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AN: I've been really mean to Jim lately and wanted to do something a little lighter. This is only a short introduction, future chapters will be longer. I hope you like it.

Family: A group of relatives: a group of people who are closely related by birth, marriage, or adoption.

James T. Kirk had never had a family. He had three people who were related to him by blood but by the time he was thirteen his brother was murdered, his father was martyred, and his mother was left in a world of her own making. He was alone, the last Kirk. It hurt in ways that he would never be able to define and he would carry unseen scars that were just as brutal as the physical ones left by his step-father. He would be well into his twenties before learned that family isn't always related just by blood. His lesson would start in a bar after he had picked a fight with group of really big Starfleet cadets and it would continue until he took his last breath. This is the story of Jim Kirk's family.

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