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Family - a group of people who are closely related by birth, marriage, or adoption.

James T. Kirk had never had a real family growing up. He had three people who were related to him by blood but by the time he was thirteen his brother was murdered, his father was martyred, and his mother was lost in a world of her own making. He was alone, the last Kirk. It hurt in ways that he would never be able to define and he would carry unseen scars that were just as brutal as the physical ones left by stepfather number one. He would be in his twenties before learned that family isn't always related just by blood.

In a bar he met his Father who dared him to get on the Academy shuttle where his Brother threatened to throw up on him. After three years, he did battle with a sociopath, jumped off a drill so that he could save the life of his Cousin. He became a Captain and slowly gained the respect of his Sister, one of the few women who saw through his bullshit and never fell for his seductions. During the five-year mission he allowed a hard drinking, sandwich loving Scottish Engineer teach him that not all Uncles are evil and he adopted a Son who made him proud but worried him to death. In the middle of everything he fell in love with his 'Husband,' married him and realized that he would never be alone again. (Don't tell Starfleet about the actual marriage thing. Pike is still upset about missing the wedding.)

James T. Kirk didn't have a true family until he found his way to Starfleet Academy and eventually he sat in the Captain's chair of the USS Enterprise. Now he understood that when it came to the people you loved and trusted, DNA didn't mean very much. He loved and was loved in return and that was all that mattered.

Family - A group of people who live together and care deeply for each other.

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