Title: Unexpected

Pairing: Cara/Kahlan Legend of the Seeker

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Not mine. No infringement intended.

Summary: Just a moment

Spoilers: This has no connection to canon timeline. Its just a "what could happen"

A/N: My first Legend of the Seeker fic. I sense a new obsession.

She expected the predatory gleam in glacial eyes. She expected hands that burned like iron brands. She expected the strength…she never expected the tenderness, the reverence. She never expected Cara to care.

And she certainly never expected to feel. At least not this; not the gentle, aching hunger that filled her as calloused hands cupped her face; not the taste of sadness and hope and salt on her lips from glistening tears that slipped down pale cheeks; not the indescribable lightness that seemed to spiral out from Cara's fingers to shatter her awareness.

The tiny clearing is shaded, dapples of sunlight falling carelessly through the leaves above to pattern their skin. Hair like sun and shadow tangles together as two bodies hold on to each other and this fleeting moment of peace they have been granted.

"We'll find him Kahlan."

The words are soft, but the familiar fierceness that underlies everything Cara does is there.

"What if we don't?"

"Then we will just keep looking."

"We?" The question barely stirs the air, but it holds a weight that both women can feel.

Slender arms tighten around Kahlan and those glacial eyes open to reveal a soul long shuttered and locked away, but shining yet.

"I'm never leaving you."