to eat now, and do searching later.

* * *

Protector stood upon a nearby building, watching the girls silently advance into the restaurant. Its sight lingered on the one in red... Sailor Mars...

It looked up. Why did that name come to mind? Why did that girl's touch kindle something within him, something he had only felt once before... long ago.

Finally, it shrugged. The sun was already partially-risen, and it needed to return to its ship. But first... I need to contact a few old friends... it thought as it performed a perfect backflip off the edge of the building, unhindered by its armor.