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She was so young when I found her, about one, maybe younger. Her parents were killed by a young vampire feeding in Washington. I immediately smelled the blood. I was visiting from Denali, everything was perfect, no one saw me, and no one knew I was here, no trouble for Emmett and Rosalie.

Carlisle had made plans to relocate somewhere in Washington in fourteen years; he wanted me to check out everything. I was wondering the quiet, dark streets when I smelled it. It hadn't been long, but I was old enough to know I should stop breathing.

Without another thought, I followed the scent. I made it easier on my self and held my breath when I got to the delectable smelling house. I saw the slaughter in side the small home. I also heard crying. This young vampire looked wild, maybe a little more than a year old.

I destroyed him easily. He was done with the adults and the vile monster was now going for the child. I quickly scooped the beautiful brown eyed child and ran all the way to the loft Rosalie and Emmett were living in. Rosalie was completely ecstatic. Once I had a chance to breathe though, I was done.

"Well, I guess you've found your singer." Rosalie mused.

I clutched the wooden chair and broke it with the force of my hand. "She's a baby!" I argued.

She smirked. "You say you can't even read her thoughts. I'm very positive that even as a baby, you can have thoughts. Her blood appeals to you like, as you put it, nothing else in this planet. Edward, you found your singer."

Emmett laughed his booming laugh. It made the small infant laugh along with him. Her puffy cheeks stretched and her eyes puckered. She was adorable. Rosalie chuckled and picked her up from the desk. "I know her. This is the Swan baby. Such a shame, her parents were so loving, they had been trying to conceive but without success; until recently of course."

"You mean the Isabella kid?" Emmett asked.

Rosalie nodded, and then smiled at the radiant child. "Guess she's ours now, no one will take her and treat her right. I always did want a child." Rosalie mused.

"Now hold on! You can't have a human infant living in a house full of vampires! I will not allow it!" I argued.

Rosalie raised an eyebrow. "You know my self control, Edward. No harm will come to her. Of course you're invited to live with us now. She can't be without her singer either."

The baby looked into my eyes and I dissolved in those pools of brown chocolate. I broke another chair and agreed.

After that Rosalie sent Emmett and I to clean up the mess. Not such a smart idea, but it turned out to be fine. We cleaned up all the vampire evidence and hurried off. Rosalie placed Isabella back at the crime scene and called the police in the early morning.

She claimed to hear the crying during her early morning jog. The police believed her. After that it was so easy to adopt Isabella. Rosalie cared for her like a true mother while I watched out for her. If she was my singer, I would care for her as much as possible.

Once Bella was fifteen we relocated to Forks. Carlisle had assumed the parental role along with Esme. Now we were all siblings. Except Rosalie, she insisted in being Bella's mother weather official or not.


I heard the creak of the door and smirked to my self. I'll give her ten seconds. Five more than last time should do.

I could hear her heart racing fast. Then I heard the footsteps on the porch, then the grass, then boom. She's running. Now she fell. I chuckled and put my book down. I smoothed out my clothes and made my way down stairs. She didn't even bother to close the door this time.

I stepped out side and inhaled. She went north. I could hear that she started running again, now another fall. I frowned. Maybe she hurt herself. I rushed to her side. She gasped when she saw me and turned away.

I kneeled in front of her and picked up her leg. "Bella, you hurt it… again."

"Maybe if you let me out once in a while…" she murmured.

My frown deepened. "Is that what you want? Then that's what you'll get."

She cupped my cheek with her small warm hand and lifted my head. "You can come. I just don't want to guilt you into it."

"Bella, you are everything to me, I don't let you out because you might get hurt, or worse. But if I bore you, please let me know, I'll do everything in my power to make you happy."

She blushed. "Anything," she asked.

I nodded. "Anything,"

"Kiss me," she whispered.

I chuckled and cupped her cheek with my hand. "Bella, why must you tempt me like this?"

She was fully red now. "You say I'm everything to you, well have you ever considered you're everything to me? Damn it, Edward, can't you see that I… I love you?" she squeaked.

"Is that why you've turned down all the disgusting men at school? Because you love me," I chucked, "a monster?"

"Je veux ton amour, et je veux ta vengeance!" she rebutted.

"Okay one, Alice needs to stop translating that God awful Lady Gaga music, and second," I picked her up bridal style, "I love you Bella, I just… you should be able to live a normal life."

She hid her face in the crook of my neck. "Having vampire parents isn't normal you know." She whispered.

I chuckled. "Neither is having a vampire soul mate."

"Edward, I'm seventeen, please, just once." She whispered again.

"I'm… I'm not hurting your feelings am I?"

She sniffed and I could smell the tears. "No," she lied.

Something close to agony swept through me. "Bella… I do love you. I am in love with you, please don't be hurt."

"Now you're just saying that!" she accused. I walked into the house and set her down on the couch.

I held her face in between my hand and closed my eyes. "Don't move. Hold very, very still."

I felt her nod and I opened my eyes again. Her heart was racing again and her breathing was shallow. I moved in closer, tilted my head and waited for her to close her eyes. As soon as she did I closed mine and kissed her.

An electric current went through my body and I pressed my lips harder to hers. Her hands flew to my hair and she tugged gently. She opened her mouth and licked my lips. Now, I lost my self control.

I opened her mouth and inserted my tongue. I massaged her tongue passionately. Bella pressed her body closer to me and moaned. I broke the kiss and ran to the corner of the room. Bella was flushed and breathing rapidly, looking extremely arousing.

She cupped her mouth with both hands. "Oops…"

I smiled. "I thought I would be stronger than that."

"I'm not dead…" she murmured.

I chuckled. "Let's get you something to eat. How does a fresh strawberry fruit salad sound?"

She smiled. I walked to her and placed my hand on her neck. She hugged me. "Sound's perfect." She mumbled.

"First you eat," I kissed her forehead, "then we practice," I whispered.

She pecked my neck. I scooped her up in my arms and walked towards the kitchen. She will be the death of me. I heard Rosalie dart to the kitchen. I put Bella down on a chair. Rosalie started harassing her almost immediately.

Rosalie was grinning ear to ear. Bella was blushing ferociously. "I knew it! Alice was right! You didn't change your mind!"

I groaned and opened the refrigerator. "Tell Alice to mind her own business."

"Hey, my daughter, my business,"

"Mom, please." Bella begged.

"First kiss!" Rosalie beamed. "No fornicating in Carlisle's house."

"Mom," Bella yelled.

I rolled my eyes. "When are they getting back? School's starts tomorrow."

"Tonight. Are you excited, senior year is here," Rosalie told Bella.

I took out her salad ingredients and started cutting everything into precise angles. Bella shrugged. "At least it's almost over."

Rosalie sighed. "At least. You're growing up too fast. I mean, a vampire boyfriend one minute, then vampire wedding…" Rosalie teased.

Bella blushed even more. "Rose," I warned.

Bella sighed. "She's just being a mom,"

Rosalie nodded. "In any case, everything is set for the new year." Also… we need to speak.

I looked at her fiercely. I don't know yet, Alice told me something about Aro and the Volturi.

I cut into the strawberry so hard that the knife went through the granite table top. "Crap," I mumbled. "Bella, eat this, I'll be right back," I put her fruit in a bowl, kissed her forehead and bolted outside, Rosalie hot on my trail.

We stopped thirty seconds away from the house. "What about the Volturi?"

"I'm not sure; Alice told me she saw something. She can't put it together. When she gets back tonight she'll tell us."

"You don't think anyone told them about Bella, do you?"

"No vampire will cross us; we're too big a coven."

I sighed. "Whatever it is, it can't be good."

She smiled. "It was about time. It only took you twenty-five close calls and three years. She blossomed too fast. I'm surprised-"

"Stop! You know I won't. I love her. I would never… Not until-"

"You're married, I know. I'm just glad you finally kissed her. She's been up countless nights in my arms crying about you. She really thought you didn't want her."

"I wanted her to have a normal life."

She chuckled. "With whom, Mike Newton," she asked.

I scowled. "Anyone but that kid, his thoughts alone should be X-rated."

"Edward, you wouldn't let a boy touch her either way. At least you finally put her to ease."

I sighed. "Do you think we'll ever be normal?"

"No. I don't. But we're not normal at all. You'll change her eventually…" she murmured.

"You of all people should be opposed to this."

She shrugged. "I knew from the beginning you two would be together. It will eventually lead to her choice. She's my daughter, and I want her to be happy. Unless you're ready to breed half vampire children, then I do expect her being transformed. Even if I do fight for her humanity, that won't stop her decision. You saw what Alice envisioned: a beautiful grown vampire with golden eyes."

"How many years do you think we'll have?"

"Three at the most, she won't want to look older than you."

I groaned. "She won't change. She hasn't changed. Except for her hair and breasts, nothing has grown. Not since she was sixteen."

Rosalie raised an eyebrow. "Really now,"

I cleared my throat. "Let's go inside." I mumbled.

She laughed. "Yes, please, lead the way."

I walked back into the kitchen to see Bella sucking on a strawberry. I immediately tightened in my pants. Ever since Bella had blossomed I have notice things perverse men do. She seriously has no clue how beautiful she is at times. Yep, she will be the death of me.

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